November Earnings Report

This period I closed an extra $1,005.00 in deals.

Of course, after subtracting Upwork’s fees the total earnings goes to $861.00.

Not too bad for a side hustle.

By the way, I’ve already shared my previous earnings proof of more than one year in the free lecture previews of my course.

But, I’m planning to continually share this information to show that:

  1. Digital Flipping actually works
  2. I practice what I preach

Full disclaimer: I don’t do Digital Flipping every day. Ideally, if you’re a beginner, you should definitely have a scheduled process for doing this in your spare time. But, I’ve got other projects going on so I can’t commit to this 100%.

Thankfully, we don’t have to spend hours upon hours doing this because we outsource the work. So your results aren’t really tied to the time you put in. It’s more tied to pinpointing lucrative deals efficiently (covered in the course).

And because we outsource the work we don’t need any additional skills. So this is a great for beginners to begin online.

Now, you’re obviously not going to be a millionaire overnight. I know a lot of online home businesses make claims like that, but that’s not the reality. The main purpose is to just earn some side cash each month.

If you want to use the extra funds you earn from Digital Flipping for other business projects, then great… eventually I’d like for you to do that.

In fact, my end goal is to teach you more advanced businesses that require an ad budget. But these businesses require more experience, skills, time, and money.

Remember, you can’t make $1,000 per day unless you first learn how to make $1,000 per month.

Anyway, we had a couple of new students close their first deal and finally get the milestone approved. So they should be receiving their first earnings. Awesome.

Other than that, I’ll be active in the Q&A section of the paid course. Happy Holidays!