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I've made my first dollar online in 2010. And I’ve been earning a "fulltime" living online since 2013. I created Liberty Blueprint to help entrepreneurs make their first $1,000 per month and then grow to earn $1,000 per day. This is nowhere near easy. It took me 7 years to reach my biggest mental and, as a result, financial breakthrough. On this website, my Facebook group, and my courses I share the brutal truths and habits you must embrace to break free from slavery.

How To Be Self Confident

When I first started out years ago… I’d heard the phrase “fake it until you make it.”

When it comes to confidence, I believe this is terrible advice.

I believe confidence develops from 3 factors:

1. What You Focus On
2. The Core Beliefs I Mentioned Regarding “Fear of Failure” (see previous post)
3. Competence

Let me explain…


I mentioned previously that it’s hard to focus on building wealth if you’re always focused on lack, poverty, poorness, etc.

The reason why is because that type of mental focus kills any imagination about possibility or opportunity.

The same applies to confidence.

If you’re so focused on screwing up, or not getting the end result you’re after… it’ll be difficult to have any confidence in seeing yourself achieve that goal, or even take action forward.

Instead, I recommend visualizing achieving your end goal. And asking open-ended questions that stimulate ideas about how you can potentially achieve your goal. This will stimulate possibility and opportunity, instead of shutting yourself down completely.

This leads to my next point.


Yesterday, I mentioned some core beliefs that I think you must have in order to get rid of your fear of failure.

I believe those same core beliefs apply to confidence.

Namely, you definitely want to see yourself achieving your goal. But you must also expect setbacks, which you must overcome. And you must also not make the mistake of identifying with failure.

Going in and faking confidence when you experience setbacks, in my opinion, is not helpful.

Does it really make sense to go into the unknown trying to feel confident about what you don’t know?

It’s like being dropped into a pitch black room and being confident you’ll find the exit on your first try. I don’t see how faking confidence here helps. Instead, focus on what you want to achieve, expect the setbacks, ask open-ended questions that present opportunities for you to take, and repeat.

This leads to my next point.


I believe true, lasting confidence can’t be faked. It must come from competence.

Competence, to me, simply means you’re sure enough that if you follow through on a certain action then you’ll get the result you’re looking for.

For example, most people tend to lack confidence when speaking in front of a large audience. I used to lack confidence as well. But that’s no longer the case. In fact, I’ve done presentations for marketing seminars multiple times.

So what changed?

I was competent in what I was presenting. In other words, I know what I’m talking about.

And how do I know what I’m talking about? Because I’ve spent years marketing online. And through those years I’ve experienced setbacks, overcame them, hit milestones, set new milestones, experienced setbacks, overcame them, and it repeats.

Again, for real confidence you must build competence. It can’t be faked. And of course, to follow through you must have the core beliefs I mentioned in place to achieve the end goal (mental focus) that you want.

Remember, I’m sharing all these mindset posts because it’s 100 times way more important than the “how to”.

Years ago, I had the same fundamental “how to” information I have now. Yet, I only experienced real financial breakthroughs when I started working on my core beliefs. The beliefs come before the action. And the disciplined action helps you reach your end goal.

But poor beliefs will result in lack of action, inconsistent action, or giving up entirely… therefore, no end goal will be reached.

I’ll put all my money on the newcoming entrepreneur that focuses the majority of his time working on mindset because I know I can teach him anything; and they’ll have the core beliefs in place to make it happen. On the other hand, I have zero confidence that the newcomer who continually seeks “how to” information will achieve the end result they’re after.

Can You Realistically Make $5,000 Per Month With Digital Flipping

I actually receive these sort of questions more often than I’d like.

And I want to explain why these are the type of rookie questions you want to avoid, and what the questions veteran entrepreneurs ask instead.

Student Question

Realistically could i make $5,000 per month doing digital flipping? if so, how much investment in time in money will I need?

My Response

Some students do, some students don’t.

I’ve noticed a student’s success depends on how well they comprehend the course, and the effort they put in to achieve their desired goal. With that said, I don’t know you well enough to know your skill level, comprehension skills, or circumstances.

Why This Is The Wrong Question

I’ve noticed that only rookies tend to ask this type question.

Rookies are looking to put in the least amount of effort and time, while hoping to reap disproportionately larger results.

They’ve been brainwashed by biz opp scammers saying that this business is so easy it just takes one click of a button, etc…

But let me ask you, “What job would pay you $5,000 for putting in little effort or time?”

Probably none. If there was one, nearly everyone would line up for it. Yet, the masses still fall for the fantasies of easy riches: lotteries, business opportunities, lawsuits, etc.

Now, of course, it’s possible to make $5,000 per month with digital flipping. I’ve already showed my case study and other student’s case study. But results will vary depending on your comprehension skills, effort, and current circumstances.

Sure, there are times where I barely work and make good money. But was it easy? No.

Look, if you want to be a veteran entrepreneur and create the financial situation you dream of then you’ve got to realize that it isn’t easy.

The reality is it took me YEARS to reach that point.  It took YEARS of failures, losses, and tears.

It didn’t happen overnight. Why? Because there’s a lot to learn and unlearn.

For example, if you’ve seen my $19,000+ Facebook Ads case study then you’ll probably realize there’s a lot involved.

You have to learn how to do market research, how to create ads that influences hundreds of thousands (or even millions of people), how to write sales letters that convert, how to analyze data, how to manage cash flow, how to access or create offers, how to manage your emotional and mental state through tough times, etc.

Can that be learned overnight? Hell no.

If you want the riches, you have to be WORTH the riches. And that takes time, effort, pain, tears, and years.

The Right Questions To Ask

In order to be worth the riches you seek then you must start with asking better questions.

And some of those questions include:

  • What skills do I have (or am I learning) to be worth the riches I seek?
  • What measurable effort have I actually put in to be worth the riches I seek?
  • What have I learned from my failures? And what can I change for my next attempt in order to succeed?
  • What product or service am I creating or promoting that’s worth the riches I seek?

Notice how none of these questions involve things like can I make $X amount of dollars? Instead you should be focusing on creating something worth that amount. The rookie question involves doubt. The veteran question involves creation and value.

Also notice how none of these questions involve time? Sure, you want something that can scale. But a scalable business starts with something that’s WORTH scaling. If you start off with something no one values, then you can’t scale it.

If you want to discuss more, feel free to chat in Facebook group.

Hope that helps

P.S. If you want to learn the skills that are worth riches, I recommend you learn about paid advertising. Because you’ll learn how to reach potentially millions of people with a product or service that can help them. And of course, you’ll get paid for that at scale.

You can check out my Facebook Marketing course for more info.

Clickbank As A Side Hustle?


Clickbank is an affiliate network that specializes in digital products (think eBooks, software, video courses). And one way to earn a side income is to monetize your traffic by promoting digital products, as an affiliate, from the Clickbank Marketplace.


It’s free to join. Plus, you won’t have to go through an approval process like many other affiliate networks.

Their affiliate cookies last for 60 days. So if a visitor clicks your link and doesn’t decide to buy until day 60 you’ll still be credited for the sale. Compare that to Amazon’s affiliate cookie, which only lasts 24 hours.

High commissions. Typically, most Clickbank vendors offer 50% or more in commissions. Some even as high as 75%. Because Clickbank specializes in digital products, vendors can offer much higher commissions than other affiliate networks. Again, Amazon’s commissions are in the 4% or less range.

Clickbank also offers a large selection of products that provide commissions on upsells, downsells, and recurring billings. This helps to increase your earnings per click and overall income.

You can easily browse through products to see the product’s average earning per sale, which are being sold successfully by other affiliates, etc.

Tons of products. There are so many product categories that it’s likely there’s a relevant product in your niche to promote to your audience.

Clickbank has been around since 1998. And they have a solid reputation for paying affiliates and for paying on time. After you hit the initial threshold, you can set up weekly payouts.


Tons of competition. Clickbank has been around for 20+ years. Nearly every beginning affiliate has heard of it. And because there’s no approval process practically everyone can join.

And if you decide to promote a Clickbank product it’s likely there are hundreds of other affiliates promoting it, too. Look, there are literally thousands (if not, millions) of products to promote. All you need to do is join the affiliate network that offers that product. Clickbank is just one affiliate network. My advice: Find the group of people you want to serve first, then find the perfect product to solve their problems (it may not even be on Clickbank). If it is, you have an advantage because you understand the audience more deeply. 

Money-focused metrics. Let me explain. Most newbie affiliates will see the high earnings per sale, the high gravity, and all the recurring billing commissions offered for each product. The problem with this is they become focused on the potential money they can earn. But this approach actually repels them from earning money. Why? Because they’re not focused on the problems they’re solving and whether or not that problem will actually solve it. Again, see my advice in the previous bullet.

I don’t have anything much else to say. Clickbank is a solid, reputable affiliate network. Heck, I even made my first sale online as an affiliate promoting one of their health offers. The only downside I see is that most beginners will see Clickbank as the end-all solution to their money problems. Instead, they should be focusing on the fundamentals. And remember, Clickbank is just one affiliate network that you can use to provide a solution that helps your audience.

VS Digital Flipping

I believe promoting digital products from Clickbank is much harder than Digital Flipping. With Clickbank, you’re still going to have to invest a lot of time to build an audience. Or you may have to invest money upfront to pay for ads. I don’t think this makes it beginner-friendly. With Digital Flipping, you don’t have to invest a lot of time to build an audience. You simply go straight to the buyer who will tell you exactly how much he will pay you. Plus, you don’t have to pay any money upfront to advertise. There’s no upfront costs. This makes it easier for a beginner to earn a side hustle income online.

Secondly, I think it’s harder for a beginner to sell an informational product vs. a tangible product. Now, with Digital Flipping, you’re not selling a physical product, either. However, it’s more “tangible” in the sense that it’s a service or easily measured. For example, with Digital Flipping, you may find a buyer that wants a logo done for $100. Even though it’s still a digital product it’s much more “tangible” and measurable. But with Clickbank, if you have an audience that wants to lose fat you’d be trying to sell them an eBook about it. This can make it harder especially if that audience is used to buying supplements or you don’t have the skills to communicate this value (more on this in a bit).

Now, I like both approaches because they don’t involve product creation. With Clickbank, you’re simply promoting someone else’s offer. And with Digital Flipping, you’re outsourcing the work to someone else. This makes both approaches beginner-friendly.

But, information products can be harder to demonstrate their value and sell. For example, with Digital Flipping, you can easily show off past logos your outsourcer has created. But can you show off an eBook from Clickbank to get someone else to buy? Again, for a beginner, it’s harder. In order to sell information products, beginners will need to develop more skills like direct response marketing, copywriting, and traffic generation. This takes time and experience (money) to develop.

In closing, I’m all for promoting affiliate products from Clickbank. However, I don’t think it’s the most beginner-friendly option to start with. I recommend starting with something less time-consuming and low-risk, like Digital Flipping. Then, once you build up your funds and experience, you should definitely branch out into affiliate marketing. In fact, I’ll be creating more courses that involve more advanced strategies like driving traffic to affiliate offers. But remember, before you can make $1,000 per day you must learn how to make $1,000 per month. And Digital Flipping is one great way to start.

How To Stay Positive

A student sent me a question about how to stay positive.

Here’s a copy of his full question, along with my response. Maybe it can help you as well.

Student’s Question

I’ve a question regarding mindset.. How can we keep our mindset positive? Positive in the sense we feel happy and focus on work.. Since I am struggling financially It is hard to keep my mind focused at work. My mind thinks only about the lack of money and this thought process further leads to more negativity. It makes me feel very bad that I haven’t started earning and because of this I am not able to work on my skills. How can I get rid of this situation?

My Response

One is to realize you’re already rich. For example, you’re so focused on what you don’t have that you forget to realize the abundance around you.

Think about it… you have access to Internet, electricity, etc. You have access to make money online. There are literally BILLIONS of people that don’t easily have this access. Your worst nightmare is someone else’s dream goal.

Things changed for me when I started to focus on the abundance around me. AND how I was taking progress, no matter how small, towards a goal that leveraged my skills and fulfilled me.

Focus on the change that you’re actually creating to change your life. Focus on how you’re actually already living the life you’re aiming to create. Focus on asking questions that put you in positive state of mind.

The daily habit of controlling your mental and emotional state is the skill all the rookies overlook. This is the edge. It’s not the know-how. It’s about knowing how to keep yourself in peak state each day so you can actually take action on the know-how and stay in the game when things don’t seemingly go your way.

Does Digital Flipping Still Work? Yes, Here’s Proof


Most recent earning?

Can you upload or tell us your most recent earnings? I just need some motivation. I mean does it work in 2018

Posted in Q&A Section Dec 3, 2018


Sure, here’s a current project.

Not yet complete, but gross earnings of $800 with the first milestone already paid.

I have 3 other projects but waiting on milestones to be funded first.

UPDATE: Dec 4, 2018

One of the other projects I mentioned previously just got funded. Still waiting on a couple more. But, hey, December isn’t over yet!

Still works.

Remember, in the Digital Flipping course, I’m teaching you fundamentals that will always work.

Finding out what people want, and delivering a product/service that fulfills that desire is how money exchanges hands.

With Digital Flipping, it’s just easier for beginners because we outsource the product or service to reliable experts so you don’t need to learn anything new.

Remember: It’s NOT about what you want, it’s about what OTHER PEOPLE WANT and finding a way to give it to them.

Don’t restrict your mind to just one platform. For example, I do this at scale too with paid advertising and affiliate products.

I’m teaching you FUNDAMENTALS that apply anywhere and throughout time.

Also, you need to get your mindset straight first.

If you lack motivation it’s because you don’t have a solid REASON WHY you must do something.

Get clarity as to what your strengths are, and how you want to use them to help others. If you do you won’t need motivation because you know what you’re meant to do. The money is just a bonus to the rewarding feeling of knowing why you’re here.

Read the free materials I’ve made for you to get your mind straight

The battle is won in the mind.

Change can only happen when you change. And changes all start in the mind first: thoughts, beliefs, interpretations, emotional states. Then, and only then, can the right actions follow.


P.S. Now, you may have noticed that I don’t post earnings update often. The reason why is because focusing on results is NOT the most important thing.

Focusing on the PROCESS and mindset is! That’s why I stress that more often. After all, the right mindset and process will lead to the results you seek. And, of course, I will definitely prove, as always, that I practice what I preach.

CPA Marketing As A Side Hustle?


Cost per action (CPA) marketing is like affiliate marketing. The main difference is that you can earn commissions from actions that don’t require a sale.

For example, with affiliate marketing, you earn commissions if someone you refer buys. But, with CPA affiliate marketing, you can earn commissions if someone installs a free app.

You can also earn commissions from various actions. It can be an email submit, zip submit, app install, or filling out a form.


Easier to earn. It can be easier to make money with CPA affiliate marketing because you don’t have to make sales. You can earn commissions on various low-barrier actions.

Millions of offers. Like affiliate marketing, there are tons of offers to choose from. You can find an offer that solves the need of your target audience by searching on Offervault.

No product creation. You also don’t need any product creation skills. You market the existing offers of other businesses. This means less headaches. No dealing with customer service, tech issues, fulfillment, etc.


Low commissions. If you’re looking at it from an earnings per commission stand point then commissions can be low. Because you’re not providing paying customers businesses will pay you lower commissions. For example, you can expect to earn around $1.00 per email submit. Of course, with the right campaign this can still be very lucrative if scaled.

Offer restrictions. Because you’re not referring paying customers there are more rules to follow. After all, every business wants to be sure you’re sending them high-quality leads. Each offer may only approve leads from specific countries, devices, and traffic sources. Also, there may be an initial limit on how many leads you can refer to each day. If your leads are low-quality, you may be banned from promoting the offer.

Approval processBefore you can promote CPA affiliate offers you’ll need to join a CPA affiliate network. These networks have a stricter approval process than networks like Clickbank. Again, they need to make sure new affiliates will provide high-quality leads. You can expect to do Skype interviews first to get approved. Also, some networks are invite-only and need a referral.

No customer base. Most affiliates just arbitrage traffic to make money. For example, imagine a CPA affiliate gets visitors for $0.05 per click. So for every 1,000 visitors he pays $50. Now imagine he gets a 2% conversion rate. Meaning he gets 20 conversions for each visitor. Now, for his offer, he gets $4.00 per email submit. So he makes $80 per visitor, or $30 profit. In this scenario, a typical affiliate will just scale this up. Now, it can be lucrative. But it will be short-term. He didn’t build a list of his customers. If his offer no longer converts profitably this campaign is over. If the advertiser doesn’t like the quality of his leads it’s over. The point is to keep as many things as possible in your control.

High competition. Affiliate marketing is getting big. There are large conferences for it every month. And excited masses means bigger crowds and higher costs. For example, mobile advertising was all the rage. Then native ads. This increased the cost of advertising on those channels for everyone. I’m not sure what the next trend will be. But I am sure that more and more people are looking into affiliate marketing. And the costs will rise.

High learning curve. I actually like strategies that require high learning curves. Because it weeds out everyone else that’s focused on events and not process. For a beginner, CPA affiliate marketing has a high learning curve. Sure, you don’t have to learn how to create a great product. But you still must master salesmanship and direct response marketing. For every thousand affiliates only one real student is actually making money from it.

Upfront investment. To actually scale things up and make a game-changing income you’ll need to do paid advertising. This requires a few thousand to test a campaign (considering that you’re a beginner that doesn’t really know what to do). And that test campaign can fall flat on your face. Imagine spending $3,000 and making zero commissions. It happens. Even for the pros. Again, there’s a big learning curve.

VS Digital Flipping

Affiliate marketing and CPA marketing is something I personally love a lot. But it takes a lifetime to master. You’ll need to be a true student of direct response marketing. This requires a big time commitment and upfront investment. And for most beginners, this is not an ideal way to start. That’s why Digital Flipping may be the better alternative.

Small learning curve. With Digital Flipping, there’s no major learning curve. I created a process that doesn’t need a lot skills. For example, you don’t need to learn how to setup advertising campaigns. You don’t need to create products, either. Instead, we simply find buyers with money ready. We find out what they want and then we outsource that work and profit the difference.

Less competition. With Digital Flipping, you’re not competing with thousands of other people. In fact, you can see the amount of competition you have with each deal. Usually, it’s around 5 to 20 people. 50 people at most. This is far less than the hundreds of thousands of affiliates out there.

No upfront investment. With Digital Flipping, you don’t spend any money upfront. For example, imagine someone wants a website designed for $500. Once you close the deal that money is secured in escrow first. So you’re guaranteed that money once you send the work. Now, we’re not doing the work ourselves. We’re outsourcing it to someone else. So imagine we find someone that can do it for $100. We then profit $400.

Control customer base. With Digital Flipping, you have access to all your customers. You can message them and sell them more and more digital products or services.

Bigger earnings. I don’t do a deal unless it’s at least worth $100 in profit. And with Digital Flipping, each deal can be worth anywhere from $250 to $1,000 or more. Flipping just one or two deals a month could lead to a decent $1,000 extra. And flipping a couple deals is much easier than getting 1,000 conversions at $1.00 each.

In closing, affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money. In fact, I’d like to share more advanced courses using that strategy. But is it a great choice for a beginner? Probably not. I recommend beginners build up experience and fund first with Digital Flipping. Then when you have some cash reserves then consider advanced strategies that require bigger pockets.

Freelance As A Side Hustle?


You can spend your spare time freelancing on sites like Upwork (previously oDesk and Elance), Freelancer, and Guru to earn a side hustle income.


  • You can work anywhere as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. Online, remote work is the standard on these platforms so your location isn’t usually a restriction.
  • On Upwork alone, there’s around 130,000 jobs available every single day. There’s a lot of opportunity on these platforms and it only looks to be growing. In fact, the first iteration of Upwork (Elance) has been around since 1999.
  • Most platforms have a fixed-rate or hourly contract. And your payments are usually guaranteed through escrow and mediation services. Not getting paid for completed work is far less likely on these platforms.
  • Also, there’s room for long-term contracts and bonuses. While some jobs are one-time projects there are companies out there looking for a steady stream of work.
  • You can earn in a stronger currency (and better rate) than your local country. For example, Filipinos tend to be hired by Australian companies due to similar timezones. This gives Filipinos an option to earn in AUD or USD instead of PHP.


  • For free users of Upwork, currently, you only have 60 connects each month. This means you can only submit proposals to 30 jobs each month (each job requires 2 connects). So you’ll need to learn how to write compelling proposals in order to close deals and land a job.
  • Now, it’s also possible that a client doesn’t hire anybody. Some clients don’t make some projects a priority. Chances are, you could be applying to jobs that use up your limited connects. So you’ll also need to know how to identify which clients are worth working with.
  • Also, these sites take a fee for handling each transaction. While they are providing a great, secure service these fees may be considered steep. On Upwork, your first $500 earned with a client will have a fee of 20%. In this case, you’d only earn $400. Anything more than $500 will only have a 10% fee. So be sure to keep that in mind.
  • Freelancing can be a great option, however, you’re still trading your time for money. Or if you’re doing a fixed-rate job, you’re still doing the work. A scalable business isn’t really viable with freelancing. After all, it’s like having a second job, but with a little more freedom.
  • Upwork has a screening process for anyone that opens up a new freelancer account. Most people will get rejected. You’ll have to have skills that are in demand and low in supply in order to be accepted.

VS Digital Flipping

  • With Digital Flipping, I actually show you how to leverage Upwork but from the position similar to an agency. This means we won’t actually do the work. For example, if a client wants a website done for $500 we’ll outsource the work to an expert web developer for $100 and profit the difference. This allows more time freedom and a more scalable side hustle.
  • With Digital Flipping, I show you how to get your account approved even if you’ve been rejected. Plus, how to identify the most lucrative deals and clients (while also showing you what to avoid). And word-for-word what to write to close a deal.
  • Digital Flipping has the advantage here because we don’t actually do the work. This allows us to break into any job category because we’re not relying on our skills alone. So we’re able to apply to jobs in the most lucrative categories. Details are in my Digital Flipping course.

5 Reasons That Stop You From Financial Independence

Today, I want to share an insight on what separates successful students (and those that reach their financial goals) versus those that do not.

I believe there are 5 major reasons that prevent most people from reaching financial independence.

They are:

  1. Not Knowing How Money Moves
  2. Conflicting BELIEFS About Earning Money
  3. Conflicting VALUES About Earning Money
  4. Lack of Discipline
  5. Money Management

Let’s dive into this:


I see newcomers wanting to earn more money, yet they don’t even understand how money moves.

Here’s what I mean… Money is simply a transaction agreement. For example, if you sell your car for $5,000 you believe it’s worth that much and the buyer also believes it’s worth that much.

So in order for you to earn money you need to offer something that others believe is worth a certain amount. It’s NOT about what technology or new trend is working to make money.

