Blogging As A Side Hustle?


If you write about a topic you can then attract an audience and earn an income via advertisements (Google Adsense), affiliate offers, your own offers, etc.


  • Setup is very easy. Even if you’re not tech-savy there are very simple ways to start a blog (i.e. WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger).
  • You can blog about practically any topic you’re interested in (granted, there’s demand).
  • Your content will be archived in an organized manner. For example, if you have Facebook followers, it isn’t easy for them to view past content. In fact, Facebook limits the reach of your messages. But with a blog, all your past posts are archived in an organized way. So your content can live on and continue to entertain, educate, and persuade.
  • Because this is online your schedule and location is very flexible. And, your scale potential to reach thousands, or even millions of people is possible (depending on your niche).


  • There’s a lot of competition. Setup is very easy; and it’s very easy for competitors to start blogs as well. In order to stand out you’ll need to identify what problem your blog solves, and why your blog is different.
  • Also, a blog requires regular updates. Just like any other business, blogging is a process. You can’t expect to publish two mediocre blog posts and have money pour in.
  • This is a much slower way to earn an income. Like most “methods”, blogging is just a means of getting traffic. In this case, blogging relies mostly on SEO (search engine optimization). Meaning, Google will begin to index and rank your blog for certain keywords. But this takes a lot of time and a lot of regular updates.
  • My suggestion: Start with an offer that solves a problem and converts first. Then use blogging as an additional source of traffic. 

VS Digital Flipping

  • With Digital Flipping there’s much less competition. You won’t be competing with thousands of other bloggers in your niche. Instead, you’d only compete with around 5-20 people for each deal. And, in my course I show you how to completely dominate the competition.
  • Also, with Digital Flipping there’s less of a time commitment. While a regular process is ideal, Digital Flipping can be done in your spare time. Your success with Digital Flipping doesn’t rely on your regular blog updates. Your success will depend on identifying the best buyers. And there’s less time involved because we outsource the work.
  • Digital Flipping is also much, much faster. Because we go straight to the buyers instead of waiting to build an audience with a blog. In fact, once you close a deal you can expect to get paid out within 5 days. Of course, I share exactly where to find the buyers, my script for closing deals, and where to find outsourcers. You can check out the free previews of my course to see exactly how digital flipping works.
  • For a beginner, I believe Digital Flipping is one of the most effective ways to start earning online and build up experience. From there, you can graduate to more advanced methods that may require more time and money. Ideally, when you’re ready for that I’d share methods along those terms with you.
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