Article Writing As A Side Hustle?



Businesses are in need of articles. Articles help educate, build trust, and can lead to more customers.

Plus, articles can provide search engine optimized (SEO) content. This helps websites rank higher in Google search results. This means more traffic and more customers.

By writing articles for other businesses you can get paid per article or per word.


  • Many niches. You can find businesses in niches you already follow. So it’d be easier to write content in those niches.
  • Many projects. Some clients need content for other areas besides articles. There’s work for white papers, lead magnets, eBooks, product descriptions and more. Plus, some clients may need new work each week.
  • Technology. Voice to text software can speed up your process. And there’s plenty of spelling, grammar, and styling software.


  • Trading your time. You are the labor. You’re trading your time for money. So there isn’t much room to scale this because this is like having a job.
  • Finding clients. Finding clients can be simple. There are freelancer websites, like Upwork, that bring both parties together. But, finding the time to find clients and write can be a juggling act.
  • High competition. There are thousands of freelance writers available. And some businesses pay small fees per article. In fact, it’s common to pay $5 for a 500 word article. If you go this route, you’ll have to show off why you’re unique.
  • Learning curve. Article and SEO content writing is not the same as writing essays in high school. Study up on writing informative, search engine optimized content that 


  • If you’re a beginner, Digital Flipping may be a better option than article writing. Here are some reasons why.
  • No time trade. With Digital Flipping, you are not trading your time. You are the middleman. For example, we find a buyer that wants an article written for $100. Then we outsource the work to someone else for $20. You then profit $80 without doing the work. That’s Digital Flipping.
  • Lots of opportunity. With Digital Flipping, there’s an average of 130,000 available to flip every day. You can focus on whichever niches are you enjoy, are in demand, or high-paying. Finding clients is easier and you’ll have the time to do so.
  • Less competition. Usually, each deal has around 5 to 20 other competitors bidding for the project. At most, 50. This is far less than the thousands of competitors you’ll find on other marketplaces. And the good news is most of your competitors are not salesman. So they aren’t good at selling themselves. In my Digital Flipping course, I share word-for-word how to stand out and close deals.
  • Minimal learning curve. Again, we’re outsourcing the work. So we don’t need to have the skill sets or experience to actually do the work. Our job is to find lucrative deals and choose the best outsourcer for the job.
  • If you’re a beginner, article writing may be difficult to start off with. Digital Flipping provides a simpler, low risk, and minimal time commitment opportunity.