Therefore, if you want to earn more money you need to focus on FINDING OUT WHAT OTHERS VALUE AND OFFER IT.

If you’re a Digital Flipping student you already know this principle of understanding what people want and giving it to them. In the future, I’ll teach you how to do this on a massive scale via paid advertising.


It’s hard to earn more money if you’ve developed some sort of negative association with earning money.

For example, if you believe rich people are evil… then you will not want to earn more because who wants to be an evil jerk?

The crazy thing is a lot of conflicting beliefs are hard-wired into us subconsciously and repeatedly via pop culture, parents, schooling, friends, etc. And lots of times you may not even know it exists until you start actually making more money and, for some reason, start to feel bad about it.

To get rid of conflicting beliefs you’ll need to identify which ones are limiting you. Then you need to question each one and ask if it’s true? Does it serve you? What are examples that prove your conflicting belief is false?

If you have some conflicting beliefs you’re not sure how to get rid of… comment below and I’ll help you with that.


Look, if your highest value is to just live comfortably, pay the bills, rely on social security, etc…. then, chances are, you have a conflicting belief about earning life-changing income.

For me, Self Reliance is my number one value. I don’t want to rely on an employer or business to succeed for the next 50 years in order to get paid. I don’t want to rely on earning money that is getting deflated and barely enough to pay the bills. I don’t want to rely on a broke government that’s trillions in debt and confesses social security will disappear.

If you really want to earn life-changing income your values must align as such.


As I say, it’s all about the follow through. Think of it this way: Imagine you want to lose 20lbs. Now, only go to the gym ONE TIME in next year. Are you going to reach your goals? Laughably, no. Am I right?

So isn’t it just as laughable to say you want to earn a million bucks… then take a course, try what you learned for one day, then give up and look for another “financial workout plan”?

It’s all about doing the things you know you should be doing… over and over… until you see some results or realize you need to adjust… then repeat.

So for you to achieve your financial goals, your financial “workout” should include:

  1. Observing what people buy
  2. Providing better offers
  3. Reaching more people

If you’re not doing activities that fall into one of those three categories you are not following through on your financial workout.

If you’re a Digital Flipping student, your financial workout would be looking through the job feed (observing what people buy), and submitting proposals (providing better offers). Again, I’ll teach you how to scale with paid advertising in my future affiliate marketing course.


If someone is a millionaire, it means two things: 1) They provided value worth millions, and 2) They SAVED their millions.

Look, one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made years ago was that once I started making some money I spent it all. My number one value back then was IMAGE; specifically, the image of success.

I rented out the flashiest condo where celebs lived in my area so I could LOOK successful. I easily spent $100 per meal every day. I’d buy things I’d use once. And the list of stupidity goes on…

Eventually life taught me a valuable lesson when that income stream dried up… I learned to be a wise steward of money, and prioritize my number one value into self reliance.

I suggest that all your business earnings are invested into assets. And I also recommend you read up on P.T. flag theory.

The point is: Prioritize investing your money so that it makes more money for you and so that your hard work doesn’t disappear with your spending habits.

Remember, this post is part of the Unit “Creating Your Dream Life”. Be sure to read the other posts because I believe it’s more important than the “how to” information. Also, let me know what you think below… and how else I can help!

Google AdSense As A Side Hustle?


You can monetize traffic by placing Google AdSense banners on your website. These banner ads are from advertisers that are paying to run their ads on the Google Display Network. Think of it as selling ad space to other businesses.


  • Joining the Google AdSense program is completely free.
  • Setup is easy. You don’t need to design high-converting banner ads. Just copy the banner ad code and paste it onto your website. Also, many ad plugins are available on platforms, like WordPress, to make this easier.
  • Earn per banner click. It’s easier for a beginner because you earn money every time someone clicks on your ad. The visitor does not even need to buy.
  • Google tracks users everywhere. As an advertiser, this is good because Google knows the interests of the user. Advertisers can also retarget users across the web to complete purchases. This advanced targeting helps you earn more.
  • High-converting ads. Google Display Network advertisers are usually high volume advertisers. So they’re constantly testing and optimizing their display banners to convert. So it’s likely you’ll get more clicks and earn more.


  • Rules for joining. Google AdSense may be free, but there are quality controls before you can join. A big rule is that your website needs to contain unique content and be active for at least 6 months.
  • Low commissions. Because you earn per click (not per sale) your commissions are much lower. Usually, just pennies per click.
  • Unpredictable income. Your income is going to rely on your traffic, your ad placements, your click-thru rates (CTR), and Google’s pay per click rates.
  • Slower process. Most beginners don’t have an ad budget. So traffic will rely on the free, slow strategy of blogging and SEO.
  • Content creation skills needed. If you don’t consider yourself a content creator then this is not the ideal way for you to make money. Or you’ll have to pay to outsource this part of the business.
  • Less control. You’re not in 100% control of which ads appear on your site. Advertisers may choose to advertisers on your site or not. An ad that was earning you money could be gone tomorrow. And you cannot choose specific brands and offers you want to appear.
  • Ad blockers. Most online users find ad banners annoying. And it’s likely a decent percentage of your visitors are using some ad blocking software. So your banners are not likely to reach your entire audience base.
  • Google can ban or suspend your account if the content you post goes against their terms of service. And getting a hold of support can be a headache. To avoid this, be sure to read their Terms of Service and make sure you website follows the rules. NOTEDo not try to game the system by clicking your own ads or inviting your friends to click your ads. That’ll result in insta-ban.

VS Digital Flipping

  • Google AdSense is a solid way to monetize your traffic. But, the 6 month rule and the time needed to build an audience may not be ideal for beginners. This is where Digital Flipping has an advantage.
  • Much faster. With Digital Flipping, you don’t need to spend time to build an audience. You go straight to buyers that already have their money ready. So it’s possible to flip a deal and profit in your first week.
  • No account requirements. With Digital Flipping, you can create a new account and have it approved within 24 hours. I cover this (and how to get approved even if rejected) in detail in my Digital Flipping course.
  • Earnings are much higher. With Digital Flipping, I only flip deals that are worth at least $100 in profit. And this is just from one deal. With AdSense, you’ll have to get thousands of ad clicks to earn $100.
  • No content creation. With Digital Flipping, you’re flipping deals so you don’t actually do the work. If someone wants to pay $500 for web design, we’ll outsource that work to someone for less and profit the difference.
  • More predictable income. With Digital Flipping, there’s more transparency. You see all the buyer’s budgets upfront. And earnings are secured in escrow.
  • In closing, Digital Flipping is the more beginner-friendly way to start earning an income online. I could only recommend Google AdSense if you have the 6 months or more to build an audience.

Facebook Marketing As A Side Hustle?


Organic reach on Facebook is declining. If you have a Facebook page, you may have noticed your posts are limited by Facebook’s algorithm to only reach a maximum of 8% of your audience (and maybe even lower than 2%).

To reach Facebook’s 1.2 billion users effectively, you’re now pressured into paying for Facebook Ads.


  • Facebook has a ton of traffic. Depending on your targeting, you can literally have hundreds or thousands of visitors click to your sales page almost instantly.
  • Facebook Ads has one of the most granular targeting options among ad networks. Facebook users readily give up their city, age, interests, and even more information just from their daily online activity. This makes it easier for you to target your ideal buyers online.
  • Campaign and Ad setup is very simple to understand and follow. Plus, there are a variety of ad types (links, photos, videos, etc.) and ad goals (engagement, video views, website clicks, etc.) to match your conversion goals.
  • Campaign tracking is also very in-depth and you may not have to purchase a third party tracker.


  • This does cost money. Even the pros spend a couple thousand or more to collect data before they can turn campaigns into a winner. And sometimes, they still bomb! This can be an expensive learning experience especially if you’re a beginner with no understanding of direct response marketing and copywriting. 
  • Some offers are not ideal to advertise on Facebook. For example, if you have a legitimate, natural health supplement you can face some issues getting your ads approved. And if you have a dating offer, you’ll need prior written permission before you can run ads. Refer to their advertising policies to see any restrictions for your offer.
  • Also, they can be strict with how you advertise. Your copy, your ad image (or video), and your landing page may have to go through several reiterations before it’s approved by Facebook’s ad approval team.

VS Digital Flipping

  • I actually like Facebook Advertising as a way to generate traffic to offers. And eventually, I’d like to help you get to a position where you can use it profitably. However, I do not consider it to be beginner-friendly. The biggest reason why is because there’s the double whammy of a cost requirement and a big learning curve. Most beginners don’t have the extra $3,000 or more to collect data, analyze results, and turn it into a winner. Plus, most beginners don’t have enough experience yet with direct response marketing and copywriting… so it’s even more likely that they’ll lose all that money and be out of the entrepreneurial game for some time.
  • Now, Digital Flipping does not have the scale of Facebook Ads. However, it offers a risk-free way for beginners to start their entrepreneurial journey. In fact, no upfront investment is needed and profits are guaranteed in escrow.
  • Also, it doesn’t require a big learning curve. In fact, you don’t really need to learn much because all you do is find buyers and what they need. Then you outsource the work they need to someone else and profit the difference.
  • Overall, I’d consider Facebook Ads for people that can afford to lose a few thousand dollars. And preferably, they already have experience with direct response marketing and copywriting so that investment isn’t lost. But if you’re a complete beginner, I recommend you start with Digital Flipping to build up funds first.

How To Get Rejected Profiles Approved

Update (Nov 21, 2017): Some students still had issues getting accounts approved. So I couldn’t rest until I found a reliable, concrete way to get your account approved. And I finally found it. This lecture is all about getting your account approved if you had it originally rejected. Don’t worry, you’re not going to get banned (I’ve reapplied and got rejected more than 6 times to test this). After all, this site needs you to make money. And with this method you should be up and running within 24 hours (took me less than 2 hours). Enjoy!

Update (May 30, 2018): I’ve fine-tuned this process, and shortened it to this 10 minute lecture. Should be very clear and easy-to-follow now 🙂

Coupon For Affiliate Marketing Course


Here’s a coupon to my new affiliate marketing course:

95% OFF Affiliate Marketing Course

This coupon is only good for the first 1,000 students.

I have 13,000 students.

So join now because I probably won’t offer it this low ever again.

Now, affiliate marketing is very similar to digital flipping

But there are some differences…

You don’t need to create your own products either…

But, instead of relying on Fiverr services, we now have access to an even wider range of physical and digital products.

More things to sell = more niches to target = higher potential to profit

Plus, it’s more automated and scalable because… you can literally target millions of potential buyers to come to us 24/7.

So if you’ve seen my $19,000 recurring campaign case study… and wanted to know the entire research, setup, and tracking process… this is it.

For more details about the course check out the promo video, course description, and curriculum here:

95% OFF Affiliate Marketing Course

Again, this coupon is only good for the first 1,000 students. I have 13,000 students.

So join now because this is the lowest price I can set on Udemy, and I probably won’t offer it this low ever again.



P.S. Here’s another coupon if you’re a little late:

90% OFF Affiliate Marketing Course

Success God

I’ve been told that change comes either inspiration or desperation.
I’ve found that to be partly true in my journey. I definitely started out from desperation. I think for most people this is likely the case.
The problem, I believe, is that by the time you reach the desperation stage you’re probably not going to do anything.
In fact, the origin and meaning of desperation is to “lose hope or hopelessness”. Meaning, you don’t see any chance of changing your current circumstances. And I think this is where most people get stuck. They fail to even start because there is no more hope.
Therefore, the alternative is to create change from the realm of inspiration.
In fact, the word hope comes from the Old English word “hopa”, meaning “confidence in the future,” especially “God or Christ as a basis for hope.”
Now, the origin and meaning of the word inspiration in the 13th century was “immediate influence of God or a god”. And currently defined as “the act of influencing or suggesting opinions”.
Now, I don’t belong to any religion.
But here’s how I interpret this: To avoid hopelessness, you must get inspiration from God, or a god. This gives you hope, or confidence, that your current circumstances are changeable.
Therefore, this belief that you can even get any message from God, or a god, is necessary BEFORE you can even make change.
The problem is I believe that we are largely conditioned to believe we don’t have this power.
I believe that we are purposely conditioned into believing we don’t have the power to connect to a source, and to change, and create the world around us. And I think it’s this conditioning is largely responsible as to why we see most people give up on their dreams. They’re hopeless because they no longer believe they’re connected to source of God.
Now, I believe we are all born with this power to connect to a God, source, universe… or whatever you want to call it. I think this is evident in children; they don’t even understand the word impossible… they don’t see limits… they don’t see hopelessness. They see change.
I also think you may have experienced this power, maybe without truly realizing, especially if you’ve made some major changes in your life.
For example, if you were overweight and thought you couldn’t change… yet suddenly had inspiration that you could, and then did… then I believe that this shows this process of inspiration from God.
The same could be said about wealth… starting from nothing, desperate… then having the inspiration to change, and then do… shows the process also of being inspired.
Now, when these words say “immediate influence from God or a god”… I believe this may also mean from other people. I believe we get inspiration from others.
So, you may have gotten inspiration from someone’s fat loss or rags to riches story. And this, in my opinion, is immediate influence from God. This is because I now believe that we are all God or connected to God that allows us to change and inspire others.
I believe some religions talk about the goal of life is to “enlightenment”. So I discovered that enlighten, in the 14th century, meant “to remove the dimness or blindness”. I interpret this as the goal of life being to remove your blindness to the lies that you are not God, or connected to one, and therefore you cannot create changes in your life.
To summarize: the goal of life is to stop being blinded by the lies that you are not connected to a God, or have the power of God… to realize that you can be inspired by other people (Gods)… that you can change… and that you can inspire others from showing your God like ability to change.
So in order to do this… I think this brings up the question: “How do you remove the conditioning that strips you of this power?”
I think this comes down to seeing who or what is trying to put limits or boundaries into your mind. Is it your parents? Current social circle? Media? Schooling?
And the other question: “How can you fill your life with things or people that enhance your limitless potential?”
So… how are you doing this?

Blogging As A Side Hustle?


If you write about a topic you can then attract an audience and earn an income via advertisements (Google Adsense), affiliate offers, your own offers, etc.


  • Setup is very easy. Even if you’re not tech-savy there are very simple ways to start a blog (i.e. WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger).
  • You can blog about practically any topic you’re interested in (granted, there’s demand).
  • Your content will be archived in an organized manner. For example, if you have Facebook followers, it isn’t easy for them to view past content. In fact, Facebook limits the reach of your messages. But with a blog, all your past posts are archived in an organized way. So your content can live on and continue to entertain, educate, and persuade.
  • Because this is online your schedule and location is very flexible. And, your scale potential to reach thousands, or even millions of people is possible (depending on your niche).


  • There’s a lot of competition. Setup is very easy; and it’s very easy for competitors to start blogs as well. In order to stand out you’ll need to identify what problem your blog solves, and why your blog is different.
  • Also, a blog requires regular updates. Just like any other business, blogging is a process. You can’t expect to publish two mediocre blog posts and have money pour in.
  • This is a much slower way to earn an income. Like most “methods”, blogging is just a means of getting traffic. In this case, blogging relies mostly on SEO (search engine optimization). Meaning, Google will begin to index and rank your blog for certain keywords. But this takes a lot of time and a lot of regular updates.
  • My suggestion: Start with an offer that solves a problem and converts first. Then use blogging as an additional source of traffic. 

VS Digital Flipping

  • With Digital Flipping there’s much less competition. You won’t be competing with thousands of other bloggers in your niche. Instead, you’d only compete with around 5-20 people for each deal. And, in my course I show you how to completely dominate the competition.
  • Also, with Digital Flipping there’s less of a time commitment. While a regular process is ideal, Digital Flipping can be done in your spare time. Your success with Digital Flipping doesn’t rely on your regular blog updates. Your success will depend on identifying the best buyers. And there’s less time involved because we outsource the work.
  • Digital Flipping is also much, much faster. Because we go straight to the buyers instead of waiting to build an audience with a blog. In fact, once you close a deal you can expect to get paid out within 5 days. Of course, I share exactly where to find the buyers, my script for closing deals, and where to find outsourcers. You can check out the free previews of my course to see exactly how digital flipping works.
  • For a beginner, I believe Digital Flipping is one of the most effective ways to start earning online and build up experience. From there, you can graduate to more advanced methods that may require more time and money. Ideally, when you’re ready for that I’d share methods along those terms with you.

How To Get Started And Keep Going In Entrepreneurship

I ask every member this before joining the Facebook Group: “What’s your biggest challenge currently?”

By far, one of the most common response I get is: “How to get started” and “How to keep going?”.

This is such a broad response, but I’m going to do my best to give a general, foundational approach that might be all you need.

Know Your Outcome

To get started you must first know what you want.

As sensible as that may seem, I can guarantee you that a majority of people in general have no specific outcome that they’re working towards.

Often times, most people are complacent where they’re at or lost because they don’t seem to realize the power of choice that they actually have.

So, for the most part, they’ve given up.

That’s why, in my opinion, you must know specifically what you want.

You must know exactly what your desired outcome will look like. That way you know you’ve achieved it once you’ve hit that goal.

In general, goals should be specific and measurable. That way you’ll be able to break down the process into the tiniest steps that’ll allow you to move forward CONSISTENTLY without overwhelm or anxiety.

Know Why You Want It

I hear rookie entrepreneurs say: “I want to become a millionaire

That’s totally fine. I’m not here to judge your goals. However, I think it’s very important you KNOW WHY you want that goal.

I’ve heard it said that goals are useless unless they’re backed with a strong emotional reason why.

I’ve found this to be the case in my experience.

If you don’t have a strong emotional reason why you want something, then chances are you will not have the motivation to go after it and succeed until completion.

This is why I think it’s important to understand the emotional feelings you respond to when deciding upon your goals.

Don’t fall into the trap of what others believe you should strive for, listen to your own heart. After all, it’s telling you what you really want and what you’ll be excited to accomplish.

Sharing Your Talents

I believe that we all have some sort of unique talents that we’ve been given.

Chances are, you’ve found yourself drawn to certain activities, business ideas, and other ventures.

With that said, I believe that it’s much easier for you to get excited and keep going when you tap into your talents.

In my experience, for example, I’ve taken a strengths finder test and I’ve found to have talents that allow me to do relatively independent work involving analytics (i.e. paid advertising).

Because I’m naturally drawn to it and have some innate talents for it, I’m able to get more excited about it and continue doing through the years. This also ties into mastery.

Therefore, mastery of talents and sharing of talents allows you to experience the rewards.

On the other hand, someone not pursuing their talents or mastering them will have a much harder time sharing them and experiencing the rewards.

I think this is evident through the educational system. Where the same “education” is given to everyone, and doesn’t seem to encourage individual talents where students may be more successful.

Another avenue where I see this evident is where we have people chasing careers or business opportunities where they believe they’ll earn more money… yet they end up not enjoying it or failing because they don’t have the talents for it.

All You Need

I believe these three foundational principles might be all you need.

If you have absolute clarity and a strong reason why you want to achieve something then chances are it’ll be much easier for you to begin and keep going.

And if you tap into your talents then the journey will likely be more enjoyable, and much more rewarding (and lucrative).


How To Be Happy Long-Term

I believe long-lasting happiness boils down to 4 things:

  1. Freedom
  2. Relationships
  3. Growth
  4. Contribution

Let’s dive in…


I believe how often you perceive yourself as free as compared to perceiving yourself as not free, then the happier you will be.

For example, do you perceive you have unlimited potential on most days? Do you perceive yourself as more often choosing to do things you initiate than not?

I believe freedom extends far further than just having the money to do things.

For example, I see some newcomers make a load of money… then they talk about the things they buy and their unhappiness.

Well, I think one reason this is, is because they aren’t free at all… they are imprisoned to the idea that happiness is connected to image or material things.

Remember, the other posts I share with you also free your MIND. Once your mind is free then you can take action to move forwards freedom in the material plane as well.


Another thing is I don’t think you can be truly happy if you have poor relationships.

The number one relationship being with yourself. Are you happy with yourself?

Now, for other relationships: Business to Consumer, Mentor to Mentee, Romantic, and so on… it all boils down to 3 things:

  1. Value Exchange
  2. Communication
  3. Follow Thru

For example, in my Digital Flipping course… I show you how to sell and close deals. In really comes down to UNDERSTANDING what people want (i.e. communication), and GIVING it to them (i.e. follow thru).

And I believe every single relationship comes down to that. Both parties see a value exchange, it’s communicated clearly, and it’s constantly followed thru upon.


The people I see that complain about boredom are usually people that don’t have a growth mindset.

Instead, they’re looking to be entertained or distracted.

However, with a growth mindset you may realize that there is an infinite amount of things to learn about. And I believe that constantly learning helps to challenge the mind, help you grow as a person, and results in you being happy with who you are turning out to be.


Lastly, I believe that every single person has some unique combination of strengths and gifts.

And I believe that using those gifts to help enhance the lives of others greatly influences your happiness.

I believe that knowing that your life meant something and wasn’t completely worthless is perhaps one of the biggest things that will add to your happiness.

Find out what your strengths are… contribute them to the world at the largest scale you can.

Social Media Management As A Side Hustle?


Most business (especially brick and mortar, mom and pop types) aren’t fully embracing online platforms to get more customers.

You can add value and start a side hustle by managing their social media accounts.


  • For most, this is relatively simple work that requires content curation, link sharing, some graphic design, engagement of customers, etc.
  • Also, there are a lot of tools allowing you to schedule posts and track engagement across various platforms all in one place. This makes room for some automation and scale.
  • If you want, this can become a full time gig. I have a buddy that manages social media for a company as an employee.
  • Or you can go the more business route and get clients based on a recurring fee. I’ve seen clients pay anywhere from $500 – $3,000 per month depending on the value proposition.


  • While you may be able to automate some tasks it can be difficult to completely cut off from the work. Essentially, you have to represent the company and deal with customers 24/7.
  • You’re also like a Customer Service Rep because you’ll be dealing with complaints on a daily basis.
  • You’re going to have to truly represent the company or companies you manage social media for. They’ll be counting on you to put their best image forward. Acting in a way that doesn’t align with the brand could have the audience and company going after you.
  • It’s possible you’ll be micro-managed. The company may heavily critique your work to ensure it’s all 100% aligned with their brand.
  • You may be asked for much more than you anticipated. Or your work may be disregarded as less important. So you’ll need a way to be able to measure your performance through KPI (key performance indicators) reports and demonstrate the value you’re providing to the company.

VS Digital Flipping

  • No “method” is 100% easy or hands off. And I actually like the idea of Social Media Management for beginners because it’s in an area that most beginners are very comfortable with. However, I feel Social Media Management will require much more time than a typical side hustle. This is why I favor Digital Flipping for beginners.
  • In this case, this would be a service I’d teach you to flip. So instead of having to be the expert in social media or keeping up with the evolving trends… we’d, instead, outsource this work to an expert.
  • For a beginner, Digital Flipping would be easier because we can act as an agency. For example, you find a client that needs this service and they’d be willing to pay $1,000 per month. We’d find a social media manager for $200 per month and then keep the profits.
  • I share exactly where to find these sorts of buyers and experts to outsource to in my Digital Flipping Course.


