5 Reasons That Stop You From Financial Independence

Today, I want to share an insight on what separates successful students (and those that reach their financial goals) versus those that do not.

I believe there are 5 major reasons that prevent most people from reaching financial independence.

They are:

  1. Not Knowing How Money Moves
  2. Conflicting BELIEFS About Earning Money
  3. Conflicting VALUES About Earning Money
  4. Lack of Discipline
  5. Money Management

Let’s dive into this:


I see newcomers wanting to earn more money, yet they don’t even understand how money moves.

Here’s what I mean… Money is simply a transaction agreement. For example, if you sell your car for $5,000 you believe it’s worth that much and the buyer also believes it’s worth that much.

So in order for you to earn money you need to offer something that others believe is worth a certain amount. It’s NOT about what technology or new trend is working to make money.

Therefore, if you want to earn more money you need to focus on FINDING OUT WHAT OTHERS VALUE AND OFFER IT.

If you’re a Digital Flipping student you already know this principle of understanding what people want and giving it to them. In the future, I’ll teach you how to do this on a massive scale via paid advertising.


It’s hard to earn more money if you’ve developed some sort of negative association with earning money.

For example, if you believe rich people are evil… then you will not want to earn more because who wants to be an evil jerk?

The crazy thing is a lot of conflicting beliefs are hard-wired into us subconsciously and repeatedly via pop culture, parents, schooling, friends, etc. And lots of times you may not even know it exists until you start actually making more money and, for some reason, start to feel bad about it.

To get rid of conflicting beliefs you’ll need to identify which ones are limiting you. Then you need to question each one and ask if it’s true? Does it serve you? What are examples that prove your conflicting belief is false?

If you have some conflicting beliefs you’re not sure how to get rid of… comment below and I’ll help you with that.


Look, if your highest value is to just live comfortably, pay the bills, rely on social security, etc…. then, chances are, you have a conflicting belief about earning life-changing income.

For me, Self Reliance is my number one value. I don’t want to rely on an employer or business to succeed for the next 50 years in order to get paid. I don’t want to rely on earning money that is getting deflated and barely enough to pay the bills. I don’t want to rely on a broke government that’s trillions in debt and confesses social security will disappear.

If you really want to earn life-changing income your values must align as such.


As I say, it’s all about the follow through. Think of it this way: Imagine you want to lose 20lbs. Now, only go to the gym ONE TIME in next year. Are you going to reach your goals? Laughably, no. Am I right?

So isn’t it just as laughable to say you want to earn a million bucks… then take a course, try what you learned for one day, then give up and look for another “financial workout plan”?

It’s all about doing the things you know you should be doing… over and over… until you see some results or realize you need to adjust… then repeat.

So for you to achieve your financial goals, your financial “workout” should include:

  1. Observing what people buy
  2. Providing better offers
  3. Reaching more people

If you’re not doing activities that fall into one of those three categories you are not following through on your financial workout.

If you’re a Digital Flipping student, your financial workout would be looking through the job feed (observing what people buy), and submitting proposals (providing better offers). Again, I’ll teach you how to scale with paid advertising in my future affiliate marketing course.


If someone is a millionaire, it means two things: 1) They provided value worth millions, and 2) They SAVED their millions.

Look, one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made years ago was that once I started making some money I spent it all. My number one value back then was IMAGE; specifically, the image of success.

I rented out the flashiest condo where celebs lived in my area so I could LOOK successful. I easily spent $100 per meal every day. I’d buy things I’d use once. And the list of stupidity goes on…

Eventually life taught me a valuable lesson when that income stream dried up… I learned to be a wise steward of money, and prioritize my number one value into self reliance.

I suggest that all your business earnings are invested into assets. And I also recommend you read up on P.T. flag theory.

The point is: Prioritize investing your money so that it makes more money for you and so that your hard work doesn’t disappear with your spending habits.

Remember, this post is part of the Unit “Creating Your Dream Life”. Be sure to read the other posts because I believe it’s more important than the “how to” information. Also, let me know what you think below… and how else I can help!

My Daily Routine For Maximum Positivity, Productivity, and Accomplishment

Yesterday, I mentioned how your daily emotions can affect your productivity.

The reason why this is so important is because goals don’t mean anything if you don’t feel like following through on them.

