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-Paulo Perdu

Starting From $0 – How To Create Your Dream Life

I believe a big part of achieving financial freedom is having the right mental attitude.

This is why, despite all the “how to” information available, not everyone is financially free.

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Making Your First $1,000 Per Month

You’re more likely to earn life-changing money when you know how to leverage paid advertising and automated systems.

The problem is most beginners don’t have the budget for it.

That’s why I recommend doing something called Digital Flipping.

It’s designed to help you make your first $1,000 (or more) per month to build up funds and experience for more advanced businesses.

Making Life-Changing Money

Once you build up your funds, experience, and confidence with Digital Flipping then I recommend you move on to a more scalable business: Paid Advertising.

With paid advertising, you can leverage systems (like Facebook Ads) to reach hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of people, deliver more value, and receive more money 24/7.

For example, some students have seen my $19,549.74 recurring Facebook Ads Case Study. (If you provide a detailed review of one my paid courses I’ll send you a free invitation.)

The point is – have money work for you via an automated system. This buys you freedom. And the more of these little systems you build the more you can increase your income.

† Based on Paulo’s Udemy student count. As of July 02, 2019.