How To Get People To Give You Money

Getting people to give you money is actually quite simple.

There are two principles:

1. You must show you understand their problem
2. You must prove you can deliver

For example, imagine you have a problem.

Your problem is you need a logo. But not just any logo.

You want it in black and white. It must be custom and hand drawn. No clip art. Plus, it needs to include your Dog as the mascot.

If you posted about this problem on Upwork, you’d probably get 20 to 50 responses.
But they’d all suck.

Most of them are copy and paste templates. They probably didn’t even read your requirements.

And most sent their portfolios but none of the stuff is similar to what you want.

But what if you find one gem?

One person actually greeted you by your name.

This person also summarized and understood you need a custom, hand drawn, black and white logo of your Dog.

Plus, he showed similar work he’s done.

So who do you pick?

It’s a no brainer. This would be your guy.

It doesn’t matter who is cheaper. And it doesn’t matter who has more experience.

This guy actually took the time to understand what you need. And he proved he can deliver because he has done similar work.

That’s how you close deals with Digital Flipping.

In fact, that’s how you make money anywhere.

Now, keep in mind, I’m giving you the foundational skills of making money.

But I’m just wrapping it all up in a modern, step-by-step process that you can follow today with Digital Flipping.


P.S. I’ve given you the principles to making money. Will you take it for granted or use it to change your life?

P.P.S. If you still feel you’re not “getting it“… I made Digital Flipping 2.0 to include 4 hours of more information, and a complete “Watch Over My Shoulder” lecture series.

A Question You Must Ask Before You Get Rich

I believe there’s one question you must ask yourself BEFORE you experience your biggest financial breakthrough.

What is it?

Here’s a hint: I launched my Digital Flipping course over a year ago.

Maybe that hint is too cryptic. But, were you able to find out what question you should be asking yourself?


Here it is:

When was the last time you stuck with a business for a year or more?

Think of it this way…

If you’re hopping from one business to another then you start all over at Level 1 each time.

Now, if you’re always at Level 1 you’re nowhere near Level 100, right?

But, what if you stick with a business for a year or longer… What level are you at now? Level 25? Level 50? Level 100?

No one knows but you. But you sure as hell aren’t back at Level 1, right!?

And if you aren’t back at Level 1 then you sure are closer to your goal of riches aren’t you?

Damn right.

Now, what if you can’t stick to something?

If you can’t stick to something then I believe it’s because you don’t have alignment.

What do I mean?

I mean you probably don’t have clarity as to what your strengths are and how you want to use them to impact lives at scale.

If you did then you’d already be doing it, and you’d be pursuing it without distraction.

And by using your talents in a way that others value, at scale, then you’re working your way towards riches.

So what’s the main lesson here?

As always:

  1. Find out your strengths
  2. Apply them in a way that others value at scale
  3. Overcome, adapt, learn, grow, master
  4. Don’t quit

Will it be easy? No. Will you get rich right away? Hell no.

Will it be the most rewarding thing ever and you’ll end up realizing your true potential? Yes.

How To Deal With Information Overload

A member posted this question in the free Facebook group:

Hi Guys,

I would like to know how do you deal with Information Overload. About business opportunities, there are a lot of it, bitcoin etc then how do I take action

Here’s my response…

First, if you’re unsure which business to pursue it’s likely due to you NOT knowing what your strengths are. For example, chances are you see all this opportunity to make money, but you cannot clearly see which ones are NOT for you.

In other words, there are a lot of ways to make money. The problem is most rookies don’t know what their natural strengths are… therefore, anything looks good. The veterans know what they’re good at, stick to it, and ignore everything else.

This is why I suggest you take the Gallup’s Strengths Finder Test to find out. Currently, it’s like $20. And it’s super helpful in making you understand what your natural talents are, how they can be used, and how others with similar talents have used them.

Now, once you have this information it becomes very clear which business opportunities will likely be a good fit for you, your talents, and how to use your talents to impact others at scale. For example, my strengths analysis clarified that I’d work well in marketing, analyzing patterns and data, and guess what? I DO paid advertising and marketing. And I took this report years after I’ve already chosen my path so I believe it to be accurate.

Secondly, if you narrow down to more than one business opportunity to choose from… then just choose one that calls out to you the most. You can’t get started if you don’t decide. So just pick one that you see yourself using your talents in, and one that you can pursue for the long haul. Remember, success is not ever an overnight thing. This is why I highly recommend you pursue opportunities that leverage your natural strengths. Chances are, you’ll enjoy it more, and put in the time to master it.

Third, ignore everything else. Once you choose something stick with it. This should be much easier if you followed the above steps. I also recommend that you find a role model, instructor, book, course, etc. that resonates with you the most in your selected business. And just stick to one and IMPLEMENT what you actually learn.

Hope that helps!

eBay As A Side Hustle?


Buy items at a discount from places like Craigslist or SlickDeals and sell them for higher on eBay.


  • This can be relatively quick money for a beginner
  • No past experience, education, certification, or additional skills needed.


  • Your income will be reliant on finding the best deals in order to flip deals at the highest margins. This could be mean relying on seasonal deals and lead to a very unpredictable side income.
  • You may need a sizable upfront investment in order to be able to purchase discounted deals in bulk. This also means you may require some additional funds for gas to drive out to the areas to buy the discounted deals.
  • Buying inventory upfront with no guarantee of buyers could make you vulnerable to a sizable loss.
  • You’ll also need some additional time to fulfill orders: pack items, label them, ship them.

VS Digital Flipping

  • Digital Flipping the next evolution of eBay Flipping. It’s similar because it can lead to relatively quick money for a beginner. Once you close and flip a deal, you can expect to receive your earnings within 5 days.
  • Also, Digital Flipping doesn’t require any past experience, education, certifications, or additional skills. We’re also flipping deals, but digitally.
  • Digital Flipping wins in terms of efficiency because everything is done online. You don’t need to drive out to buy deals; we’re flipping digital goods and services. And no need to pack, label, or ship items.
  • Also, with Digital Flipping, we’re not relying on finding the best discounts. We’re flipping digital products and services that are always in demand. Think of things like logos, graphic design, etc. Those are the types of digital goods and services we are flipping. Therefore, additional income is more predictable.
  • Another big advantage with Digital Flipping is that there’s practically no risk. You don’t need to buy anything upfront. Once you close a deal, the profits are secured and guaranteed through escrow, so you’re not going to get screwed over with scammers on eBay or buying a large inventory upfront. Once profits are in escrow, then and only then, would you buy and outsource the service you’d flip.

My Daily Routine For Maximum Positivity, Productivity, and Accomplishment

Yesterday, I mentioned how your daily emotions can affect your productivity.

The reason why this is so important is because goals don’t mean anything if you don’t feel like following through on them.

Now, you can have goals and a strong reason why that may help you move forward… but it won’t mean anything… if you don’t DISCIPLINE yourself into HABITS that will eventually lead to those goals.

Think of it this way… what use is it to tell yourself: “I’m going to be a millionaire“… if you aren’t doing something everyday to add value, to sell, to reach more people? Again, the goal is worthless without the disciplined habits.

Now, it’s HARD to follow through on those disciplined habits IF you feel down or think negatively. This is why I wrote the previous post.

So how can you make sure you’re feeling great and thinking positively each day?

1. You need to identify what negative thoughts and emotions are affecting you each day (again, covered in the previous post).

2. You need to setup a daily routine that only produces positive thoughts and emotions.

Now, one of the best ways to figure out how to do something is to see who has accomplished your goals, test out what they do, and tweak it for yourself.

So let me share my routine with you… and you can tweak it from there:

– I wake up, without an alarm, between 7-8am. I tested out getting up at 5am for a year straight, but I found I’m more rested and productive when I wake naturally.

– I drink 1/2 – 1 gallon of water upon waking. Helps me rehydrate and defecate.

– I walk my dog. Helps me get outside, moving, and getting some oxygen.

– I do a warm-up (10 squats, 10 pushups, 30 sec plank, 50 knee jumps) followed with deep breathing. I breathe in for 7 seconds, hold it for 28 seconds, then breathe out for 14 seconds. Repeat 3 times. This clears my mind, and gets rid of any morning anxiety, stress, or rush.

– Next, I review my 5 empowering questions. These are questions I ask myself to keep myself in check and make sure I’m living up to my 5 values (I write about this in another post).

– Next, I review my 1 year goals. (I’ll write about how to set goals the RIGHT way in another post).

– Then I’ll review some fundamental material that relates to mindset, entrepreneurship, or marketing for approximately 45 minutes. This helps to inspire me, remind me, and grow.

– Then I’ll do either my bodyweight workout routine or Jiu Jitsu, depending on the day. Usually T,Th,Sat are workout days and Jiu Jitsu is M,W,F. Physical activity helps clear my mind, get rid of anxiety and stress, and really helps me focus for work.

– This is followed up with a Hot shower, finished with Cold water. This opens me up, cleans me out, and gets me clear and level-headed for work.

– Next, I work. Work for me is anything that involves observing what people buy, creating better offers, and reaching more people.

I do tougher tasks (based on mental focus needed) first. This would include: launching and scaling ad campaigns, creating products, or even digital flipping.

Only after tougher tasks are done, I’ll do lighter tasks. This would include: managing asset portfolio, reviewing campaign stats, managing open digital flipping contracts, managing q&a, messages, and reviews, and observing what’s selling and what competitor campaigns are running.

– Next, is cool down. It’s super important that I let me mind relax so I can sleep deep. After work, I’ll start with an eye workout to make sure my vision doesn’t degrade by staring at screens all day. I used to wear glasses/contacts from the 1st grade up til college. I ditched my glasses a couple years ago and my vision has been improving.

– I don’t eat while working. I do intermittent fasting. Usually I’ll fast 18-24 hours every day. For example, if I eat at 6pm I won’t eat until 6pm the next day. Or if I’m really hungry that day I’ll have a small “meal” like at 2pm, and then eat my main meal at 6pm. 5 days a week I eat the same vegetarian meal. The small meal is a smoothie. During this fasting period, I drink my own home brewed Kombucha. Sometimes I’ll order delivery.

– Next, I’ll pursue my hobbies during the cool down time. This would include language learning, music, watching The Office, nature documentaries, YouTube videos about my hobbies, etc.

The point is Mon-Fri I’m in “Mission Mode”. I’m efficient. I’m disciplined. I’m focused. I feel good. I get shit I want to done.

Saturday and Sunday, I’ll have more variety. I’ll eat out, go to the movies, and not think about work.

Now, also every 3 months I’ll take time off. This is pure, no work. This includes things like traveling or just indulging in hobbies.

**Again, this is just what I do. Obviously, the day you create will be customized for yourself. Test things out, see what works for you.**

Would love to know your daily routine or what new things you’re trying. Also, feel free to ask questions!

How To Offer Solutions Without Knowing How Or Without Doing The Work

In business, you get paid from the effort it takes to solve a problem.

And if you’re smart, you’ll get paid from the effort of other people.

John D. Rockefeller (one of the richest men to ever live) once said:

“I’d rather earn 1% off one hundred people’s efforts than 100% of my own.”

And with Digital Flipping, we’re doing just that.

I mentioned yesterday that Upwork has a platform of buyers. So let’s say you find someone that’s willing to pay $150 for a logo.

Now, if you still think small you may limit yourself and say things like, “Oh, I don’t know how to make a logo.”

But if you’re smart… you find the person that can make logos for cheap and flip the deal.

Almost every large business leverages the work of other people.

In fact, if you have a job… YOU are the one being leveraged.

So with Digital Flipping, we’re sort of acting like the Project Manager or boss. We find buyers, and then outsource the work to an “employee”.

And in this case, one of the best places to find reliable outsourcers is

You can find people that deliver QUALITY work for as low as $5. It’s crazy.

And they’d welcome your business with open arms.

By the way, this “sermon” I gave you is one of the biggest keys to making money.

Forget about Upwork and Fiverr for a second.

I just gave you the foundational principle of making money at will.

To repeat: Find out what people want to buy and find a way to give it to them

Don’t complicate things.

Don’t over think.

Don’t limit your success to just your efforts.


P.S. You might be thinking, “Ok, great. I find buyers and outsourcers, but how do I actually close the deal?” That’s coming up in tomorrow’s email.

How To Speed Up Your Results

Have you ever wanted to speed up your results?

If so, I believe you can, but the answer is something that most rookies don’t want to hear.

First, let me tell you what the answer isn’t.

The big mistake that I see rookies make is that they’re looking to speed up or shortcut their way to results… is by hopping from one idea or business to another.

The problem is that knowing about a business is only ONE part of the equation.

In fact, the first element of the word knowledge comes from 12th century word “cnawlence” which means “acknowledgment of a superior, honor, worship.”

The SECOND element of the word knowledge is said to have Scandinavian roots meaning “action, process“.

And that’s the MISSING part of the equation most rookie entrepreneurs don’t want to hear. Knowing WITHOUT ACTION (and a process) will produce ZERO RESULTS.

So if you want to speed up your results I believe you must overcome 2 things:

  1. No Action or Process
  2. No Inspiration


Imagine reading magazine after magazine of workout routines. Sure, you may know a lot about what to do or what works… but what if you didn’t actually go to the gym to do it?

Would this result in six pack abs and big biceps? Hell no.

So why would a similar approach from buying course after course work when it comes to business success? It wouldn’t.

I believe most rookies just hop from idea to idea because deep down inside they don’t really want to change. They’re actually comfortable just where they are. They don’t want to put in the effort, and experience the pain of change. Instead, they prefer temporary escapes… not permanent lifestyle changes. They don’t want to develop the strength it takes to continually grow.

If you really want to experience results well then you’re actually going to have to take action. It’s not a ground-breaking idea, yet so few do so.

In fact, when it comes to my courses, polls, etc. I can see who actually applies what I teach. I even blatantly ask you guys what have you applied. The sad truth is so few of you actually put in the effort… so few of you actually analyze and measure your efforts. Will you be a part of the majority that don’t do anything or will you part of the minority that makes real change?

This leads to my next point.


I believe a large reason why most rookies don’t experience results is because they’re not inspired to be someone else.

In other words, they don’t want to change their identities.

They want stay fat… they want to stay poor… more than (even slightly) actually changing. They have no VISION or HOPE of a DIFFERENT FUTURE in which THEY ARE DIFFERENT.

I think the problem with most goal-setting strategies is they don’t focus heavily on inspiration. In other words, I believe if you tie an identity, person, or role-model with a certain goal you will more likely achieve that goal because you’ll incorporate traits you can see yourself developing.

For example… compare these two goals…

Goal 1: I want six pack abs
Goal 2: I want to be like Mat Fraser, Crossfit Games champion.

The difference is the first goal has no inspiration, has no identity shift. The second goal is inspiring, it’s focused on WHO you want to BECOME. And it gives you HOPE that you CAN change. Plus, being inspired by someone will also lead to you embracing more of their PROCESS which is what’s needed to achieve the goal.

If you don’t know who Mat Fraser is I highly recommend you watch the documentary about him on YouTube. I don’t even do Crossfit, but his MINDSET and PROCESS applies to entrepreneurial success as well. Again, focusing on WHO you want to be is more powerful than
statement-type goals in my opinion.

Speeding Up Results

Now, once you have inspiration and some sort of process I believe speeding up results comes down to 3 things:

  1. How well you understand the material
  2. How fast you apply it
  3. How CONSISTENT you apply it

For example, if you don’t understand the material… when then you can’t apply it correctly and achieve the results you want. You can have all the workout routines in the world, but if you don’t know understand why you’re doing compound movements or what a squat is… then you’ll likely experience zero results.

Secondly, I think SPEED of implementation is important. The reason I can now achieve results faster is because I shorten the time it takes for me to take ACTION once I learn something. It’s NOT that I have some amazing business idea… it’s because I DO NOT SIT AROUND TO TAKE ACTION ON THE PROCESS TO MAKE THE BUSINESS WORK.

Third, how well do you stay consistent? In other words, if you say you’re going to be vegetarian… do you stay firm and refuse to eat animal flesh? How OFTEN do you say “NO”? How often are you eating vegetarian meals?

You can’t achieve any desired end result if you keep doing the same old choices that didn’t lead to your result. You can’t get a six pack if you eat ice cream more often than saying “no”. You can’t get a six pack if you go to the gym once a month. How consistent are you in saying “no” to bad choices? How consistent are you doing the things you know you must do?

For the rookies, this is a tough pill to swallow. Hell, it was a tough pill for ME to swallow. But when I finally did, it’s when I started experiencing my biggest entrepreneurial breakthroughs. So are you going to swallow this pill or not?

What I’d Do If Started Over With $500

A digital flipping 2.0 student asked me what I’d do if I started over with $500.

Here’s his full question, along with my response.

Student Question

I’m trying to get a couple side hustles going. I’m still exploring options at the moment but there are a whole lot of them. It’s hard to know which ones are worth it. Anyway, I’ve got an extra $500 I can use to get something going. So my question is, if you were just starting out and you had $500, what would you invest it in? What do you think has the best potential to generate passive income for an extended period or even active income with a high ROI.

My Response

Way too broad of a question.

I think the better question would be, “What business would you stick with for the long run?”

After all, if you’re going to be putting in any effort at all then it’s more efficient and effective to choose something that you can see yourself sticking with and enjoying for years to come.

Plus, the potential of a business DEPENDS ON YOUR POTENTIAL TO SUCCEED IN IT. I can stick a rookie with a poor mentality, mismatched strengths, and mismatched personality in a highly successful business of mine and he will likely still fail.

This is why I recommend focusing on one business that suits your strengths and personality. Because ultimately, you’ll have an edge over others that are just pursuing it for the money but will eventually drop off because they don’t have the strengths or personality to stick with it long term!

Personally, that’s what I’d do if I was just starting out. I remember trying a whole bunch of things that could be highly profitable, but I eventually wasted a lot of my time because of the mismatch. Approaching things based on strengths and personality would’ve been way easier for me, in my opinion.

I suggest doing the Strengths Finder test. This will help you hone in on which businesses you’d likely enjoy and succeed in.

How To Stop Worrying

If you are like me then chances are you’ve had the feeling of worry stress you out during your entrepreneurial career.

I’ve had it so bad that there would be times where I would let worry consume me to the point where I would just get nothing done.

Over the years, I’ve found some ways that have helped me stop worrying. Primarily:

  1. Stop focusing on what MIGHT happen in the future
  2. Start focusing on what you can control right now

Let me explain both principles in detail…

Stop Focusing On What Might Happen

Imagine your sales dropped this month… or whatever “bad” thing has happened.

Whatever the case is… I’ve found that I would tend to project whatever “bad” thing is happening now to then automatically happen in the future.

In other words: bad things are happening to me right now and they’ll continue to happen to me in the future.

Now, I’ve found that one of the main reasons I would worry is because I would keep replaying the bad event over and over in my head… so much to the point that it eventually became the past, my present, and the foreseeable future.

So one quick way to stop worrying is to stop thinking about how some bad event will potentially affect you negatively in the future.

Think about it this way: Chances are, you’ve experienced some event that seemed catastrophic to you at the time. But some time later, you’re back to living worry-free. In fact, you’ve had even greater times since then.

The point is: You’ll eventually get over it.

So start thinking how in the future you’ll eventually be over this feeling of worry.

Start Focusing On What You Can Control

Another reason I’ve let worry bring me down is because I would feel helpless.

I would feel as though I couldn’t do anything about it.

But in reality, we are far more powerful than that.

We have the ability to control our interpretations and how we define things.

We can see things as “bad” or as an opportunity to learn, grow, and overcome.

And one way I like to harness this powerful ability is to simply stop letting my emotions take over… and start thinking about what I can do to change a seemingly bad situation.

Because I primarily talk about entrepreneurship… entrepreneurs may experience money challenges.

So I’ve found it helps me reduce worry by making a list of all potential ways to turn a seemingly bad situation around.

This is one way to turn a bad month into a far more profitable one.

The point is: Making a list of choices gives your mind back the control to take action and make change.

Hope both these tips help!

Biggest Money Breakthrough


I’ve got a success tip​ ​that led to my single biggest breakthrough to earning online.

​​But first let me give you a backstory for context.

In 2012, I got accepted to be mentored by some of the biggest internet marketers online. These guys are 8 figure earners. Chances are, you know them.

Anyways, who they are isn’t important. What IS important is what I learned from this experience. So listen up.

Here’s what happened.

They sifted through thousands of video applications and only accepted 50 entrepreneurs.​ And they decided to mentor us for “free” due to our potential.

However, every other cost was on us. Plane tickets. Etc. At that time, I was broke and still living with my parents.

When the coordinator asked if I was coming, I said, “Yes”. But I didn’t even have enough money for the plane ticket. Talk about pressure.

So what did I do? Did I beg them to pay for my plane ticket? HELL NO. I wanted to prove I was worthy of being mentored by them.

So I wrote down some ideas and started implementing them all like a madman.

In 3 days, I made $500. During those days, that was like winning the lottery. And, in a week, I made enough for a plane ticket.

Moral of the story?

If you don’t have enough money GIVE SOMETHING OF VALUE. Use your brain to come up with ideas and start TAKING ACTION.

Do NOT beg for things to be easier. Instead, become better.

Successful people do not like being around people that are not growing. It’s a turn off to be around people that want things easy. Success demands greatness.

So with that in mind, people have got to stop asking me for a free coupon damnit!

Seriously, this freebie mindset is breaking the rules to wealth.

1) ​Freebie seekers are not giving, they’re looking to take;

​2) ​Freebie seekers are not growing into someone that deserves success ​

Think about it.

How is it fair to everyone else who paid to get into the course? Why would a freebie seeker deserve to get in for free? What value are they providing? And would I want to mentor someone that isn’t growing and not giving?

This freebie mindset is the poverty mindset. It’s the “pity me, please provide for me” ​child mentality. It’s the scarcity mindset. It’s thinking you have nothing to give. It’s thinking you are of zero value.

Look, successful entrepreneurs don’t have that mindset. Entrepreneurs have the “there’s no way I’m getting a handout… I will make my way” attitude!

I couldn’t ever be poor because it disgusted me to ask for a handout. It made me feel inferior. It made me feel as though I’m of zero value. Or that I have nothing to give. 

Now, I’m not talking down on anyone.

I just wish I could shake you and scream at you with some tough love. Why? Because it took me YEARS​ to learn this. And those two simple rules are what led to me making money online at will.

Seriously, ignoring this is like adding YEARS before reaching financial freedom.

Not even kidding. I remember ignoring advice from my 8 figure mentors that I thought was too simple or didn’t apply to me. LOL, that mistake added YEARS to my path to freedom. What a mistake.