Now, you can have goals and a strong reason why that may help you move forward… but it won’t mean anything… if you don’t DISCIPLINE yourself into HABITS that will eventually lead to those goals.

Think of it this way… what use is it to tell yourself: “I’m going to be a millionaire“… if you aren’t doing something everyday to add value, to sell, to reach more people? Again, the goal is worthless without the disciplined habits.

Now, it’s HARD to follow through on those disciplined habits IF you feel down or think negatively. This is why I wrote the previous post.

So how can you make sure you’re feeling great and thinking positively each day?

1. You need to identify what negative thoughts and emotions are affecting you each day (again, covered in the previous post).

2. You need to setup a daily routine that only produces positive thoughts and emotions.

Now, one of the best ways to figure out how to do something is to see who has accomplished your goals, test out what they do, and tweak it for yourself.

So let me share my routine with you… and you can tweak it from there:

– I wake up, without an alarm, between 7-8am. I tested out getting up at 5am for a year straight, but I found I’m more rested and productive when I wake naturally.

– I drink 1/2 – 1 gallon of water upon waking. Helps me rehydrate and defecate.

– I walk my dog. Helps me get outside, moving, and getting some oxygen.

– I do a warm-up (10 squats, 10 pushups, 30 sec plank, 50 knee jumps) followed with deep breathing. I breathe in for 7 seconds, hold it for 28 seconds, then breathe out for 14 seconds. Repeat 3 times. This clears my mind, and gets rid of any morning anxiety, stress, or rush.

– Next, I review my 5 empowering questions. These are questions I ask myself to keep myself in check and make sure I’m living up to my 5 values (I write about this in another post).

– Next, I review my 1 year goals. (I’ll write about how to set goals the RIGHT way in another post).

– Then I’ll review some fundamental material that relates to mindset, entrepreneurship, or marketing for approximately 45 minutes. This helps to inspire me, remind me, and grow.

– Then I’ll do either my bodyweight workout routine or Jiu Jitsu, depending on the day. Usually T,Th,Sat are workout days and Jiu Jitsu is M,W,F. Physical activity helps clear my mind, get rid of anxiety and stress, and really helps me focus for work.

– This is followed up with a Hot shower, finished with Cold water. This opens me up, cleans me out, and gets me clear and level-headed for work.

– Next, I work. Work for me is anything that involves observing what people buy, creating better offers, and reaching more people.

I do tougher tasks (based on mental focus needed) first. This would include: launching and scaling ad campaigns, creating products, or even digital flipping.

Only after tougher tasks are done, I’ll do lighter tasks. This would include: managing asset portfolio, reviewing campaign stats, managing open digital flipping contracts, managing q&a, messages, and reviews, and observing what’s selling and what competitor campaigns are running.

– Next, is cool down. It’s super important that I let me mind relax so I can sleep deep. After work, I’ll start with an eye workout to make sure my vision doesn’t degrade by staring at screens all day. I used to wear glasses/contacts from the 1st grade up til college. I ditched my glasses a couple years ago and my vision has been improving.

– I don’t eat while working. I do intermittent fasting. Usually I’ll fast 18-24 hours every day. For example, if I eat at 6pm I won’t eat until 6pm the next day. Or if I’m really hungry that day I’ll have a small “meal” like at 2pm, and then eat my main meal at 6pm. 5 days a week I eat the same vegetarian meal. The small meal is a smoothie. During this fasting period, I drink my own home brewed Kombucha. Sometimes I’ll order delivery.

– Next, I’ll pursue my hobbies during the cool down time. This would include language learning, music, watching The Office, nature documentaries, YouTube videos about my hobbies, etc.

The point is Mon-Fri I’m in “Mission Mode”. I’m efficient. I’m disciplined. I’m focused. I feel good. I get shit I want to done.

Saturday and Sunday, I’ll have more variety. I’ll eat out, go to the movies, and not think about work.

Now, also every 3 months I’ll take time off. This is pure, no work. This includes things like traveling or just indulging in hobbies.

**Again, this is just what I do. Obviously, the day you create will be customized for yourself. Test things out, see what works for you.**

Would love to know your daily routine or what new things you’re trying. Also, feel free to ask questions!