BONUS: Free Mentorship Facebook Group


I’ve setup a Facebook group for free mentorship:


I see so many newcomers fail because they think one book, one course, or one change will result in their success.

The problem is that entrepreneurships is NOT a one time thing.

Succeeding in entrepreneurship is a DAILY thing.

Entrepreneurial success is a long journey.

…one that you must be ready to face each and every day, even when you’re not at your best.

So, in this facebook group, I’ll be there be helping you on a daily basis so you can reach your entrepreneurial goals.


• How to set clear goals that align with your purpose, values, and strengths

• How to stay on track, stay disciplined, avoid procrastination, be efficient, and stay motivated

• How to prioritize which actions to take, and make the least amount of moves possible

• How to avoid failure, get out of your own way, and finally succeed

• How to grow into to person you need to be to finally achieve your biggest breaktrhough

• BONUS: Get access to material that Paulo doesn’t share in his courses

Of course what you get out of the group will depend on the questions you ask

Again, to join the Facebook group simply go here:

See you there,

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