Talk about ego, right?

Seriously, I was so stubborn and egotistical that I had to get broken down to nothing to finally learn these lessons and embrace them.

My wish for you is that you don’t have to get that low to learn this.

Anyway, this advice is probably one of the best presents I can give to you. Use it to make your 2018 great. Or not.

The choice is yours,

Why I Choose To Be Anonymous

A couple of students have noticed I don’t use my real name or photo in my online profiles.

I do this for a few reasons:

  1. Search Engine Optimization Purposes
  2. I prefer my substance and message stands out more than image
  3. Separate businesses from personal life

Search Engine Optimization

My name is fairly common.

So if a student were to refer me to someone else, then chances are they would not find my courses or website if they were to Google me.

That’s why I use a unique name, such as Paulo Perdu. If you Google that name you’ll see my courses and website right away.


The Message

Secondly, I have zero desire to be internet famous.

I’d prefer that my message stands out more than my image.

I don’t share what I’ve learned to be an “authority” figure or to be idolized.

Instead, I’d prefer you get inspired, and see YOURSELF making breakthroughs than for you to look up to me.

I’m just here to blow your mind and help you make your own breakthroughs.


Lastly, I want to separate my personal life from business.

I believe that’s probably why most authors tend to use pen names–to separate personas in different niches they operate in, and to keep their personal lives separate.

When I’m offline, I want to be 100% offline.

I don’t want notification popups. I don’t want to talk about campaigns. I don’t want to be handling Q&A. I don’t want to talk business.

In fact, I’d prefer that when I’m out and about that no one knows I’m an entrepreneur, what I do, how much I make, etc.

Instead, I want to enjoy and be in the moment during whatever activity, hobby, or gathering I’m involved in.

If you’re against any of these reasons that’s fine. I suggest you don’t buy my courses, don’t read my articles, and probably find someone else you align with more to follow. 🙂

But, if these reasons make sense to you then by all means continue listening to these messages and practice them in your life.

Google AdWords As A Side Hustle?


AdWords is Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising network. You’ll usually see these ads as the top 3 search results whenever you submit a Google search.

By advertising on AdWords you can leverage Google’s massive amount of traffic. And you can start getting traffic to your offers instantly.


Fast results. You don’t have to spend months building an audience. Once you setup an ad campaign you can start getting clicks to your website right away. And potentially, start seeing sales roll in.

First page of Google. Advertising on AdWords guarantees your ad will show up on the first page of Google. So you’ll be able to leverage the massive amounts of traffic Google has.

Faster data. With PPC advertising, you collect data much faster. You can get thousands of visitors per day to your website. This allows you to split-test and see what works best. You’ll be able to see which keywords are most profitable, which countries bring in the most customers, and which elements on your landing page increase sales.


Cash investment. You’ll be paying for each visitor that clicks your ad. Hence, the name pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. And according to this 2016 study, the average cost-per-click (CPC) is $2.32 across all industries. Now, your CPC will depend on your industry and campaign setup. But for a beginner, this can be a very expensive learning experience. Imagine spending $232 per day to get 100 visitors to your site. And if you can’t get do that profitably the traffic stops.

Learning curve. Setting up and optimizing an AdWords campaign requires a steep learning curve. Chances are, you’re not going to be profitable out of the gate. And you may not even be profitable on the front-end. You’ll need to learn how to optimize campaigns and funnels. Study up on negative keywords, geo-targeting, day-parting, EPC, copywriting, direct response marketing, landing page optimization, email marketing, and so much more.

Compliance issues. Google can be strict with how you can advertise. Chances are, you’ll have to go through several versions of your landing page design. Of course, your offers must follow their rules, too.

VS Digital Flipping

Google AdWords is a great way to get a lot of targeted traffic to your website and offers. But, this is definitely NOT beginner-friendly. AdWords is very advanced territory. I only recommend it to experienced entrepreneurs with more spare time and bigger pockets. If you’re a beginner with little capital then Digital Flipping may be a better alternative for you.

Digital Flipping doesn’t require a massive learning curve. This is because I removed a lot of the steps where beginners usually go wrong. For example, you won’t have to learn how to setup and optimize a profitable PPC campaign. And you don’t have to learn how to build an audience. Instead, we go straight to buyers who have their credit cards ready. Also, you won’t have to learn how to create or source a product. Instead, we outsource product fulfillment. For example, imagine someone wants a website designed for $500. You then outsource the work to someone who can do it for $100. Then you profit $400. That’s Digital Flipping.

No upfront investment. With Digital Flipping, you don’t have to risk any cash upfront. Refer to the past example. If a client is willing to pay $500, then those funds are secured in escrow. So you’re guaranteed that money as long as you deliver the service the client needs. By the way, I show you where you can outsource products and services for as low as $5. This makes it easier for a beginner because you don’t need much capital. And it’s practically no risk.

Now, Digital Flipping definitely doesn’t have the scale that Google AdWords has. But, for a beginner, this is a better way to start. It doesn’t require a big time commitment to learn. And it does not require a lot of risk. Once you build up funds and experience with Digital Flipping then consider using more advanced strategies such as Google AdWords.

The Ignored Secret To Making Money

The process of making money is actually very simple.

And by simple, I mean, anyone can understand it.

Unfortunately, most people tend to ignore the secret to making money because it’s not sexy.

It’s not something most people want to hear.

But, if you can accept that the process of making money isn’t sexy… then I’ll share truth about making money with you.

Before I tell you what the secret is, try to see if you can come up with the answer.

Here’s a clue.

Here’s an email I got from a Digital Flipping student.

Hey Paulo,

Hope you had a good new year!!
Just to update you using the script you gave on your udemy course I was able to secure a £5k project IRL.
Wouldn’t been able to do it if it wasn’t for you. So thanks dude! Honestly I needed to change my ways and you showed me how!
Thanks a lot
Sam Jarvis
He also shared these details in the Q&A section of the Digital Flipping course.
Basically I found the job on upwork and applied didn’t realise it was for a work at home job full time but I was invited to attend a Real Life interview and that was because of your dummy script, I got given the job and half the money upfront then the rest once complete but here’s the good part it’s on going! It worked out at £5k then an amount to be decided for the ongoing part! Thanks Paulo!

There are a couple of clues here about how he closed this deal. Did you spot them?

Here are the clues.

First, he stated that he was aware he needed to change his ways. This goes hand-in-hand with my other post, How To Know If You’ll Succeed.

Second, he mentioned he was able to make this recurring income stream because of my script.

What’s in my script?

Well, if you joined my email list and got the free previews of Digital Flipping you’d know. And if you’re in the paid version of the course, you’d have the script word-for-word.

In short, the script shows you understand someone’s needs and you prove you can solve them.

In other words: You need the skill to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand their problems. And then you offer the solution to their problems.

This is the ignored secret to making money.

Everyone else ignores this money making secret because….

  • They only focus on solving their own problems
  • They don’t want to actually create something of value
  • They don’t want to learn new skills
  • They don’t want to go through the process
  • They don’t want to change

Do you want to be like everyone else?

Remember, making money is about solving problems. You have to learn look outside your own problems and explore the problems of others first.

Now, I show you one way to do this via Digital Flipping. But like I say in the course, these success laws apply everywhere. Forget about Digital Flipping for a second. If you just mastered these skills you can make money anywhere.

By the way, I’ve read from Mark Ford that it takes, on average, 7 years for someone to become a millionaire.

I believe a big reason why it takes that many years is because we’re mostly selfish. Nothing wrong with that. But it takes around 7 years for us to learn how to finally focus on solving the problems of others, instead of our own.

In fact, it took me 6 years to realize this. And that’s from being an avid student of entrepreneurship.

Hopefully, this article helps you realize it much sooner. Once you start focusing on solving problems I can guarantee you’ll have your biggest money breakthrough.

Uber As A Side Hustle?


Drive for ride sharing companies like Uber, Lyft, etc. and earn an additional income.


  • Your schedule is as flexible as you choose.
  • You’ll be able to interact with new people and see new places every day.
  • No boss (except customers) and you’ll get a direct feel providing a wanted service.


  • Your car must pass the requirements (and stay up to date) of the ride sharing company. Or you may be able to partner with a car owner to split profits.
  • You can be dropped by your auto insurer if you don’t have a rideshare endorsement.
  • Increasing supply of drivers makes earning money more difficult and less lucrative.
  • If you don’t live in an in-demand city, you’ll have to drive to the inner city to find riders.
  • Your car can get more wear and tear than you’d like.
  • Local government and transportation departments can shut you down and make earning less reliable.
  • The future of self-driving cars makes this a questionable opportunity if you’re looking for more long-term security.

VS Digital Flipping

  • With Digital Flipping you don’t need a car, insurance, or to pay for gas or maintenance. The only equipment you need is a laptop (or bare minimum, smart phone) and a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Also, you’re not competing with hundreds or thousands of other drivers. With Digital Flipping, your direct competition is usually in the 5-20 people range. This makes it more likely for you to succeed. Plus, I show you how to dominate the competition (and there’s no physical know-how needed).
  • And, with Digital Flipping, it’s far more reliable and secure in the long-term. The site I show to find buyers has been around since 1999. And I just started digital flipping in 2016 (17 years later). So there’s still a ton of opportunity and it doesn’t look like it’ll go away soon.
  • Next, because we’re flipping only digital goods and services, there’s no chance that your goods can get damaged. So no worries about insurance or maintenance costs.
  • Also, you’ll always be able to find something to flip that’s in demand because we’re dealing with an international marketplace, not just the local city. There’s, on average, over 130,000 deals to flip every day on just the one site I share.

The Success Paradox

I believe a lot of newcomers struggle in their entrepreneurial journey because they fail to understand that life is one big paradox.

In other words, things that seem completely opposite actually must coexist for balance. For example, there is no life without death. There is no hot without cold.

Here’s how this applies to entrepreneurship…

I looked up the origin and meaning of the word “achieve”. And I discovered that in late 14th century it meant “gain as a result of effort.”

Then I looked up the origin and meaning of the word “effort. In the late 15th century it meant “laborious attempt, strenuous exertion“, with roots in Vulgar Latin *exfortiare* meaning “to show strength“.

In other words, you must represent your strength through some painful action before you can achieve your end goal.

At least, that’s how I interpret it and it holds true from my experience.

“Effort is only effort when it begins to hurt.” [Ortega y Gasset, 1949]

Another way to look at it is… the fear of failure is the lack of understanding of paradox. In other words, you must experience failure in order to achieve your end result.

Again, there’s no success without the struggle.

Another important point is that I believe you must incorporate this understanding of paradox within your daily routine.

For example, the paradox in freedom is that you need some sort of disciplined structure to experience freedom. If you just ignored all your investments and businesses 24/7 you wouldn’t have any freedom left.

At the same time, I believe we all need some level of comfort, routine, and predictability. But the paradox is… we also need some sort of surprise and variety so things don’t get boring.

For example, a way this incorporates into my daily routine is that I practice the same direct response marketing and business fundamentals over and over. Yet, technology is always changing. Ad networks are always evolving. I do the same thing, yet it never gets boring because it’s always changing. Paradox.

How are you practicing your understanding of the paradox of life within your daily routine and entrepreneurial journey?

BONUS: Free Mentorship Facebook Group


I’ve setup a Facebook group for free mentorship:


I see so many newcomers fail because they think one book, one course, or one change will result in their success.

The problem is that entrepreneurships is NOT a one time thing.

Succeeding in entrepreneurship is a DAILY thing.

Entrepreneurial success is a long journey.

…one that you must be ready to face each and every day, even when you’re not at your best.

So, in this facebook group, I’ll be there be helping you on a daily basis so you can reach your entrepreneurial goals.


• How to set clear goals that align with your purpose, values, and strengths

• How to stay on track, stay disciplined, avoid procrastination, be efficient, and stay motivated

• How to prioritize which actions to take, and make the least amount of moves possible

• How to avoid failure, get out of your own way, and finally succeed

• How to grow into to person you need to be to finally achieve your biggest breaktrhough

• BONUS: Get access to material that Paulo doesn’t share in his courses

Of course what you get out of the group will depend on the questions you ask

Again, to join the Facebook group simply go here:

See you there,

SEO As A Side Hustle?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) revolves around the idea that you can provide valuable content, leverage the billions of searches made on Google each day, and monetize offers–without an ad budget.


  • It’s possible to receive a continuous flow of targeted visitors without an ad budget.
  • It does not require an ad budget if you are performing content creation and link building yourself.
  • SEO can help position you as an authority figure in your niche.
  • If you do happen to get on the first page of Google for specific keywords then this can be very lucrative.


  • Seeing your traffic grow from SEO will be a much slower process compared to other strategies. It takes time for your content to be indexed by search engines. Expect months of content creation and link building before seeing steady results.
  • For the top SEO guys, this is not a free strategy. Instead, they are paying writers for content and they are paying for link building services. This usually ranges in the hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.
  • Google Algorithms are always changing and only Google knows how it’ll change. In fact, Google rolled out 10 major updates in 2016 alone. This means the SEO efforts you invest in today are likely to be ineffective next month!
  • It’s possible that Google will also penalize your site and search rankings. Each algorithm update can literally devalue all your previous efforts and drop your traffic back to zero. Having an unpredictable income and playing a game where you don’t know the rules can be stressful.
  • My suggestion: If you have the time and purpose to create a bigger business then SEO does have value. However, I’d focus on providing valuable content and forget about SEO altogether for long-term search rankings. It seems as though Google is not favoring unnatural link building.

VS Digital Flipping

  • With SEO, you have the potential to become an authority figure in your niche. With Digital Flipping, you do not. I consider Digital Flipping more of a starting point for beginners which can then lead to funding other business ideas you have.
  • Now, with Digital Flipping the time investment is much, much less. You can do Digital Flipping whenever you have spare time. Ideally, you have a scheduled process to dedicate to it. But it definitely doesn’t require the time commitment that writing and link building does.
  • Digital Flipping also doesn’t require an upfront investment. For example, if you find someone that’s willing to pay $100 for an article. That money would first go into escrow. This means that money has already been funded and you’re practically guaranteed payment. Then and only then will you pay to outsource the work to someone else. This makes it low risk because the escrow system protects you from buyers that leave before paying you. And less time because you’re not relying on your own efforts.
  • Also, you can see an ROI on your Digital Flipping efforts usually in the first month. Personally, I earned an extra $500 in my first month; and I can usually earn an extra $1,000. Of course, your earnings depend on how well you target great clients and lucrative deals.
  • Now, of course, you can’t predict your future income with 100% accuracy. But, with Digital Flipping it’s definitely not as unpredictable as SEO algorithms. After all, you see what’s in demand and each client states how much they’ll pay. This makes it less stressful for a beginner because you won’t be in the dark and you know your potential outcome. There won’t be days (or months) where you’re questioning your efforts or existence.

How To Turn Goals Into Reality

If you want REAL results then you’ve got to get real.

And by that I mean you need to turn your thoughts and goals into REALITY.

And the way to do that is to ask the REAL hard questions and do the REAL work.

Here’s an example:

1. How much of the books and wisdom you’ve learned have you REALLY followed through on? 1%, 10%, 100%?

2. How often, how consistent, and how persistent are you on REALLY following through to turn your old life into the new life you want? Once a year? Once a month? Once a week? Every day?

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s NOT the AMOUNT of information you seek… it’s about the AMOUNT of EXECUTION you do.

You can’t turn goals into REALITY if you’re not doing the REAL questioning, analysis, and work that will make it happen.

It’s the fundamental stuff like this that hardly anyone wants to do.

And yes, I’ll admit: it’s sexier to think that just learning something will make you rich. It’s sexier to create the false belief that just thinking or learning makes you WORTH the riches you seek.

But it’s the non-sexy things I mentioned that actually make you BE WORTH the riches you seek.

Follow through. Experience. And do it over and over. You’re going to suck the first time. But the second time you’ll get better. And the third you’ll get even better. And so on.

Making money takes practice. Put in the practice rounds. Gain the wisdom. Get understanding. THEN experience turning goals into reality.

How To Succeed If All Past Attempts Failed

I ask one question for new members joining the free Facebook Group:

“What’s your biggest challenge currently?”

One response I received was: “All my past attempts to make money online have failed”

If that’s the case for you as well, I’d like to share some insights that may help change that.

The Past Doesn’t Equal The Future

The first thing to remember is that the past doesn’t equal the future… IF, and only if, you LEARNED something from those failures!

Remember, you can’t think and act the same way expecting different results.

Now, I’ve had A LOT of failures in my rookie years as an entrepreneur.

But if I carefully look back at them now I realize they weren’t really failures. Why? Because I learned something from each failure that helped me a little bit more on my next attempt.

And with the combined knowledge from numerous failures it’s easier for me to succeed.

Now, don’t confuse that with everything I touch becoming successful right away. No, that’s not the case.

To clarify: It’s much easier (and faster) for me to ANALYZE WHAT WENT WRONG AND ADJUST MY MOVES TO SUCCEED.

Rarely, if at all, does a new business succeed massively right away. There’s always a process. It’s just now I’m more efficient at fine-tuning my process to succeed.

Why You Need Failure

Failure is not the goal. But it’s necessary to build up understanding, experience, and wisdom.

Without failure I wouldn’t understand the first-hand lessons I needed to grow and become better.

No matter what wisdom I’ve read in books, I ended needing to learn the lesson first-hand. Like the saying goes: “Sometimes you can’t tell people how hot the fire is. Sometimes they just need to get burned.”


Live is all about paradox and relativity.

Without the existence of failure, you wouldn’t be able to experience the existence of success.

So one thing to keep in mind to make the journey more enjoyable is this… All the struggles you experience are there to teach you a lesson to become greater. And all the blood, pain, and tears you experience is just going to make victory so much sweeter.

How To Conquer Your Fear Of Failure

I believe the fear of failure can be boiled down into these core factors:

1. Unrealistic Time Frames
2. Unrealistic Journey
3. Identifying With Setbacks

Let me explain…


Newcomers tend to declare goals like… “I’m going to be a millionaire in one year.” This will set you up for failure.

Why? Well, first, it’s definitely possible to start a new business and hit that milestone within a year. BUT, for a COMPLETE BEGINNER to do it… I wouldn’t bet on them.

Why? Because you’ll realize, if you haven’t already, that there is A LOT to learn in business. There’s more to it than just the “how to”. There’s mental lessons to learn, financial management lessons, and so on.

And the thing is if you’re just starting out… you will have NO WAY to determine what lessons you’ll need to learn until you experience an obstacle, and then have to learn how to overcome it.

And because you can’t predict what lessons you’ll need to learn, you can’t put a realistic time frame on what you’ll achieve by a certain date. And if you don’t accomplish what you want by a certain date, you’ll probably start to fear failure and/or not even start new things.

BUT, fortunately, you CAN PREDICT the MEASURED EFFORT you put in every day.

This leads me to my next point…



You can’t expect to go to the gym for the first time ever today, and then expect to go in tomorrow and bench 315 pounds easily. This is especially true, if you don’t have some sort of CONSISTENT, plan that you follow through on.

Likewise, you can’t expect to broke today, and then a millionaire in one year… If you don’t have some sort of ROUTINE that’ll take you there.

Fortunately, if you focus on your choices you can get virtually any outcome you want.

But even if you do have a plan to take you there, it’s HIGHLY LIKELY you will experience some sort of SETBACK.

Setbacks, in themselves, are NOT bad. They are there to notify you of what you need to avoid in the future, learn about, work on, and then overcome.

A setback is NOT failure. But, GIVING UP when you experience a setback is.

Remember, everything is a LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

After all, when was the last time you tried anything for the very first time and did it like a pro?

Did you ride a bike for the first time and turned into a professional BMX rider the next day? Did you play basketball one day and were able to run with NBA players the next day? Did you take your first steps as a baby and then started running marathons the next day?

Obviously not, the same principle applies in business.

Expect to suck everything the first time. Expect that there will be setbacks. And if you’re constantly growing, expect that the setbacks will never end.

This leads me to my next point…


If you didn’t understand the last point, then chances are you might make the mistake of IDENTIFYING with setbacks.

In other words, you made a mistake and then now you identify yourself as a failure.

For example, you missed one jumpshot and now you’ve identified yourself as the “failed jumpshot kid”. Or you’re broke and now you identify yourself as “poor, broke, or helpless.”

Instead you should be identifying yourself with traits that will lead to the outcome, NOT the outcome itself.

For example, if you’re currently broke, poor, or not where you want to be financially… it’ll help to identify with character traits that will lead you to wealth.

You may instead change your identity to include something like: “I may be broke now, but I am LEARNING ways on how to change this”… “I am also TAKING CONSISTENT ACTION to change this”… and so on.

The point is: Circumstances or Events do NOT determine your identity, your Choices and Processes do. And those choices must ALIGN with the outcome you want.

So if you experience one setback in business… ask yourself… would a successful person let this one setback be their last move? Or would a successful person learn about how to never experience this setback again?

Ask yourself if your CHOICES align with who you want to become, NOT your CIRCUMSTANCES.

Another example I want to add…

With paid advertising, I will LOSE money at first. After all, you can’t predict how the market will react to your campaign. Now, most newcomers will give up at this point. That’s a rookie mistake.

Experienced marketers will understand that I did NOT lose money… I BOUGHT data. I LEARNED what did not work. Now, I can spend money on a different variation of the campaign. And this variation may make more money. Then another test. And more profits. Then scale up.

Again… success is a PROCESS, not an event. If you learn that setbacks are a learning opportunity, then you will achieve the outcome. If you identify with setbacks, you won’t.

Did I cover all your fears of failure? Comment below if you feel I need to expand on anything.

Amazon FBA As A Side Hustle?


Do product research, find a supplier (i.e. Alibaba), create a product listing, then launch and market your product using Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Amazon will then be your warehouse and handle picking, packing, shipping, and customer service for any orders you receive.


  • A truly committed entrepreneur, that provides great products, can tap into Amazon’s customer base and infrastructure to create a scalable business.
  • Amazon will handle fulfillment. This frees up your time from printing labels, packing, and shipping.
  • Amazon will also handle any customer service, i.e. returns.


  • You’ll need a sizable upfront investment to get samples from manufacturers, to produce an initial stock, ship it to Amazon’s warehouses, and pay for marketing.
  • You may experience headaches with manufacturers on their ability to keep up with the amount and quality of orders.
  • You may experience headaches with customs, while shipping stock to Amazon’s warehouses.
  • After this time and money investment, you’ll still be unsure how much you’ll sell. Your first product may not be profitable and you may risk more money and time to start over.
  • Any inventory that doesn’t sell will incur inventory storage fees.
  • You’ll need to learn how to manage cash flow. You’ll need a process for buying new stock, testing new prototypes, and adding new listings. This can also be very time intensive and not as “hands off” as portrayed.
  • Lack of control. Amazon controls practically every area of customer interaction. And FBA polices are always changing. You eventually lose some control of how you’d like to manage your business; and you risk having that business shut down if you’re only relying on Amazon as your sole selling channel.

