Affiliate Marketing As A Side Hustle


Earn a commission for every new customer you bring to a business.

For example, imagine you’ve discovered a group of people that are looking to lose weight. Then you discovered a business that creates a fat loss pill that’s the perfect match for these people.

The pill costs $40. And the business can afford to give you a 50% commission. So every person you’re able to refer to the business will earn you a $20 commission.

That’s affiliate marketing.


No product creation skills needed. To make money, there are two foundational principles. 1) Finding out what people value enough to exchange money for. This involves research, empathy, and product creation. 2) Giving it to them (aka salesmanship and marketing). With affiliate marketing, you don’t need to come up with a product idea nor create one. Your main focus will be salesmanship and marketing. This makes it easier for a beginner because this removes a lot of steps that could go wrong.

Millions of products to promote. Nearly every product line has an affiliate program available for you to join. After all, which business doesn’t want more customers? In fact, Amazon’s affiliate program gives you access to a million products. And Amazon is just one affiliate program.

Less headaches. Affiliate marketing definitely comes with less headaches than creating your own product. You don’t deal with manufacturing products, inventory, product damage or loss, or employees. Even compared to digital products there are far less headaches. No customer support, no tech issues to deal with, etc.

Less cost and time investment. Again, you don’t have to create a product. Whether a product is digital or physical it still takes time to create. Plus, you won’t need to invest any cash upfront for inventory or product creation. This makes it more beginner-friendly if you’re starting out with little to no capital.


Loss of customer base. Your satisfied customer list is the most valuable asset in your business. If you lost everything, you can still make money if you can contact your customer list again with a new offer. But, with affiliate marketing, you do not keep customers. For example, imagine you’re an Amazon affiliate and have an affiliate review site. Now, you’ll see a conversion tracked if someone buys. But you won’t know the customers email or contact info. Amazon keeps all the data and buyer information. The smart alternative is to build a list and segment or tag customers.

High competitionAffiliate programs are free to join. Again, every business wants help to bring in more customers. This means whatever you promote is also promoted by a hundred or a thousand others.

Learning curve. There is less of a learning curve because you don’t have to create a product and deal with other processes. But, you still need to learn and master salesmanship and marketing. Your success will depend on how well you’re able to empathize with a group of people. And how well you communicate the match between them and the perfect product. And you’ll need to master marketing, which is reaching these people in mass. This could either take a long time, or needs an ad budget.

Not getting paid. Affiliate networks act as the intermediary between you and the business offering commissions. So the affiliate networks are responsible for paying you even if the business decides not to. Now, there are quality controls to ensure your customers come from approved sources. And most affiliate networks have a solid reputation for paying out. But, affiliate tracking isn’t always 100% accurate. You could be losing commissions due to their tracking system. You can split-test affiliate network links to find out.

VS Digital Flipping

Affiliate marketing is perhaps one of the more beginner-friendly ways to start earning online. But, you can’t just start posting your affiliate link everywhere. You’ll likely get banned due to SPAM. It still requires time (or ad budget) and a process to build an audience or get traffic to promote offers to. This is why Digital Flipping has an advantage.

Less of a learning curve. With Digital Flipping, you don’t have to build an audience. Because we go straight to buyers that already have their credit cards ready.

Earn faster. With Digital Flipping, you don’t need to build an audience. So it’s likely you’ll start seeing earnings faster than with affiliate marketing. In fact, once you flip a deal you receive your earnings within 5 days.

No product creation. Digital Flipping doesn’t require you to create products, either. Like the name implies, we are flipping digital goods. So if someone wants a website designed for $500 we’ll outsource it to an expert for $100 and profit the difference.

Keep customers. With Digital Flipping, you keep all your customers. You know who bought what, how much they spent, and you have access to contact them. This allows you to go back to them with more offers and recurring offers.

Less competition. With Digital Flipping, each deal only has between 5 to 20 other people you’re competing with. At most, 50. But, these people aren’t marketers. They don’t really know how to sell themselves and communicate their value. In my course, I show you exactly what to type to close theses deals and stand out from the competition.

Secured payments. With Digital Flipping, you won’t lose out on any deal you close. Each payment is guaranteed in escrow first. Then and only then would you pay to outsource the work. This makes it so there’s virtually no risk and ensures you get paid on every

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