VS Digital Flipping

  • For beginners, Amazon FBA has many more moving parts where it can go wrong. It can be lucrative, but I can only recommend this for intermediate to advanced entrepreneurs.
  • For starters, Amazon FBA requires an upfront investment. Most beginners won’t have the extra money needed to do this. If you do, and if you screw up, that setup back could take you out of the entrepreneurial game for a few months, a year, or longer.
  • With Digital Flipping, there’s no upfront investment (profits are secured in escrow). This makes it more likely for a beginner to start risk-free, build up funds, then try out other businesses.
  • Also, with Digital Flipping, there’s far less moving parts. Everything is done online and we’re flipping digital products or services. This removes any headaches with manufacturers, shipping, inventory, etc.
  • Next, the time investment with Digital Flipping is far less… Because we don’t need to find manufacturers, ship product, set up and manage listings, etc. Instead, we go straight to buyers, outsource the work, and receive payments in as fast as 5 days.
  • In closing, Amazon FBA is a solid business. But like all real businesses, there is a process behind it. This is a more advanced business, that is definitely not as “hands off” as portrayed. Unfortunately, the make money gurus have highlighted Amazon FBA as one of the trending “silver bullets” that’ll fast track your way to millions overnight. That’s not going to happen. When you start to make life-changing money, you’ll realize that it was never “easy” nor “required minimal or mediocre efforts”.


Why Successful People Share Ideas And Don’t Fear Competition

A Digital Flipping 1.0 student posted this review:

I took the first course and it seems like a pretty cool idea. You are connecting buyers and sellers, not unlike what a contractor would do in the construction industry. I haven’t tried this at all, and do not have any great technological skills, which is the whole point of finding someone who can do the work. I am skeptical though because in the comments, I did not see a lot or even several people saying that they have done this, and made money. Also with lots of people learning this, and the fact that the buyer could just find the seller themselves, not sure how many of these opportunities really exist. Just curious what was your motivation to share this information, if I had a great money making strategy why would I share it and increase competition with myself?

And in this review it seems he has two major concerns:

  1. He wants proof others were successful
  2. He wonders why I’d share how I make money and potentially increase competition

Proof Of Success

This concern is fairly straight forward.

If you read the Digital Flipping 2.0 reviews you’ll see actual testimonials of students making their first dollar, and others making “salary-replacing” income.

Of course, I cannot post those testimonials in the Digital Flipping 1.0 (free course version) because those students didn’t post it there.

And of course, the success student’s experience will depend on their effort. Some students put in the work, some don’t. 

Why Successful People Share Ideas

In virtually all areas of life, I’ve noticed that the most successful people tend to share their routines, programs, ideas, and principles.

For example, you’ll see world champion bodybuilders or fitness experts sharing their routines. The world’s greatest hedge fund managers share their principles in a book. The world’s greatest entrepreneurs share their philosophies and ways they generate income in a course. And so on.

It’s amazing how we’re able to access knowledge and expertise from the best of the best.

Now, when I was a rookie entrepreneur I’d sometimes wonder why successful people would share their expertise.

And here’s what I discovered as I’ve gotten older and more experienced:

I’ve noticed that the greatest joy I receive in life is by positively impacting someone’s life. And one simple way to measure my impact is through commerce.

In other words, if I create something and someone is willing to exchange their blood, sweat, and tears (through the form of money they earned) for my creation then it’s safe to say that they’ve found a positive value in my creation. And the reviews and messages they leave are further testimony to that.

This feeling is highly addictive. And this is why I noticed that the more successful entrepreneurs get then the more and more they tend to create. 

For example, you see successful billionaires like Mark Cuban getting involved in more and more ventures that allow him partner and create more of a positive impact.

I think deep down that once you’re no longer worrying about supporting you and your family’s needs then you start to think deep questions like:

  1. What will your life’s purpose be?
  2. What will your legacy be?
  3. How can you use your talents to help more people?

And these same questions lead me to sharing more of what I learned, and getting rewarded for it.

Why I Don’t Fear Competition

The site I share to implement Digital Flipping has been operational for 17 years.

If there was a time to fear competition, it’d be now. Yet, I don’t fear competition or further competition from students.


I no longer fear competition like I used to when I was a rookie entrepreneur. And the reason why is because I don’t see competition as something to be feared.

Instead I see competition as something that helps me grow and become better at serving others. 

Think of it this way: Competition is simply someone else providing a service in a way that some customers want.

For example, in a free market there is more than one pizzeria, more than one shoe brand, more than one car manufacturer, and so on…

So why can they all exist? 

I believe it’s because they all understand the different needs of their potential customers.

Using the same example: One pizzeria knows the type of sauce people like, or they provide alternatives, Another pizzeria uses exotic cheeses that others don’t, Other pizzerias use toppings others don’t, etc.

In other words, there are so many needs, desires, problems that can be solved.

So if you fear competition it’s probably because you are focusing on scarcity and not actually seeing the abundance of opportunity. Or because you aren’t confident in your ability to understand and deliver solutions to what people want.

Fortunately, those things are what I teach in Digital Flipping. And that course has been live for a little over a year now and yet my earnings haven’t decreased from doing it.

If anything, I’ve earned more. In fact, I’ve shared screenshot earnings in the course.

And I believe I earn more because I’ve learned also from students. Again, competition isn’t something to be feared but something that helps all of us grow, get better at serving, and getting rewarded more.

Amazon Associates As A Side Hustle?


You can promote Amazon products via their affiliate program, Amazon Associates, and earn a commission.

To promote your affiliate offers, you’ll typically write some sort of “review” content that analyzes specific products to help people make a better buying decision. And it’s likely you’ll be relying on SEO for traffic generation.


  • It’s free to join.
  • You have a selection of over one million Amazon products that you can promote.
  • If someone clicks your affiliate link, anything they buy in the next 24 hours will earn you a commission.
  • Amazon is always testing conversion rates. Amazon has millions of data points to help them optimize the product pages you promote, which can help you earn more with their program.
  • There’s a wide range of tools provided to promote Amazon products. You can use contextual links, native ads, product widgets, mobile pops, and more.
  • There are some horror stories of other affiliate networks not paying out on time or not paying out at all. But with Amazon, it’s highly likely you’ll be paid on time. Amazon pays 60 days after the end of the month of earnings (this may be a potential con).


  • Amazon Associate commissions are very low compared to other affiliate networks. Typically, you’ll earn 4% commissions. This will range depending on product category (some are as low as 1%).
  • Affiliate cookies only last 24 hours. Meaning, if a visitor clicks your link and decides to buy 25 hours later you will not be credited with that sale. With other affiliate networks, cookies last much, much longer (i.e. days or months).
  • To create the content you’ll either have to write up long, detailed reviews yourself or pay a writer to do so (expect to pay in the $100+ range).
  • This also requires some funds for domain and hosting.
  • You’ll also need to create your website, setup the layout, setup your affiliate links and widgets, get the proper plugins, etc.
  • Amazon has some weird Terms of Service that, if you don’t follow, could lead to your suspension or ban from their affiliate program. For example, you can’t promote Amazon products to your email list and you can’t talk about price directly. Refer to their TOS or support staff for any clarifications or changes.
  • Each Amazon store will require an independent sign-up process. For example, if you want to promote products from Amazon US and Amazon UK you’ll need to get approved for each one.

VS Digital Flipping

  • Amazon Associates (and any affiliate program for that matter) is similar to Digital Flipping because you don’t have to actually create the product nor fulfill shipments. This makes it very beginner-friendly.
  • Also, both Amazon Associates and Digital Flipping allow you to break into practically any industry because you’re not creating or fulfilling the product. And in this case, Amazon has an advantage due to the sheer amount of products in their inventory.
  • However, with Digital Flipping your margins are much, much larger. For example, if someone wants a website done for $500 your profit margin will depend on how much less you can outsource that work for. So if you’re able to outsource that work for $100, you’ll pocket an extra $400. Compare that to the 4% earnings you’ll see with Amazon.
  • Also, Digital Flipping has some slight advantages because no upfront investment is needed for a website or hosting. In fact, profits are secured in escrow first before you pay to outsource the work.
  • Next, Digital Flipping is much faster because it does not require any content creation or SEO. We go straight to buyers that already have their credit cards ready and know how much they want to spend. In fact, once you close a deal and deliver the work (which you outsourced) you’ll receive the money from escrow in 5 days.
  • In closing, Amazon Associates isn’t a magic bullet. Like I say, every real business is a process. With Amazon Associates, you’re essentially blogging and just using Amazon products as your monetization method.
  • Fundamentally, you need a buyer and an offer they value to exchange money. Amazon Associates is just one way to provide something of value to a potential buyer. My suggestion: Start with an audience’s problem then find how to offer that solution (don’t stay stuck to just one affiliate network, especially if they don’t provide the ideal solution).

Affiliate Marketing As A Side Hustle


Earn a commission for every new customer you bring to a business.

For example, imagine you’ve discovered a group of people that are looking to lose weight. Then you discovered a business that creates a fat loss pill that’s the perfect match for these people.

The pill costs $40. And the business can afford to give you a 50% commission. So every person you’re able to refer to the business will earn you a $20 commission.

That’s affiliate marketing.


No product creation skills needed. To make money, there are two foundational principles. 1) Finding out what people value enough to exchange money for. This involves research, empathy, and product creation. 2) Giving it to them (aka salesmanship and marketing). With affiliate marketing, you don’t need to come up with a product idea nor create one. Your main focus will be salesmanship and marketing. This makes it easier for a beginner because this removes a lot of steps that could go wrong.

Millions of products to promote. Nearly every product line has an affiliate program available for you to join. After all, which business doesn’t want more customers? In fact, Amazon’s affiliate program gives you access to a million products. And Amazon is just one affiliate program.

Less headaches. Affiliate marketing definitely comes with less headaches than creating your own product. You don’t deal with manufacturing products, inventory, product damage or loss, or employees. Even compared to digital products there are far less headaches. No customer support, no tech issues to deal with, etc.

Less cost and time investment. Again, you don’t have to create a product. Whether a product is digital or physical it still takes time to create. Plus, you won’t need to invest any cash upfront for inventory or product creation. This makes it more beginner-friendly if you’re starting out with little to no capital.


Loss of customer base. Your satisfied customer list is the most valuable asset in your business. If you lost everything, you can still make money if you can contact your customer list again with a new offer. But, with affiliate marketing, you do not keep customers. For example, imagine you’re an Amazon affiliate and have an affiliate review site. Now, you’ll see a conversion tracked if someone buys. But you won’t know the customers email or contact info. Amazon keeps all the data and buyer information. The smart alternative is to build a list and segment or tag customers.

High competitionAffiliate programs are free to join. Again, every business wants help to bring in more customers. This means whatever you promote is also promoted by a hundred or a thousand others.

Learning curve. There is less of a learning curve because you don’t have to create a product and deal with other processes. But, you still need to learn and master salesmanship and marketing. Your success will depend on how well you’re able to empathize with a group of people. And how well you communicate the match between them and the perfect product. And you’ll need to master marketing, which is reaching these people in mass. This could either take a long time, or needs an ad budget.

Not getting paid. Affiliate networks act as the intermediary between you and the business offering commissions. So the affiliate networks are responsible for paying you even if the business decides not to. Now, there are quality controls to ensure your customers come from approved sources. And most affiliate networks have a solid reputation for paying out. But, affiliate tracking isn’t always 100% accurate. You could be losing commissions due to their tracking system. You can split-test affiliate network links to find out.

VS Digital Flipping

Affiliate marketing is perhaps one of the more beginner-friendly ways to start earning online. But, you can’t just start posting your affiliate link everywhere. You’ll likely get banned due to SPAM. It still requires time (or ad budget) and a process to build an audience or get traffic to promote offers to. This is why Digital Flipping has an advantage.

Less of a learning curve. With Digital Flipping, you don’t have to build an audience. Because we go straight to buyers that already have their credit cards ready.

Earn faster. With Digital Flipping, you don’t need to build an audience. So it’s likely you’ll start seeing earnings faster than with affiliate marketing. In fact, once you flip a deal you receive your earnings within 5 days.

No product creation. Digital Flipping doesn’t require you to create products, either. Like the name implies, we are flipping digital goods. So if someone wants a website designed for $500 we’ll outsource it to an expert for $100 and profit the difference.

Keep customers. With Digital Flipping, you keep all your customers. You know who bought what, how much they spent, and you have access to contact them. This allows you to go back to them with more offers and recurring offers.

Less competition. With Digital Flipping, each deal only has between 5 to 20 other people you’re competing with. At most, 50. But, these people aren’t marketers. They don’t really know how to sell themselves and communicate their value. In my course, I show you exactly what to type to close theses deals and stand out from the competition.

Secured payments. With Digital Flipping, you won’t lose out on any deal you close. Each payment is guaranteed in escrow first. Then and only then would you pay to outsource the work. This makes it so there’s virtually no risk and ensures you get paid on every

A $1,000 Per Month Blueprint For Beginners With No Money, No Time, and No Experience

Making money boils down to two things.

1. You need to be able to reach people with a problem
2. You need to be able to offer a product that solves their problem

That’s the foundation.

Now, there are a lot of ways to do this.

The problem is most ideas are NOT beginner-friendly.

Other ideas usually require some money (thousands) to reach people or create a product.

And if you’re like me when I first started out, you probably don’t have much money to begin with.

Secondly, most businesses require a lot of time.

Time for learning. Time for product creation. Time for marketing.

It can take months or even years for you to earn money with most business ideas.

And lastly, other businesses tend to have a lot of steps where things can go wrong.

One bad move and you can lose out on thousands of dollars and months of your time.

It can be a huge setback to your entrepreneurial journey.

So if you’re a beginner with not much time and not much money what do you do?

Well, you’ll need something that doesn’t require much money, time, or risk.

And you’ll need to be able to reach people (customers) for free.

And you’ll need to be able to offer a solution for cheap and without headaches (i.e. digital products and services).

This is why Digital Flipping is one of the best options.

First, it doesn’t require much money.

You’ll notice later on in this guide, you can start off with as low as $5.

I started with around $20.

And from there, you can flip deals and earn hundreds in profit.

Also, with Digital Flipping I share a free directory of customers that tell you exactly how much they want to spend. (More on this in the next post)

Plus, it’s practically risk-free. Because you only spend money once you know will profit.

When you flip a deal, the buyer has to pay the funds in escrow first. So it’s guaranteed you’ll receive that money once you deliver.

Compare that to, say, Amazon FBA. My buddy invested thousands in inventory, which had trouble at customs and he couldn’t end up selling.

Another important point: With Digital Flipping you can start earning money in a week (or even a day). It’s much faster because we go straight to the buyers.

We’re not blogging, creating products, or waiting for our site to be SEO-optimized.

With Digital Flipping, all the factors that cost a lot of time, money, or risk are REMOVED. This makes it easier for beginners to succeed.

Again, you don’t have to learn new skills or create products. We are flipping products and services.

Now, you’re not going to be a millionaire doing this.

But it virtually removes all the steps where beginners can go wrong.

And it’s great way to start, build up funds, and get experience… so that you can fund your next more advanced, and scalable business.

If you’re a beginner, you may want to choose a business idea that’s less risky, less time-consuming, and requires less cash.

After all, you do not want to get knocked out of the entrepreneurial game for good because of one screw up.

From there, move on to more advanced businesses.


P.S. In the next post, I’ll share where you can find people that want to spend a lot of money

Creating A Course As A Side Hustle?


You can create a digital course (i.e. eBook, video course, or voice recording) and sell it online to earn an income.


  • Course creation software. New technology is now making it easier than ever for you to create your own digital products. Creating an eBook is simple–open up a Word document and save it as a PDF. For video and audio courses, screen-capture software and audio-recording software is available.
  • Course platforms. Websites, like Udemy, make it much easier to publish your course and attract students. This offers a free way for beginners to setup their landing pages, publish courses, collect payments, and manage students.


  • Time. Creating a course is time-consuming. First, you’ll need to have expertise on a subject. And that expertise could have taken years for you to develop. Secondly, it takes time to create a high-quality course. And, chances are, you’ll have to make updates based on student feedback.
  • Salesmanship and marketing. Creating a course is half the battle. You’ll also then need to attract students to earn an income. To do this, you’ll need salesmanship and marketing skills. I recommend studying up on direct response copywriting and marketing. Copywriting will help you communicate the course benefits to your ideal buyer. And direct response marketing will help you in attract more of your ideal buyers. Again, these skills require a learning curve. And you will spend most of your time building your customer base.
  • Less control. If you decide to host your course on a course site, like Udemy, then you may not have 100% control of your customer base. For example, Udemy keeps the customer data (like email addresses) to themselves. And they only allow you to send your own students a promotional email four times a month. Udemy may help you in attracting organic sales, but keep in mind you will give up control.

VS Digital Flipping

  • Course creation is a great way to earn an income online; but, it’s not something you can do on the side. If you go this route you need to jump in 100% into the entrepreneurial realm. This will require full time commitment to scale this up. If you don’t yet have the funds saved up to allow you to do this then I suggest to pursue Digital Flipping first.
  • No expertise needed. With Digital Flipping, you don’t need to be an expert on anything. We’re acting as a “middleman”. For example, we’ll find someone that wants a website done for $500. Then we’ll find someone else that can do it for $100. Then we pocket the difference. That’s how Digital Flipping works.
  • Less time. With Digital Flipping, you do not have to create a course. In fact, you don’t have to create any products that you sell. Again, we’re the middleman. This means there’s far less of a time commitment. So it’s a more beginner-friendly option to start earning online.
  • No other skills needed. Learning salesmanship and marketing takes time. With Digital Flipping, we don’t take time to build an audience or attract leads. Instead, we go straight to buyers that have their credit cards ready. And closing the deal is simple because I provide a word-for-word script.
  • Control. With Digital Flipping, you have much more control. You have access to all your customer’s contact information. You can message them as many times as you want. And you can upsell them more products and services without limit.
  • In closing, course creation is a great way to earn online. Is it beginner-friendly? I don’t think so. The time and commitment needed means you need to be a full time entrepreneur. For a lower risk and less time commitment start, I recommend Digital Flipping. Once you have enough funds and time then consider more advanced options like course creation.

How To Be A Wealth Creator

I think rookies overlook one crucial factor in becoming a wealth creator.

And that is: not becoming a wealth consumer!

What do I mean?

Imagine you’ve created value that amounts to your first $10,000 per month. Now, what good is that if you also consumed $9,000 of that wealth in non-business expenses?

In other words, you’re left with $1,000 because you went on a shopping spree.

Now, the problem I see is that most rookies have a specific money goal in mind. But, once that achieve that number they’re looking to CONSUME it on something else that won’t necessarily GROW and CREATE MORE WEALTH!

For example, I have a buddy that sold one of his websites for a decent six-figure sum. In fact, living off dividends from that sum would make for a pretty nice lifestyle. But instead, he spent it all.

In other words, he consumed it all. He did not create more wealth with that money. 

So how do you change your relationship and habits with money in order to continually stay a wealth creator?

How To Be A Wealth Creator And NOT A Wealth Consumer

Step 1

I believe the first step is understanding that in order to create wealth you need to create value.

I already talk about this in-depth in my other posts. In short, use your talents to solve problems at scale.

If you’re really stuck then check out Digital Flipping. You can learn how to leverage other people’s talents instead.

Step 2

Now, once you get that handled and start earning some money then I believe the next step is to understand that your ENTIRE lifestyle and choices must revolve around creating more than you consume!

It’s not enough to just create wealth. You must also keep your consumption proportionally lower than what you create.

For example, if you earned $10,000 this month. Can you live off 50% of it? How about 20% of it?

Whatever your lifestyle choices are I believe you should be disciplined enough to live off a fixed percentage of whatever you earn. Otherwise, you may quickly find yourself broke no matter how much you earn.

In order to do that I believe you must:

Really understand what makes YOU happy

Understand what sources of expenditures are the most efficient and economic in fulfilling your happiness

NOT get sucked into the consumerism and comparison culture where utility of an expenditure is overlooked

Take a hard look at all your habits, choices, and expenses. And ask yourself whether that choice is a source of creation or consumption.

Ask yourself how can you use your new found wealth to create more value in the world.

This leads me to the last step.

Step 3

I believe the final fundamental principle is to always be creating more wealth.

I often hear rookies say something along the lines of, “Once I make a million bucks I’m just going to travel the world.”

In other words, they see their entrepreneurial end goal similar to retirement, where once you hit some destination you’re done.

The problem with that is, chances are, you’re going to run out of money because at that stage you’re likely to consume more than you create!

My viewpoint is: As long as you’re alive you must continually create value.

Once you stop adding value then what purpose does your life serve?

Now, I’m not saying to never enjoy your earnings. But, keep in mind, continual consumption without creation leads to a zero balance.

The goods news is you can still create value by investing in others that are putting in the work to create more value. Just because you may be physically spent doesn’t mean you can’t continually create more value.

Once you build your own nest egg, I recommend you invest in other people that are creating more value. 

This can help you grow your nest egg and create more value. That way your consumption will still be lower than your creation, and your nest egg doesn’t just deplete (if you’re smart).

You may want to look into dividend investing, Harry Browne’s permanent portfolio, and being a Perpetual Traveler if you’re at the stage where you can invest.

How To Have The Energy To Achieve Your Goals

I’ve been sharing how to change your thoughts and mindset which should help with maximizing your emotional state to serve you during your entrepreneurial journey.

But, there’s another component to this which is the PHYSICAL aspect.

After all, if you physically feel weak, ill, not energized, tired, etc… then, chances are, you’re not going to get anything done.

Now, I’ve mentioned some physical things I do when I shared my daily routine with you. But let me go into more depth into tips that can help give you the energy you need to follow through.


I’ve heard some entrepreneurs advise to “sleep less” in order to achieve more. I think that’s backwards.

I’ve found that less sleep or waking up to an alarm made me more “foggy” throughout the day; and I achieved less.

My recommendation is to strive for DEEP QUALITY sleep. And some things that have helped me do that are:

  • Listening to Binaural Beats (there’s a free app for
  • Not eating too close to bed time
  • Watching what I eat
  • Making sure to de-stress and cool down at the end of the day (stretch, massage, deep breathing)

The point: Find out what affects YOUR sleep and what aids it.

This leads to my next point


I mentioned before I’d easily spend $100 per meal every day. I used to be a fan of sushi among other types of cuisine.

Now the problem I encountered was that every day I’d eat something different… and I’d experience gassiness, bloat, headaches, sleepiness, indigestion, acidity, etc.

To solve some of these problems I drank Kombucha, and eventually started brewing my own. If you’re not familiar, it’s a fermented tea beverage. I’d say it’s like “nature’s soda”.

And as I continued to drink my own brew I became more aware of what types of foods gave me problems. And over time I just stopped eating a lot of what I used to eat because I knew it’d destroy my gut and my sleep.

Nowadays, I do Intermittent Fasting and typically only eat once per day. I’ve found it keeps my mind clear during work among other health benefits.

Also, I’m vegetarian now. And I pretty much eat the same thing every day because I know it’s healthy for me, serves me, and doesn’t mess up my gut or sleep.

If I do decide to eat out I usually test one thing at a time so I can pinpoint if a certain food gives me problems.

Also, I’d like to mention that I’ve found that eating fruits gives me more hydration than just drinking water.

The point is: Find out what food actually helps you, doesn’t mess up your gut, sleep, or mind. Experiment. Discover what works for YOU.


I don’t think the majority of people breathe deeply enough. And for me, I’ve found this to be the case as well. And once I do a few deep breaths I become more relaxed, clear-headed, and productive.

I’ve found shallow breathing led me to stress, more likely to rush, anger, etc. The point is: lacking oxygen doesn’t help.

So nowadays, I do deep breathing exercises. Specifically, I do 1:4:2 breathing, which I learned from Tony Robbins.

For example, breathe in 7 seconds, hold it for 28 seconds, and exhale for 14 seconds. Then repeat that for a total of 10 times, and do this cycle 3 times during the day. I do it in the morning, after work, and before sleeping.

Plus, I work outside to get that fresh air.


I don’t think it’s natural to be sitting most of the day while staring at a computer screen.

But, that’s my lifestyle while running campaigns online.

Now to combat this, I workout.

Specifically I do a calistethnics bodyweight routine Tue, Thur, Sat. I used to go to the gym, but I’ve found I’m more entertained progressing with bodyweight, and I workout in less time and achieve greater results. I do routines from Gymnastic Bodies.

Also, Mon, Wed, Fri I do Gracie Jiu Jitsu. For guys, I also believe it’s vital to have some sort of “combat” sport. It’ll help humble you, get rid of negative energy, and you may realize the road is VERY similar to entrepreneurship.

In short, I believe it’s important to get tired out physically to clean yourself out, sweat, clear your mind, get rid of tension, anger, etc.

Again, this is what I do. If some things are new to you can surely try them and see if it works for YOU.

The point is: FIND OUT WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. Try different things. Then stick to the ones that you find help you best.

Other than that, I think that pretty much covers it.

Let me know if you have any questions. And if you have any specific health habits of your own I’d love to hear about it and potentially try it myself!

How To Enjoy The Journey

I used to always be in a rush towards riches.

I would have this overwhelming feeling of racing towards the riches I seek, and at a pace that wasn’t fast enough.

But, in the past, I’d receive advice from mentors along the lines of, “Enjoy the journey.”

Enjoy the journey?”, I’d think to myself. “How could I enjoy my current situation, it sucks!” Back then I didn’t listen nor understand  their wise words.

But after going full circle… it makes complete sense to me now.

I think the best material I’ve come across that displays themes of enjoying the journey come from the book, “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coehlo and the poem “Ithaka” by C.P. Cavafy.

I’m going to share that poem here, and break it down afterwards, mostly because it’s shorter than my notes from “The Alchemist”.

Ithaka by C.P. Cavafy

As you set out for Ithaka
hope the voyage is a long one,
full of adventure, full of discovery.
Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
angry Poseidon—don’t be afraid of them:
you’ll never find things like that on your way
as long as you keep your thoughts raised high,
as long as a rare excitement
stirs your spirit and your body.
Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
wild Poseidon—you won’t encounter them
unless you bring them along inside your soul,
unless your soul sets them up in front of you.

Hope the voyage is a long one.
May there be many a summer morning when,
with what pleasure, what joy,
you come into harbors seen for the first time;
may you stop at Phoenician trading stations
to buy fine things,
mother of pearl and coral, amber and ebony,
sensual perfume of every kind—
as many sensual perfumes as you can;
and may you visit many Egyptian cities
to gather stores of knowledge from their scholars.

Keep Ithaka always in your mind.
Arriving there is what you are destined for.
But do not hurry the journey at all.
Better if it lasts for years,
so you are old by the time you reach the island,
wealthy with all you have gained on the way,
not expecting Ithaka to make you rich.

Ithaka gave you the marvelous journey.
Without her you would not have set out.
She has nothing left to give you now.

And if you find her poor, Ithaka won’t have fooled you.
Wise as you will have become, so full of experience,
you will have understood by then what these Ithakas mean.

My Interpretation

Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
angry Poseidon—don’t be afraid of them:
you’ll never find things like that on your way
as long as you keep your thoughts raised high
as long as a rare excitement
stirs your spirit and your body.

To me, I see this as fear, challenges, etc. are all in your mind. The journey is the battle of the mind.

This is why I spend a lot of time talking about mental attitude. When I started focusing on mindset that’s when things changed for me.

May there be many a summer morning when,
with what pleasure, what joy,
you come into harbors seen for the first time;
may you stop at Phoenician trading stations
to buy fine things,
mother of pearl and coral, amber and ebony,
sensual perfume of every kind—
as many sensual perfumes as you can;
and may you visit many Egyptian cities
to gather stores of knowledge from their scholars.

Keep Ithaka always in your mind.
Arriving there is what you are destined for.
But do not hurry the journey at all.

To me this whole part is about gratitude. Being aware you have a certain destination in mind, but to not forget the abundance that is always around you.

I talked about this in a previous post… in short, I see rookies have wealthy goals, but they don’t have a wealthy mind. They don’t see the current abundance around them so it prevents them seeing abundance at all.

But do not hurry the journey at all.
Better if it lasts for years,
so you are old by the time you reach the island,
wealthy with all you have gained on the way,
not expecting Ithaka to make you rich.

Ithaka gave you the marvelous journey.
Without her you would not have set out.
She has nothing left to give you now.

I think we all start out thinking our destination is a city of riches, or treasure, or whatever. But when you go through the journey you learn it’s not about what you thought you were seeking.

What it’s really about is your growth, your realization that you can pursue and follow through anything. That growth is what made you rich, not the destination. It’s the realization you are the creator. You are the riches.

Again, the destination is NOT what made you rich, it’s the journey!

So it’s wrong to rush making $10,000 per month (or whatever)…  because you have to go through the journey to BECOME the person WORTH that amount.

And if you find her poor, Ithaka won’t have fooled you.
Wise as you will have become, so full of experience,
you will have understood by then what these Ithakas mean

Again, it’s not about the destination, it’s about who you’ve become. The destinations (Ithakas) actually mean the processes.

Lastly, this reminds me of a question I used to have when I’d read The Alchemist.

SPOILERS: In The Alchemist, when the boy finally found his treasure, it was buried at the very first spot the story began. So I used to always ask myself, “When will I go full circle?”

One thing I finally learned was everything I was seeking wasn’t an Ithaka or treasure. It was me. You seek yourself, or the limitless version of yourself. And these journeys just help you realize your limitless potential. You are the creator and you can inspire others.

How To Stay Motivated

One of the biggest things that’ll slow down your progress towards financial self reliance is your DAILY EMOTIONS.

For example, 6 years ago I used to still live with my parents. Each day they’d tell me how stupid I was for pursuing entrepreneurship. They’d tell me daily to get a real job.

Imagine how drained I was emotionally every day… I barely got anything done.

When I got the chance, I bought a one-way ticket across the world, changed my environment and those around me… and my progress started to pick up.

Your Assignment: Answer the following

1. What negative emotions are you feeling on a daily basis?
2. How are they caused?
3. How can you setup ways to prevent what’s causing them?
4. What POSITIVE emotions are you feeling on a daily basis?
5. How are those caused?
6. How can you setup routines that allow you feel this each day?

For me, I avoid people that are NOT like-minded at all costs. I’m not easily reached. I don’t do small talk. I don’t share what I do with those that aren’t similar.

For positive emotions, I feed my brain daily. I review a lot of fundamental principles. I work out. I fast. I drink ferments. I have physical and mental routines so I perform at my best. No one is scheduled to interrupt any of that.

For those that follow through, I’d love to see your answers below.

How To Handle Challenges Successfully

I wrote previously about how to get rid of your fear of failure.

In that post, I mentioned having unrealistic time frames, unrealistic journey expectations, and negatively identifying with setbacks and challenges.

So today, let me share some more info on how to actually handle challenges successfully.

I believe how you well you handle challenges can be boiled down to 3 factors:

  1. Definition Of Challenge
  2. Questions You Ask
  3. Growth


For most people, challenges are the absolute worst.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that challenges don’t affect me negatively. They do. But it no longer affects for weeks, months, or years at a time.

In fact, one of the biggest challenges I’ve had in my early years was making more money than I ever did… and then losing it all. When that happened, I spent nearly 2 years feeling sorry for myself and not moving forward.

Nowadays, that doesn’t happen. Challenges, while they may affect me at first, don’t affect me negatively for long.

And that’s because I’ve changed the definition of what challenges mean to me.

In my early years, I defined challenges as something career-ending, life-ruining, and so on.

The point is: my previous definition of a challenge positioned my mind to feel failure and give up.

Now, instead, I position challenges in a way that makes me look for opportunities, the lessons, and how to move forward… so I don’t get stuck facing this problem now, or ever again.

The way to do that is to change your definition or meaning of what challenges mean to you.

For me, I believe that everyone is truly limitless. We literally can create anything through our minds and output. And I see challenges as a way to help me realize this.

Every single new challenge now is just testing how much I can express my unlimited potential. So if I face a challenge, I want to see how I can overcome it and express my unlimited potential.

This leads to my next point.


I mentioned something similar to this before, which is… the questions you ask yourself will determine your action.

If you ask poor questions like… “Why am I such a failure?”… Well, then, you’re going to come up with poor answers.

The point: Don’t ask questions that lead you back to focusing on your problem.

Don’t ask questions that keep you stuck.

You must, instead, ask things like…

  • “What choices did I make led to this to happen?”…
  • “How can I avoid doing making these poor choices in the future?”…
  • “What can I learn from this? And how is this actually good for me?”…
  • “Who has solved the problem I’m facing?”…
  • “How can I implement a similar solution to solve my own problems?”

The point: Ask questions that get you thinking of possibility, unlimited potential, opportunity, solutions, movement forward.

Again, great questions first come from how you define what a challenge is. If a challenge means “life-ruining” to you, well then you’ll probably ask questions that lead nowhere. So change your definition first, then ask questions that get you moving.


Next, I believe you must have the belief that if you’re constantly growing then you, by default, will experience a never-ending list of challenges.

The very definition of growth is “gradual increase”.

So if you plan on growing your wealth… then by default, you will also gradually increase your amount of new experiences. And with these new experiences you’ll encounter challenges you haven’t before.

Think of it this way: Let’s say you want to grow your living space so you move into a new mansion.

The good experiences you find include more living room space, more amenities, and so on.

The new challenges you experience include cleaning. How are you going to clean it? What furniture are you going to buy to fill up the space? How will you organize it? Design it? Set it all up technically? How long will it take you to move around your home and get things done?

The point is: If you’re just experiencing the same problems over and over… well then you are probably not growing. And conversely, if you are experiencing new problems then you are growing.

Just being alive implies growth, not stagnation.

Remember my definition of challenges… to express my unlimited potential… so if that’s the case, I’m going to have to experience more and more newer problems (and solve them) in order to see exactly how I can express my unlimited potential.

Success Irony

I’ve noticed a general problem with rookie entrepreneurs.

I call it: “Success Irony”.

And I believe that if you’re able to overcome this problem then you’ll be able to speed your way up to success.

Let me explain…

I’m seeing the “Success Irony” problem usually manifests in rookie questions that lead to being spoonfed answers.

For example, a Digital Flipping 2.0 student may ask something like: “What’s the most profitable niches to target?”

Can you spot the problem with this? Can you see why it’s ironic?

If not, let me spotlight it this way…

I used to believe that success was a specific number.

Nowadays, I believe success is really self-reliance.

Being successful, to me, is all about understanding my limitless capabilities, my talents, and having the competence and confidence that I can use my talents to create the financial vision I have for myself.

Now, wanting to be spoonfed answers is ironic because that makes you DEPENDENT.

Think of it this way: Can you really be successful if you have to rely on someone else for the answers?

Probably not.

Now, to be clear: I do give straight answers discussing profitable niches in the Digital Flipping 2.0 course. And, MORE IMPORTANTLY, I also share the principles of how to find profitable niches, and analyze where you went wrong if you can’t close deals.

Fully understanding these principles allow you to become independent and successful.

Why? Because you’ll develop the internal analysis and the skills you need to be competent and confident in your ability to make financial changes yourself.

After all, the market demands are always changing. So you’ll want to truly understand the principles, rather than being spoonfed answers, to be comfortable with change.

Now another clarification: If you’re a rookie in the entrepreneurial realm then I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a student. There’s nothing wrong with asking specific, thought-out questions based on actions you’ve taken.

But, asking to be spoonfed answers will lead you to developing a habit of DEPENDENCY. This will result in you not being able to lead yourself nor be successful. This is a disservice to your full potential.

To break this habit simply:

  1. Review the material and comprehension of the principles
  2. Apply the principles, multiple times, for first hand experience
  3. If you experience a problem, review the material again
  4. If you still don’t understand what went wrong, ask specific questions regarding the action you’ve taken

I believe anyone can be successful financially, whatever that means to you. But, you must break habits of dependency first.

It may be difficult at first, but over time it gets easier. And it’ll be worth it in order to be confident in your capabilities.

Remember, I discuss more habits you must break and develop in the Create Your Dream Life guides. So be sure to review and comprehend that material.

How To Create An Upwork Account

Update: Nov 1, 2017. This lecture was created after the course was published based on a couple users needing help with getting an account created and approved. If your account gets rejected, don’t worry it’s not the end of the world. In this lecture, I share the solution and what to fill out on your account so that you can overcome the first step and start seeing your success unfold with Digital Flipping. Again, I’m very active in the Q&A section, or feel free to message me 🙂

The Truth About Being Your Own Boss

I get to talk with a lot of newcomers in the entrepreneurial world.

Most of them are employees that want to “become their own boss”. And I have some tingling suspicion that most of the rookies believe this may mean “less responsibility”.

But, that’s not the case and becoming your own boss is really a lie.

What Do I Mean?

If you’re an employee you typically only have boss to report to, or a handful of higher management.

But, as an entrepreneur you don’t have a handful of bosses. No, instead you have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of customers. And each one of them is your boss.

After all, these customers will determine whether they will pay you for your product or services. And if you don’t listen to them you won’t get paid.

For example, when I first launched Digital Flipping it had a rough start. I received some constructive criticism from some students. I listened to my “bosses” and I updated and improved the course until I ultimately didn’t hear anything else that needed to be improved upon.

Again, I wasn’t my own boss. In my case, I had thousands.

So the “lie”, or irony, of “being your own boss” is that you really aren’t. Instead, you transition to having many more bosses when you’re an entrepreneur.

The Truth

Now, I never grew up a church-goer, but I remember (maybe from a book I’ve read) that quoted this part from the Bible:

The greatest among you will be your servant. – Matthew 23:11

I believe that line exposes the truth behind “being your own boss”.

As an entrepreneur, you’re taking on MORE responsibility. You’re taking on MORE bosses. You’re SERVING MORE PEOPLE AT A MASSIVE SCALE.

Being your own boss is not about less responsibility. It’s about BECOMING MORE.

More responsibility. More clarity. More discipline. More action. More understanding. More challenges. More growth. More creation.

Entrepreneurial success is NOT an easy road. It will likely take years.

Again, this is why I repeat this time and time again:

  1. Find out what other people desire/need/want
  2. Find a way how you can use your strengths to satisfy their desires at scale

After all, if you find a way to use your strengths to help others at scale then chances are you will be fulfilled, motivated, and finally stick to the journey long enough until you experience your biggest breakthroughs.

If you’re a student of Digital Flipping, then you’ve already been exposed to those two principles. But it doesn’t hurt to get it stuck in your head. After all, that’s the real fundamentals of making money that can be applied anywhere.

The Best Money Making Opportunity

A student posted this in the Q&A section of Digital Flipping.

I’ve never made a bucks online. Been wandering here and there but no luck. Hope this course would help

I’m sorry, but this student probably won’t be successful.

Can you figure out why?

Well let’s start by looking at his choice of words: “wandering”, “no luck”, and “hope”.

What do his words (and beliefs) show you?

First off, why has this guy been wandering? There are tons of opportunity to earn money. What exactly is he looking for?

Could it be that he can’t see opportunity because he doesn’t want to face what needs to be done. Like, the unknown, the time to learn new skills, and the process and work?

Why is luck and hope mentioned? Could it be he hasn’t be “lucky” to have a millionaire mentor or bump into a crystal clear, step-by-step, path to wealth?

Look, there are all sorts of things wrong with this student’s post. I know, because I’ve BEEN THERE.

I used to be the guy jumping from one opportunity to the next. I used to be the guy looking for millionaire mentors.

Let me tell you: things didn’t change until I changed.

When I changed my beliefs and mindset everything changed. It didn’t matter what I did. Things started to turn into gold.

When you have the right mindset, then practically any business opportunity you pursue turns into gold. If you have the wrong mindset, everything pretty much goes wrong.

This is why I’ve been stressing these “success laws” onto you. If you actually embrace and live these laws, you REMOVE YEARS of heartache and reach financial freedom sooner.

So what changes need to be made?

First, you’ve got to focus. Focus on solving people’s problems.

If you’re jumping from opportunity to opportunity it’s probably because you’re looking to solve your own money problems. And you’re probably looking to do it in the easiest way possible.

So if you discover any opportunity that has one step you don’t like, you figure, “meh, on to the next one“.

But that’s not what makes money.

Money comes from solving other people’s problems. If you focus on that, you’ll finally see changes in your bank account.

And it’s not going to be easy. Think about it.

If building a house was easy and fast would you pay for it? No, you’d do it yourself.

You pay other people for the effort they’ve put into creating something that saves you time and adds value to your life.

So if you’re hoping to get lucky and bump into an opportunity that’s easy… then guess what? Nobody is going to pay you for it!

If it was an easy problem to solve, then other people would do it themselves!

The difficulty, the effort, the time you put in IS the opportunity! 

Again, we’re helping others save time, save money, save effort. We’re solving other people’s problems. And because of that, we are getting paid!

These are the foundational, evergreen, never-to-be-broken success laws you must follow!

And these laws are the same things I put into the Digital Flipping course. Sure, I’ve put these laws into a more step-by-step defined process so that beginners can follow it. But remember, these sames laws can be applied ANYWHERE.

Once you do that, then you’ll realize what I did… now, pretty much everything turns gold.

How To Know If You’ll Succeed

I have thousands of students.

And I can tell, with shocking accuracy, who is going to succeed and who isn’t.

Can you guess how?

It’s very simple.

The successful students identify themselves as victors and warriors. While, the unsuccessful students identify themselves as victims and whiners.

Let me explain.

Unsuccessful people think of themselves as victims. Situations (bad ones) always seem to be happening to them.

In fact, I had a student recently ask for a refund. He said my Digital Flipping course doesn’t work. Yet, I make money doing it and so do other students. (By the way, Sam closed a £5k project using the script in the course.)

So I asked him a few questions. How many proposals did you send? Can you share those proposals? Can you show me the job postings you proposed to flip? No response.

The point is: Victims always have an excuse about why they can’t make money.

Can you see how dangerous this is? Can you see how this sabotages yourself from making money? If you have a list of reasons why you can’t succeed do you think that helps you become wealthy or leads to more poverty?

Look, whenever you blame someone else, complain, or make excuses… then you’re training your brain to think you can never succeed. Because your brain will always find some outside circumstance to put you down.

As a result, you’re powerless. You’re a victim. So why even put in the effort, right?

Now, if you want to train your brain to be a victorious warrior here’s what you do.

You must choose to accept 100% responsibility for your current circumstances. If you do, something magical happens. You now become a victor. You will now always succeed.

How? If you realize YOU are responsible for your poverty, then logically, YOU must then also be responsible for your success!

Developing this mindset shift will always result in victory. Because, in any situation, you’ll see it as a learning experience.

You’ll ask better questions. You’ll ask yourself questions like, “What choices did I make (or didn’t make) that led to this point?“. And, “How can I make this work?”

And by learning from the experience you’re likely to make better choices. And better choices equals better results. And better results lead to success.

Now, you’ve taken back your power. YOU now control your life. YOU are now the creator of your life.

Remember, success is a process not an event. Victims wish for unlikely events because they have no power. Victors have the power to go through a process to succeed. 

Look, choice is the most powerful tool you have. And those choices first stem from your mind.

If you want to change your life, then you must first change your choices. And because choices come from thoughts, you must first learn to master your thoughts.

Now, will you think you’re a warrior or a whiner? Will you choose to be a victim or a victor? Will you to hope for an event or go through the process to succeed?

The choice is always yours.

Are You Brainwashed To Be Poor?

It’s likely you’re being brainwashed to be poor.

Here’s a recent example.

I watched the Disney Pixar movie “Coco” (2017).

If you enjoyed it (like I did) that’s fine.

BUT, there’s one part in the story that is absolutely dangerous for financial freedom seekers.

Did you spot it?


It’s when Miguel’s hero, Ernesto de la Cruz (the successful singer), was discovered to be a liar, thief, and murderer.

Think about it that for a second.

To be successful, Ernesto de la Cruz stole his best friend’s music, killed him, and left his family to be a success.

“Do whatever it takes”, he says.

Now, if you had ZERO negative reaction to this part of the movie then it’s likely you’re already brainwashed to be poor.

In other words, you completely accepted this narrative as an “accurate” way people get rich.

And because you accepted this as accurate then it’s  likely that deep down inside you do not want to get rich.

After all, who wants to be a rich jerk like Ernesto de la Cruz?

This internal conflict is probably why you’re struggling to be financially free.

And guess what?

Movies are not the only source of “poor brainwashing”.

Growing up, your parents probably expressed their excuses and blamed others for their lack of wealth.

And don’t forget the “poor brainwashing” found on TV, school, and inside your peer group.

Now, I’m not saying that there are no evil rich people. There are some.

But the overwhelming majority of rich entrepreneurs are problem solvers. They found an opportunity to create value. They made the world better.

In fact, I’d argue that poorness is the leading cause of crime.

Ever see a poor person kill another person for food or money? I have.

The point is: If you’re not yet financially free you probably have some internal conflict and “poor brainwashing” that you have not yet released from your memory.

If you don’t take this seriously then you’re fighting an uphill battle. Because I’ve discovered that you don’t really forget anything.

Even the smallest memories are stored deep inside your brain.

Ever smell a random scent and remember an event  years ago?

Ever hear an old song and get thrown back in time?

Could it be possible that any time money is brought up, some “poor brainwashing” memory is triggered in your brain? You bet.

How To Get Rid Of Any Poor Brainwashing

If you’re not aware of the poor brainwashing you have, here’s an exercise that may help.

Write down, “I earn $10,000 a month” a hundred times in a row.

Now, notice what you feel.

Do you feel worthy? Does it feel wrong to make this much? Does it feel impossible?

Any negative feelings you notice are “poor brainwashing” that’s stuck deep down in your mind.

To release it you must write out what you feel and then accurately question them. 

Is it true? What are examples that my beliefs are wrong? Who has proved these wrong? What is the new accurate belief? How would these new beliefs make you feel?

Financial Freedom Brainwashing

Once you release the “poor brainwashing” then and only then can you pursue financial freedom.

After all, now you do not have any internal conflicts holding you back.

Here are some mindsets that have helped me the most:

People pay me money for solving their problems. The bigger the problem I solve and the more people I help… the more value (and wealth) I create.

Money is not a tool to compare myself to others. It helps me create more solutions to solve bigger problems.

I don’t believe in shortcuts or easy money. Extraordinary results demand extraordinary effort. Wealth is a process, not an event.

I’m 100% responsible for my life. I don’t blame or complain. Taking full responsibility means I am the creator of my life and can make all my dreams possible.

Identify the “poor brainwashing” that’s still stuck in your brain and holding you back.

Remove and replace old beliefs with more accurate perspectives that serve you.

Then pursue financial freedom without limits.

How To Live In The Realm Of Wealth

Yesterday, I talked about the 5 factors I think stop people from financial success.

Today, I want go into more detail regarding “Conflicting Beliefs” because… I think it’s perhaps one of the most important aspects of financial independence that nearly every newcomer ignores.

Now, one of the biggest conflicting beliefs I’ve noticed within myself during my early years… and nearly every newcomer is…

The Belief of Lack

For example, those pursuing financial independence want an abundance of money in their lives… yet they’re so focused on lack.

They’re focused on the money they don’t have… the materials they don’t have… the time they don’t have… etc. etc.

But, in reality, lack is an illusion.

If you’re reading this… it’s highly likely you’re living a wealthy lifestyle, but you’re just not DIRECTING YOUR FOCUS on the abundance in your life.

For example, if you have Internet access… you have the world’s knowledge at your fingertips. You also have a global reach. You can learn about any solution to solve your current problems. You can deliver value to millions of people, get paid handsomely, and never even leave your room. It’s fucking nuts.

So the first step is redirecting your focus. Focus on how rich you are now. If you’ve got running water, electricity, Internet, etc. you are spoiled as fuck. Again, it’s hard to focus on building your own financial abundance if all you’re focused on is what’s lacking in your life.

Two, you also need to develop an abundance of ideas. Yesterday, I mentioned discipline to follow through. Well, you’re obviously going to need a plan to follow through on. Again, the Internet has a lot of solutions.

For my students, I’m showing you guys how to make your first $1,000 per month with Digital Flipping. In my next course, I’ll show you have to do $1,000 per day with paid advertising.

For everyone else, I suggest READING BOOKS or TAKING COURSES. After you go through say 50 – 100 ideas… PICK ONE. Chances are, nearly all the ideas work IF YOU WORK THEM.

If you’re coming with your own ideas, some tips to help: 1) Observe what people are already buying, 2) Create a better offer, 3) Reach more people.

Also, if you’re not aware of your strengths yet… I HIGHLY recommend taking the Gallup Strengths Finder test. This could be extremely useful in helping you decide which ideas to follow through on. (I remember when I took it, it only cost $15 or so.)

For example, my results suggested that, career-wise, I should be doing something in marketing. Well, at that time I was already do paid advertising so it confirmed I was leveraging my strengths. But it also gave me some additional insight as to how to restructure my business. So I recommend you check that out.

In short –

1. Focus on the abundance in your life (gratitude journal is something I do)

2. Come up with ideas daily to solve your problems.

3. Choose one and follow through

Again, this helps you focus on opportunity, creation, abundance… not lack.

How To Overcome Procrastination, Laziness, Excuses, Lack of Motivation, and Lack of Time

So I mentioned a lot of things in the headline.

Procrastination, laziness, excuses, lack of motivation, and lack of time.

They might all seem like different things but I believe they are all just different terms to define the same problem.

In other words, all these things are the same.

They all are ways that stop you from doing something right away.

So I believe the real question to ask is, “How do I develop the ability to start doing things right away?”

I think the answer is very simple.

I believe the only reason we put things off, make excuses, or don’t make the time for something is simply because… WHATEVER WE DELAY DOES NOT INSPIRE US.

In fact, the very meaning and origin of inspire is “to prompt or induce (someone to do something)”.

Therefore, if we aren’t doing something it’s because we are not inspired.

So then this leads to the question, “Where do we get inspiration?

The origin and meaning of inspiration is “immediate influence of God or a god”. Now, if you look up god it doesn’t seem to give us a definite answer. But, I don’t think that leaves us empty handed.

The definition of god that I use is simply: “someone that can influence and inspire us to action“.

Therefore, to be inspired (and stop delay) we need to find someone that inspires us to action.

In other words, if you want goals that you actually follow through on… I believe you need someone that you can see yourself becoming.

Maybe this is why role models can be very effective?

We see ourselves BECOMING and CHANGING into the person we need to be that will end up being WORTHY of our goals.

In short, if you’re not pursuing your goals it’s probably because you’re not inspired. And you’re probably not inspired because you don’t see yourself becoming who you need to be in order to reach those goals. So you need to find someone that you want to become in order to inspire you to take action.

The 1 Success Mantra You’d Only Need?

I have one success mantra that I follow.

In fact, I believe if you only followed this one mantra then it’ll probably be all you ever need. Tell me if you agree at the end of this post.

Here’s my mantra:

You Get What You Give

Now, let me explain it…

First let me state that I’ve heard that if you want money, then you give money. First, I haven’t found this to be true in my case.

But I do believe that if you want money you must GIVE something WORTH what you seek.

For example, you cannot claim you want to be a millionaire and just expect to be rewarded for the thought of it. No, there is a price for everything. And that price is you must GIVE something worth that amount.

Imagine… if you gave value to the lives of a million people then, chances are, you will be rewarded by one million people. And if you give nothing, you get nothing.

Likewise, if you see a rich person and give out thoughts of resentment towards them… then you’ve GIVEN the resentment of financial abundance. Therefore, you will GET no money. After all, you just expressed to the world that you have negative associations with money.

So you must carefully monitor the thoughts, emotions, and efforts you GIVE (in any form) and analyze whether they align with your goals.

I believe this applies to any level of financial, health, or relationship goals you seek. 

Another example: Let’s say you want to lose fat and gain muscle.

What if you GIVE zero effort into going into the gym? Will you reach your goal? Hell no.

What if you see a celebrity’s fitness transformation and say, “LOL, anyone could get those results with a personal trainer, a personal chef, and STEROIDS!”

What thought did you GIVE to yourself? That there’s zero chance for you to achieve your goals? Why even try right?

I think one of the most important acts of “giving” you must monitor is the thoughts you give out to the world (or just to yourself). Because your thoughts will determine your actions. And because of this most people give up, within their thoughts, before taking any noticeable action.

It all starts in the mind. People are trying to change their results WITHOUT changing their minds first.

Can you see why this won’t work?

The wrong mindset with the right actions will STILL result in failure because your mind will ultimately sabotage you.

Think about it. Celebrity fitness diets and workout routines are available for free for anyone to access online. Yet why is obesity still a huge epidemic in the United States? It’s not the lack of information. It’s the lack of MIND CONTROL.

The lack of understanding of how to control one’s own mind to serve themselves is the problem.

How Do You Control Your Mind To Serve You?

  1. Know, in detail, what you want to achieve and experience. Remind yourself of this every day, morning and night.
  2. GIVE the effort and mindset you need to be the person WORTH that experience. If you don’t know what to do, seek help from someone that has the experience you want.
  3. Become that person every single day no matter what obstacles you face
  4. Surround yourself with other people that have the same goals
  5. Eventually, you’ll be so different from your old self and you will become the person you need to be to achieve your ultimate desire.

Is it magic? Hell no.

But it’s tried and true. It works.

The hard work is the short cut. The shortcut everyone else sells doesn’t exist. If it did you’d already be who you wanted to be by now. Put in the blood, sweat, and tears… it’s worth it. You are worth it.

The Success Paradox (Part 2)

I think there’s also another success paradox that rookie entrepreneurs fail to understand.

And that is the paradox of give and take.

Meaning, if you want to receive you must also give. If you want to receive money, you must give something of value.

I believe this (along with the paradox I shared yesterday) is what many rookie entrepreneurs ignore or brush off as too simplistic. Yet this is the basis of financial success. Without this understanding you go nowhere.

For example, think of the last purchase you made. You got something you valued more than your money. And on the other side of the transaction, the entrepreneur got your money and gave away something they valued less than the money.

There’s that balance of give and take.

Now, the problem I see is that all these rookies are looking for courses and ways to make money… and they’re falling for these fake “push button riches” courses.

Again, falling for this trap is ignoring the principle that you must give, create, or offer something BEFORE you can receive.

You can’t get something without giving something. Thinking you can will result in poorness, or you’ll be living on the dark side.

I think this coupled with the failure to understand that achievement requires a struggle is perhaps the two biggest reasons most rookie entrepreneurs don’t progress.

Next, I believe that under this giving principle… You must align giving your special gifts. Meaning, I believe every single person has some unique combination of strengths. And that you must discover how you can contribute that to as many people as you can.

Now, if you have the state of mind where you have nothing to give… then you’re living in the illusion of scarcity. Check the post I wrote about “How To Live in the Realm of Wealth” for ideas on how to break out of that.

Next, I think the other mistake is ignoring, not seeking, or not using your unique strengths in COMBINATION with giving value to the world.

For example, maybe you’ve witnessed some parents force their kids into dentistry, engineering, doctorate, etc. just because they believe their kids can get a lot of money in those fields.

Now, I believe the problem with this is that riches probably won’t be achieved because there might be a misalignment.

For example, if these kids don’t have the strengths to succeed in that field… they’ll probably struggle or lack motivation.

The point: If you don’t align your strengths with the vehicle you choose to contribute, then you’ll probably lack motivation or struggle more than you have to when striving to achieve your end goal (if you do at all).

So my suggestion is to understand your strengths… who you are… who you want to be… and then discover what vehicle fits you best to contribute… and then, lastly, get the money you seek.

Remember, everything has their place in nature. I think this is very apparent if you’re out in nature long enough or you watch some nature documentaries. Everything has some unique set of skills and value to give, and then take.

Again, the point is: find YOU. Find out what YOU can do best. Find out what will work for YOU.  Think about what you GIVE first (and how) before you even think about taking. Then find out how you can commit to it daily.

YouTube As A Side Hustle?


Start a YouTube channel, build an audience, and monetize it via ads, sponsored content, affiliate offers, merchandise, and more.


  • It’s a favorable medium for online, remote work that can be done anywhere
  • Your content will live on and past content will continue earning for you
  • Your content can scale and reach the masses
  • YouTube is an engaging platform to speak with your audience and customers


  • Ok, let’s get real. Pretty much every “method” you see is the same exact thing. It’s just another way to generate traffic to monetize an offer. That’s it. And YouTube is no different. It’s practically blogging (producing content) in video format.
  • Just like blogging (and everything else) there’s a lot of competition. So success will be dependent on excellence and ensuring you’re actually solving a problem and providing value. Most people copy what other people are doing without knowing what makes them different, or why an audience will want to follow them. Know what problem you’re solving; know your outcome.
  • Also, it’s likely it’ll take some time before you generate any income. Remember, YouTube is like blogging with SEO optimized content and waiting to get indexed by Google. (My suggestion: Have an offer that converts first, then use YouTube for additional traffic.)
  • If you hate getting in front of the camera, you’ll need to pursue other alternatives. Or you can go the animation route, or hire out on-screen talent. This will require an investment, which may not be ideal for a beginner.

VS Digital Flipping

  • Digital Flipping is based all around the principle that beginners need a side hustle income that does not require much time or experience.
  • YouTube will require a lot of time upfront in video creation. And it’ll require some camera and video experience. Or if you hire out the talent, it’ll require an upfront investment. With Digital Flipping you only spend money once profits are secured and guaranteed in escrow. So there’s virtually no risk because any money you spend to flip a deal (usually less than $100) will already be secured by the profits you know you’ll earn.
  • Plus, with YouTube, it’ll take much longer to see any earnings. And who knows how much that’ll be. With Digital Flipping, it’s possible to earn an extra $500 – $1,000 in the first month. Again, we go straight to the buyers and outsource all the work. For a beginner, this is perhaps one of the best ways to start because of the low risk and fast results.
  • I consider a large majority of the other ideas to be more advanced methods, which is something we can build up to in the future after you’ve made your first success with Digital Flipping.

Amazon Kindle Publishing As A Side Hustle?


Self-publishing is no longer a slow, rejection-filled process. Now, you can earn a side income by self-publishing eBooks on Amazon.


  • It’s completely free to self-publish and sell on Amazon.
  • It’s fast. Once you upload your manuscript and eBook details on Amazon you can expect to see it live (and ready to make sales) in 12 hours or less. Plus, you can continually upload revised versions.
  • Amazon has a large database of customers. And self-publishing on Amazon tends to sell more books than any other platforms. Plus, the amount of eBook sales are growing and outperforming traditional paperback books.
  • You retain all the rights to your books.
  • You can earn 70% royalties from your book (if it’s priced between $2.99-$9.99). If it’s out of that price range expect 35% royalties. Either way, this is much higher than traditional publishers that typically pay 10% or far less.
  • You have full creative and marketing control. You decide the topics, the length, the style, the pricing, the marketing strategy, etc. There’s no one, except your target audience, telling you how to do things.
  • Amazon also has a decent stats tracker where you can review the sales of each book you’ve published.
  • There are other ways to monetize. You can create paperback versions of your book via CreateSpace, narrated versions (Audible), and join in on other Amazon programs (KDP Select) to help increase your earnings.


  • There’s an enormous amount of competition. The ease, speed, and zero cost of publishing has created thousands of competing authors in virtually every fiction and non-fiction genre.
  • There will be costs involved if you won’t be doing everything. If that’s the case, you can expect to pay for someone else to write the book (if you outsource), editing, formatting, book cover design, and promotion.
  • There’s no publisher to help you. So you’ll need to be in charge of marketing your products, building an audience, managing reviews,  book research, book publishing setup, writing the book description, and so much more. I always preach that every opportunity is a process and self-publishing is no different. You can’t expect to upload mediocre books and start swimming in passive income.
  • The first payment you receive will be 60 days after the end of the month.

VS Digital Flipping

  • I actually like self-publishing on Amazon for beginners. No upfront cost and the amount of customers on Amazon makes it beginner-friendly. However, there are some advantages if doing the Digital Flipping methodology instead.
  • First, there’s no upfront cost with Digital Flipping either. But the advantage is you get paid much sooner. Once you close a deal and deliver the work (which you outsource) you’ll get paid in 5 days. So if you’re beginner that needs to receive your earnings faster this would be a more favorable approach.
  • Secondly, with Digital Flipping, you don’t do the work. You won’t be writing, editing, designing book covers, or building an audience. The way Digital Flipping works is, let’s say, you find someone that wants an eBook written for $400. You’ll then find an expert to do it for, let’s say, $150. Then you profit the difference. By the way, you’ll only pay the expert once the $400 (that the buyer is willing to pay) is secured in escrow. So this is virtually risk-free. With self-publishing, any investments you make have zero guarantee. You’ll have no idea how many books you sell.
  • Also, with Digital Flipping, there’s far less competition. For each deal, you can see how many other people are bidding to win the job. This is, usually, only in the 5-20 people range. At max, 50 people. This is far less than the amount of authors on the Amazon platform. Plus, your competitors aren’t usually the best salesmen. So this gives you an advantage because in my course I share word-for-word the proposal script to close lucrative deals.
  • There are a lot of legit ways to earn a side income. Self-publishing on Amazon is actually a great one. However, if you’re an absolute beginner, I’d recommend getting some confidence and building up some funds with Digital Flipping first. Then you can use those funds to outsource writing books on Amazon or any other business. Now, I’ll be sharing more advanced and lucrative business courses. But these require bigger investments and experience. And you’ve got to start somewhere first. Digital Flipping is one of the better options to start with.

Airbnb As A Side Hustle?


If you have any property (or even a spare room) you can rent it out to other people using a site like AirBnb. If you’re renting you can sublease any unit you’re currently renting (depending on your contract).


  • Turning your property into a more affordable short-term rental (compared to local hotels) can turn into lucrative side hustle.
  • You can meet people from all over the world.


  • Your property must be in a desired location for incoming visitors.
  • Of course, you’ll need to provide a place that’s well furnished, well photographed, and you must be able to provide great customer service.
  • You’ll need to ensure your property is always well maintained. This means staying on top of light switches, paint, and overall cleanliness. Don’t forget scrubbing toilets.
  • There will also be some management required. Be ready to stay in communication with incoming visitors, current guests, and managing your calendar for visitors.
  • You must purchase insurance for short-term rentals. (Traditional policies do not cover this.) This will save you from guests that end up partying hard. Also, be sure to screen potential guests about their trip and intentions.

VS Digital Flipping

  • With Digital Flipping, your location doesn’t matter. Why? Because we’re leveraging an international marketplace online. This can be done in nearly every single country.
  • Because we’re dealing with digital goods and services, nothing needs to be maintained. And zero toilets need to be scrubbed.
  • There will be some management required. You will be talking to some clients. But it’s all done via messaging (so no worries if you’re camera shy). Plus, I share with you the word-for-word proposal scripts you need to close deals. And if clients have any questions, you simply relay those questions to your outsourcer. Again, we’re acting like an agency in a sense.
  • No upfront purchases will be needed. No insurance. And practically no risk. Once you close a deal the profits are secured in escrow. Then and only then, will you spend a money to hire an outsourcer. And, of course, you simply spend less than what you’ll earn so that you can profit.

Q&A: The Fear Of Failure

So a student posted this in the Facebook group…

Fear of failure..

Hey guys, I am a software engineer by profession, working remotely to a software company in US(small team). Currently I am in Canada (originally from Nepal). From past 6 month i have been thinking of starting my own software development agency and I have also got a client (my current employer is happy to become my first client) but fear of failure is pulling me down. When I want to start then I start to think stuff like what if i dont get another client, What to do after my current client work is finished, where to find another client, can i sustain in long term blah blah.. because of these kind of fears I am still unable to start.

Any suggestion on how to overcome fear of failure? Also any practicle advice on finding clients?

P.s. please excuse any grammatical errors, I am posting this from my phone.

My replies:

Great work on putting yourself out there.

First, are you a Digital Flipping student? Why not just use Upwork to find more clients and close more deals? It’s the same principle of understanding what people want, but in this case you’ll actually do the work.

Two, on failure: I got rid of my fear of failure by redefining what failure means to me. To me everything is a learning experience. For example, in your case, if you don’t get another client… then you need to LEARN how to get another one. If you’re afraid of your current client work is finished you need to LEARN how to upsell more services.

I don’t see myself “failing” a lot… I see myself LEARNING a lot. And when you learn about how to rise out situations you do not like then you naturally build more and more confidence.

Hope that helps.

Another thing that has helped me get over my own fear of failure…

It was the mindset that giving up on my dreams would be more painful than not trying at all.

For example, in my early entrepreneurial years I’ve developed the mindset that GIVING UP IS ULTIMATE FAILURE. Temporary challenges, on the other hand, I can learn to overcome.

That same mindset has helped me do some crazy things that, looking back, I couldn’t believe I did.

For example, when I mentioned buying a one way ticket across the globe for a better environment… I pretty much enough money to only last one month. I had NO CLUE how’d I make any more to live. Stressful? Hell yeah. But what… 5 years later… it all worked out.

Are You Worth The Riches You Seek?

I see rookies desire, wish, and affirm the amount of finances they seek.

They call out, “I want to make $10,000 per month!” (or more).

Yet, how many rookies yell out, “I want to be WORTH $10,000 per month.” ???

My observation is that it’s nearly zero.

Yet, in order to make $10,000 per month (or whatever amount you want) you must be WORTH that price!

Most newcomers are ignoring nature’s law that you cannot get something for nothing!

Those that hop from course to course are ignoring this law. They’re looking for the idea where they can put in the LEAST amount of effort in order to be worth the financial riches they seek. This is an IMPOSSIBILITY!

It’s not what you know, it’s what you APPLY. In other words: What’s the value of the effort you have REPEATEDLY put in?

Think of it this way… first wish, demand, and chant affirmations… then approach your employer… then ask, “I demand $10,000 per month!”. Your boss will laugh at your face (or even fire you) IF you are not REPEATEDLY delivering the EFFORT that is WORTH that amount

So why apply that impossible mentality to the entrepreneurial world? The same laws apply. You can’t get something for nothing.

If you want to make $10,000 per month or more… then you must be REPEATEDLY delivering EFFORT that is WORTH that amount!

So how do you do that?

  1. Find out what your natural talents are. (Take a strengths test.)
  2. Find out how to use your talents in a way that solves a problem others will pay for.
  3. Apply and MASTER your talents repeatedly, solve problems repeatedly, and do so at a scale that is WORTH the amount you seek!

In short: Don’t WISH for riches, BE WORTH THE RICHES!

My Answer: Amazon Vs. Shopify Business

A student asked whether he should start an Amazon or Shopify business.

So I setup a Twitter Poll asking followers what they think my answer is.

Well, the results are in…

It’s a split between “Amazon” and “Shopify“. And 24% saying “Other“.

In this case, my answer is… “Other”

Here’s why…

Amazon and Shopify are just platforms. They’re not businesses.

Let me explain: This student’s question is like asking, “Should I have a WordPress website or Squarespace website?”

When starting, these are the wrong questions to ask. Why? Because these are just platforms. They are not businesses. They are just one place to store your solution (aka product).

Think about it. When you setup an Amazon listing or a Shopify site, what exactly do you need? You need a solution (aka a product to sell). But before you can figure out what to sell you need to know what the problem is!

So even if you decided to choose Amazon or Shopify… this still presents a lot of unanswered questions… Like what are you going to sell? What problems are you solving that others are not? How are you going to attract customers? You need to be asking these fundamental questions first.

This is why focusing on the tools and platforms is worthless. 

To Recap So Far:

  1. You need to find a problem
  2. You need to create a solution for that problem
  3. Then you can choose what platform is best for delivering that solution (aka attracting customers)

Finding Problems (aka Business Idea Generation)

So you might be asking… how do you find problems?

This is the first question you should be asking to generate business ideas. Because businesses get rewarded for solving problems.

Now, there are a lot of ways to do this.

One example is going to Amazon. Because Amazon attracts a lot of traffic and the visitors are buyers.

So, at Amazon, you’ll see a large variety of departments of best selling items. And if you dive into the reviews you may see opportunities where these products (aka solutions) are not delivering the solution in the best way.

For example, reviews with complaints may reveal that the product materials break easy. So this might be a good opportunity for you to create a better version of the product with more durable material.

Again, the point is to look for ways to improve upon already proven ideas. In this example, we already know this product sells, but there’s room for improvement (aka a new problem for you to solve).

Creating Solutions

This is where it gets sad.

A lot of newbie entrepreneurs think they can just source a product from Alibaba and wham bam thank you ma’am they’re rolling in the dough.

The harsh reality is that the “creating solution” stage is not easy and not as clear as you may think.

There is no step-by-step process. I don’t care what the guru products tell you.

To be clear: Yes, there may be “best practices”… but it’s highly likely your process will be way different than everyone else’s process.

Everyone is solving a different problem.

Everyone is going to encounter different obstacles.

So everyone is going to follow different processes.

And everyone will get different results.

So the only legitimate advice in the creating solution stage is to focus on the problem in front of you… solve it… move on to the next problem… solve it… and repeat that until the solution gets in the hands of the customer.

Delivery Platform

If you finished the past two stages then you should have done two things:

  1. Identified a problem
  2. Created a solution for that problem

Now, it’s time to get it in the hands of the customer.

This is the time where you should consider questions like: Hmm should I use Amazon or Shopify?

Choosing your delivery platform will depend highly on where your customers hang out (the people with the problem you can solve) and how you can attract them.

For example, if we did happen to find a problem on Amazon then it’s likely you’re probably going to use Amazon to deliver your new solution. After all, you first discovered the problem from Amazon buyers.

Now, let’s say you found the problem on a Facebook Group… in this case, you’re probably going to use Facebook Ads (aka Paid Advertising). Now, if your ideal customer clicks your ad then it’ll probably redirect to your Shopify landing page.

Make sense?

Your tools and delivery platform will depend highly on where you can find the people with the problem you can solve… and the best way to deliver that solution to them.

Now, do you see why my answer was “Other” in the Twitter Poll? It made no sense to ask that question first.

You need to ask the fundamental questions first: What problem are you solving? Where do people with this problem hang out? What’s the best way to deliver the solution to them?

There is no “one size fits all” answer.

The entire process will be different for everyone.

Remember, as entrepreneurs, we’re solving problems the majority does not want to. That’s why the majority ends up paying us for those efforts.

And remember, the majority are the type that wants everything mapped out for them at their convenience. Entrepreneurs face the unknown, there’s no map, we must create that convenience. 

Shameless plug: I created a new Pay Per Click Advertising Course. I cover how to attract customers using the Amazon PPC, Pinterest Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, and Facebook Ads. So if you see yourself using these delivery platforms this course may be a good fit for you.

Fiverr As A Side Hustle?


You can post a service on Fiverr (i.e. logo creation, video editing, article writing, etc.) and leverage the millions of visitors Fiverr has to earn a side hustle income.


  • It costs you nothing to offer your service. So it’s a great way for beginners to start making money online without any risk.
  • Secondly, you don’t need to be tech savy or learn any website creation. All you have to do is go through Fiverr’s step-by-step gig creation process to have your sales page live. Just enter some information about your service, pricing, and portfolio samples… then you’re up and running.
  • Fiverr also has a lot of traffic. This can make it easier for beginners to start seeing their first sales online.
  • Fiverr also offers practically everything you need to handle your business. You can create different priced packages, offer upsells, earn tips, and you can communicate with past clients for future projects.
  • Also, Fiverr visitors buy from a large range of categories. So it’s likely that you may have a product or service to fulfill that demand.


  • Because Fiverr is so beginner-friendly, there’s also a lot of competition. The main categories have, literally, thousands of other sellers. You’ll need to differentiate your service to succeed.
  • Also, Fiverr started as a place to have anything done for $5. So you’re not likely to charge high-end fees here. You’ll have to rely on scale and servicing a large number of customers.
  • Another thing to note is that Fiverr is open to international sellers. So you’ll be competing with sellers that can charge much less because they live in third world countries and have lower costs of living. (This could be a pro if you’re a native English speaker and have better communication skills. Some clients will pay more for better communication.)
  • Lastly, if you do succeed, chances are, you’ll be trading your time for money. If your goal is just a side hustle, this could be troublesome as orders will have fixed deadlines. Eventually, you’ll have to hire out some help in the future to scale and detach yourself from time.

VS Digital Flipping

  • For beginners, I’d be comfortable recommending Fiverr. However, there are some slight advantages with Digital Flipping.
  • First, with Digital Flipping, clients are used to paying much, much more than $5. In my course, I share which deal types are in the $250 – $500 range per deal. Now, which would you rather do to make $500: Make 100 sales on Fiverr for $5… or close 1 deal for $500 with Digital Flipping? I think the bigger deal sizes with Digital Flipping make it easier for a beginner to make a nice side hustle income, with less time.
  • Not only that, with Digital Flipping, once you close a deal you won’t have to do the work. Think of yourself as an agency with a team of experts. If you close a deal to create a website for $500, you then outsource the work to an expert for far less. Where do you find these experts for cheap? Take a wild guess… Fiverr. So with Digital Flipping, our success and time isn’t reliant on fulfilling orders.
  • Also, with Digital Flipping, there’s virtually no risk either. You won’t need any upfront investment. In fact, you only spend money once you close a deal and the profits are secured in escrow. This amount would depend on how much you’re able to find a Fiverr seller to do the job. This typically ranges in the $50 or less range. But, of course, this varies on the deal.
  • Another advantage is there’s far less competition with Digital Flipping. We go straight to buyers and each deal, typically, has around 5-20 people you’ll be competing with (not thousands). And, I share with you a proposal script which allows you to crush the competition.
  • Now, with Digital Flipping, I also share an international marketplace. But, as I mentioned earlier in the CONS section of Fiverr, this can actually be a good thing. I’ve found that clients will not settle for cheaper service providers just on price alone. If you truly show you understand them, can prove it, and can communicate well… then the client will be more willing to pay for higher priced options.
  • In closing, Fiverr is a great way for beginners to start out. But Digital Flipping does have some slight advantages. You can check out the free course previews of my course to see which path you want to pursue.

Why You Should Not Care About Profits At First

I know that sounds like a crazy statement.

But let me explain this in detail.

I’ve noticed that most beginner affiliate marketers or entrepreneurs, in general, typically ask something along the lines of this:

How much money can we make, after ad spend, in one week?

In other words, they want to know the future.

If you have similar questions, take a step back and think about how crazy this is.

Like I mention in my affiliate marketing course, there’s absolutely no way for anyone (even a super affiliate) to predict your future.


Well, how well do I know you? Do you fully understand the steps I laid out for you in the course? Did you actually follow them carefully? Can you share proof you did so?

And even if you did… remember, I mention that BEST CASE SCENARIO you’ll lose only a small amount of money when you launch a campaign.

Again, like I mention in the affiliate course, even if you copy a winning campaign there are some things spy tools don’t tell you.

So, at best, instead of having a campaign that is -100% ROI… you may launch campaigns at -30% ROI or -10% ROI, etc.

And that’s IF you followed the steps I laid out for you carefully.

Now, remember, as an affiliate marketer our job is to TURN THE CAMPAIGN PROFITABLE.

It’s NOT to launch campaigns and HOPE that all of a sudden you’re profiting right away.

No. We are NOT getting paid to LAUNCH campaigns.

We are getting paid to create BETTER campaigns to sell more product and solve more problems.

Again this is why I mention, in the affiliate marketing course, that copying campaigns only provide a benchmark for you to improve upon. And that’s why I’ve included steps to turn a campaign profitable and scale.

Remember: This is still a job, albeit a fun job, not the lottery.

We’re not trying to spy on winning campaigns, choose one, and hope it profits right away.

Our job is to TURN the campaign profitable for all parties: us, customers, product owners, affiliate networks, and traffic networks.

Remember, affiliate marketing is just like any career. Don’t expect to reach the top of your game instantly or without effort.

Also, anything you try for the first few times is usually going to result in subpar results. Why? Because you’re NEW at it.

Even when someone showed you how to ride a bike… you probably still fell a few times at first. Same principle applies with affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship.

Remember, it’s up to us to analyze, adjust, and repeat our actions so we can create the future we want and be worth the riches we seek.

So, in short, don’t expect profits right away. But instead, BUILD UPON campaigns that have potential to profit. That’s our job.

Where To Find People That Want To Give You Money

Yesterday, I mentioned two things to make money.

I’ll repeat that:

1. You need to be able to reach people with a problem
2. You need to be able to offer a product that solves their problem

But you also want to make sure… these people spend money on your solution!

What’s the point of putting in effort and time into a business… only to find out no one buys!?

Now, there’s a couple ways of finding people that spend money.

1. You can “attract” buyers to you.

This is marketing.

Think of things like SEO or paid advertising. Those efforts attract buyers to you.

If you’re a beginner, though, this can be a problem. Because SEO takes a lot of time.

Paid advertising is much faster, but unless you have thousands (I recommend at least $3k) to spend on campaigns and split-testing… it isn’t a beginner-friendly option.

So what’s the next way of finding people that spend money?

2. You go straight to the buyers

For a beginner, this is probably your best option.

First, you cut out MONTHS of your time compared to SEO or other “free attraction marketing” methods.

Second, it doesn’t cost you thousands of dollars, like paid advertising does.

And one of the best places to find people that spend money is

There are around 130,000 people willing to spend money on that platform every single day.

They tell you exactly what they want and how much they’re willing to pay. It doesn’t get any more beginner-friendly than that.

And, with the Digital Flipping method, you don’t actually have to know to fulfill their requests. You simply just outsource the work to someone else.

So if someone wants to pay $150 for a logo, you outsource it to someone else for $5, and then profit the difference.


P.S. Now you may ask, “Where do I find people to outsource deals to?”. I’ll answer that in tomorrow’s email

Why You Can’t Succeed If You Hate The Success Of Others

In my rookie years, I was insecure and had a scarcity mindset.

So, if I saw other entrepreneurs succeed I’d secretly kind of hate them.

If they were younger, if they had similar backgrounds, and if they made more than me… it’d pretty much trigger me to subconsciously hate them.

I believe that “hatred” stems from insecurity, comparison, and scarcity.

Thankfully, I don’t feel that same way anymore.

In fact, I believe that if you have similar feelings then you probably won’t be able to experience your own success. At least, that’s how it turned out for me.

So let me explain some ways to overcome this in order to start experiencing success.


I believe that my insecurity with other’s success was really just me realizing that I’m not living up to my potential.

I’ve noticed that others that put down the success of others are really just making excuses so they feel better about their own lack of achievement.

The problem with this is that it strips away your power of choice, action, and responsibility. 

And these things are what you NEED, and must NOT ignore, if you want to experience your own success.

Instead, other’s successes should be a source of INSPIRATION that we all have a potential to succeed in our own calling, despite what circumstances we face!

It should instead show you the POSSIBILITIES and LIMITLESS potential that’s available in this world.

It should inspire you to take full responsibility of your life and realize you have choices you can take so you can make your own breakthroughs, and inspire others when doing so.

To sum it up: Don’t be insecure, be INSPIRED!


Another thing I want to discuss is comparison.

You can compare yourself all you want to a younger, more successful entrepreneur, or whatever.

The problem with comparison, though, is that you have NO CLUE what other people go through. Their journey isn’t yours; nor is your journey theirs.

Everyone has their own lessons and hardships they need to conquer to experience their own success.

There are way too many variables in life to make an accurate comparison of your achievement and the achievement of others.

Chances are, if you intimately knew the life of those that succeed then you probably wouldn’t want to trade lives with them. You probably wouldn’t want to walk in their footsteps and go their journey.

Monetary success (and keeping it) is way fucking harder than what the media or fake gurus may make you believe it to be.

Instead, I’ve found much more productive to compare yourself to who you were yesterday, a month ago, or a year ago.

Are YOU improving? Are YOU taking steps towards achievements YOU want to experience?

Remember: It’s much harder to succeed in your journey if you’re too focused on the journey of others. Focus on what YOU can do now to make the changes you want tomorrow. Baby steps.


Lastly, I realized that hating other people’s success could be due to a scarcity mindset.

In other words, there’s a fear of not enough success to go around in the world.

However, the opposite is actually true.

There are literally TRILLIONS being exchanged each day. There’s more than enough money to go around.

Also, creation is infinite. Making money stems in creating value. And creating value involves solving problems.

And the good news (sorta): Problems are also infinite.

Each day some new problem pops up. You solve one and another one pops up. There are so many problems to solve, and so many opportunities to make money by creating businesses to solve them all!

So if you have any negative response to someone else succeeding then it’s possible that on some deep level you are not seeing the ABUNDANCE of wealth, creation, and solutions around you.

If that’s the case, it’ll be really hard for you succeed.

After all, if you can’t see abundance and don’t live with a wealthy mindset then how can you expect to live wealthy? 

Doesn’t work that way. That’s like wanting to be crazy fit, but hating people that put in the work to be fit.

Again, think inspiration not insecurity, or scarcity

Love all the success around you if you aim to be successful yourself. After allit’s hard to experience success in your life if you hate it in any form or level.

Mechanical Turk As A Side Hustle?


Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is where people go to recruit workers to do things computers can’t do.
For example, a developer may need work to identify objects in photos or video. And if you do this, your work can help them improve their artificial intelligence.
And by helping these developers (or whoever has a request) you can earn an income.


  • Reputable. MTurk is an Amazon company. This is not a scam site. It’s likely the jobs you do are legitimate and you’re going to get paid.
  • No previous experience neededThe work on MTurk doesn’t require much experience or a diverse skill set. Most jobs are straightforward and simple to do. 


  • Low payouts. The payouts are extremely low. Usually, each task is worth a few cents. Yes, less than a dollar.
  • Time consuming. You will be trading your time to earn money with MTurk. And the money you make per hour will probably far less than getting a minimum-wage job. The people that actually make decent money with MTurk are doing this full-time.


  • I can see why beginners may find MTurk appealing. After all, it is online, remote work that doesn’t require much experience. Plus, it’s by Amazon so it’s reputable. But, the payouts are very low. In this case, Digital Flipping has similar PROS but with much higher potential.
  • Reputable. Digital Flipping is also a reputable way to earn money. After all, you’ll be using the Upwork marketplace. Upwork is the merge of Elance and oDesk. Elance has been around since 1999. Plus, all your earnings are guaranteed in escrow.
  • No previous experience needed. The Upwork marketplace is a place where companies can outsource work to freelancers. Now, with Digital Flipping, we don’t actually do the work. We’re the middleman. I show you how to close deals and outsource the work to someone else for cheaper. This means we don’t actually need any previous experience or education.
  • Higher payouts. The jobs you’ll find on Upwork have budgets of around $100 and higher. In some niches, $500 – $1,000 per deal is the norm. Plus, there’s an average of 130,000 jobs available every day. With Digital Flipping, you have a much higher earning potential.
  • Less time. Digital Flipping doesn’t require a full time commitment. After all, you’re not actually doing the work. Your job is to simply find buyers and then outsource the work. To earn $500 to $1,000 per month doesn’t require a big time commitment like MTurk does.

This is HUGE! How you can literally make $50,000 per month!

Someone posted this In the Liberty Dojo Facebook group:

My Response

If you’ve been carefully reading the “Create Your Dream Life” guides then you probably already know my response to this.

I find this saddening.

This guy literally just posted an image of a THEORETICAL CALCULATOR of what seems to be an MLM business.

First of all, this calculator proves nothing. This is nothing like the $20,000 Facebook Ad Campaign case study I’ve shown you guys.

Now, in my early years, I’ve been scammed before.
I’ve fallen for MLM shit. And “get rich easy” internet marketers.
I’m saddened by this because this is the mindset I’m trying to help you guys avoid.
This wrong mindset literally took YEARS to overcome because the financial losses I suffered.
For more insights on how to avoid this, read below. If not, well then some people just gotta feel the burn themselves.

The Good In This

Now, this calculator does show the POSSIBILITIES of if you offer something at scale.

Similar to the fundamentals I teach you in Digital Flipping and the Facebook course.

The Bad In This

The only thing I find saddening is that most people NEGLECT the reality of the work required.

They ignore whether it taps into their talents, and whether they’re providing actual value. Instead, the greed glands take over.

Remember, in order to succeed and sell something at scale:

  • You have to truly understand people’s problems and desires
  • You have to truly provide a product or service that solves this problem and desire
  • You have to know how to reach people at scale
  • And you have to continually fine-tune your understanding of others, your product/service, and your campaign

Is it easy? NO.

Here Was My Original Response To This

Y’all greed glands are salivating at a calculator simulation? Really? SMH. Have I taught you guys nothing?

You guys follow the money, but that doesn’t make money. Knowing what people want, and giving it to them at scale makes big money.

Have you guys not seen my $20k ad campaign case study? Cmon guys.

You guys want the big payday, but don’t want to focus on fundamentals. Good luck

I’m going to leave this post up.

For those that hop on this scammers bandwagon feel free.

Just let me know so I can also remove you from this group. Clearly the things I’m trying to kick in your ear are nothing you want to hear.

Good luck chasing the dream of big, easy riches.

Another thing: It’s highly likely I make more than this theoretical calculator guy.

Most of you have seen proof of my ad campaigns.

Yet where are the questions? I’m here.

When I tell you guys the reality of the hard work required it seems most people just disappear…

You guys want EXTREME results, yet where is the EXTREME sacrifice, hard work, empowering beliefs, action, daily routines, daily failure and learning?

Again, I don’t tell you guys how easy it is… why? because it isn’t!

The majority are looking for the easy riches. And that’s why the majority isn’t rich.

But there are a few of you in here that have the extreme mindset and intestinal fortitude that will eventually succeed. I can only hope my messages reach those of you. Are you one of damn few?

Becoming A Financial Black Belt

I used to think it was bullshit.

When I took personal development courses, the instructors would say something along the lines of…

“90% of people who invest in this course won’t complete or worse–won’t even start it. And of the 10% that do complete it, only 1% will even take action on it. And even a smaller fraction of these people will repeatedly use this material.”

Now, that I’m a Udemy instructor and have nearly 10,000 students… I see the sad truth.

I can actually see in my Instructor Dashboard your progress as a student.

I can see the students that bought the course (months ago even), but haven’t even started. I can also see the students that stop halfway through.

Now, I can understand if my course is absolutely crap or whether you think I’m a crap instructor. But, if you check my instructor profile, you’ll notice I currently have 323 reviews and a 4.6 average rating.

Plus, my courses have been out long enough now that you may have seen the success stories in the Q&A section, Facebook group, or reviews.

So what gives?

Once again, I believe it comes down to the “behind the scenes” success traits I’ve been mentioning in this “How To Create Your Dream Life” guide.

It’s not just the “how to” technical information that you need. You must first develop the right mindset, character traits, beliefs, discipline, and other traits I’ve mentioned.

Again, I’ll put my money on the entrepreneur that has the right mental attitude versus one that only has “how to” knowledge. After all, this example with my courses and virtually every other course proves this to be true.

Remember, all these students get the same information, yet only a small percentage become successful. Why? Because only a few actually complete the course. Because only a few actually take action. And because only a few repeatedly take that action.

This damn few have a mindset of a person that will master entrepreneurship and life.

This is mastery. Understanding that fundamentals are everything. And they must be repeated. It never ends.

This is the real challenge. It’s not the “how to”. It’s this the realization that there’s no more than the fundamentals… AND the disciplined action to practice it over and over again.

This applies everywhere.

I’ve heard that martial arts is the second most practiced “sport” behind soccer. Let’s use that as an analogy.

So how do you become a black belt? Does it happen overnight? In jiu jitsu, some say expect 10 years of practice. The same applies to wealth… it doesn’t happen overnight… it takes years.

Do you become a black belt by giving up before you earn your first white belt stripe? No. And neither do you earn financial self reliance when you encounter your first challenge.

Do you become a black belt by hopping from one type of martial art to the next? No. And neither do you earn financial self reliance when you hop from one business to the next.

Do you become a black belt by not understanding the fundamentals? No. And neither do you earn financial self reliance when you only look for “sexy” tactics and short-term technicalities. It’s all about understanding the fundamentals and seeing how it applies to the current situation.

Anyway, that’s what I want to accomplish in this group. A solid group of students that have (or are developing) this mindset. Because that’s what’ll it take to reach your financial goals.

And, of course, if there’s anything you believe I can improve upon as an instructor–don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m here to learn and grow as much as you are.

Article Writing As A Side Hustle?


Businesses are in need of articles. Articles help educate, build trust, and can lead to more customers.

Plus, articles can provide search engine optimized (SEO) content. This helps websites rank higher in Google search results. This means more traffic and more customers.

By writing articles for other businesses you can get paid per article or per word.


  • Many niches. You can find businesses in niches you already follow. So it’d be easier to write content in those niches.
  • Many projects. Some clients need content for other areas besides articles. There’s work for white papers, lead magnets, eBooks, product descriptions and more. Plus, some clients may need new work each week.
  • Technology. Voice to text software can speed up your process. And there’s plenty of spelling, grammar, and styling software.


  • Trading your time. You are the labor. You’re trading your time for money. So there isn’t much room to scale this because this is like having a job.
  • Finding clients. Finding clients can be simple. There are freelancer websites, like Upwork, that bring both parties together. But, finding the time to find clients and write can be a juggling act.
  • High competition. There are thousands of freelance writers available. And some businesses pay small fees per article. In fact, it’s common to pay $5 for a 500 word article. If you go this route, you’ll have to show off why you’re unique.
  • Learning curve. Article and SEO content writing is not the same as writing essays in high school. Study up on writing informative, search engine optimized content that 


  • If you’re a beginner, Digital Flipping may be a better option than article writing. Here are some reasons why.
  • No time trade. With Digital Flipping, you are not trading your time. You are the middleman. For example, we find a buyer that wants an article written for $100. Then we outsource the work to someone else for $20. You then profit $80 without doing the work. That’s Digital Flipping.
  • Lots of opportunity. With Digital Flipping, there’s an average of 130,000 available to flip every day. You can focus on whichever niches are you enjoy, are in demand, or high-paying. Finding clients is easier and you’ll have the time to do so.
  • Less competition. Usually, each deal has around 5 to 20 other competitors bidding for the project. At most, 50. This is far less than the thousands of competitors you’ll find on other marketplaces. And the good news is most of your competitors are not salesman. So they aren’t good at selling themselves. In my Digital Flipping course, I share word-for-word how to stand out and close deals.
  • Minimal learning curve. Again, we’re outsourcing the work. So we don’t need to have the skill sets or experience to actually do the work. Our job is to find lucrative deals and choose the best outsourcer for the job.
  • If you’re a beginner, article writing may be difficult to start off with. Digital Flipping provides a simpler, low risk, and minimal time commitment opportunity.