How To Stay Motivated

One of the biggest things that’ll slow down your progress towards financial self reliance is your DAILY EMOTIONS.

For example, 6 years ago I used to still live with my parents. Each day they’d tell me how stupid I was for pursuing entrepreneurship. They’d tell me daily to get a real job.

Imagine how drained I was emotionally every day… I barely got anything done.

When I got the chance, I bought a one-way ticket across the world, changed my environment and those around me… and my progress started to pick up.

Your Assignment: Answer the following

1. What negative emotions are you feeling on a daily basis?
2. How are they caused?
3. How can you setup ways to prevent what’s causing them?
4. What POSITIVE emotions are you feeling on a daily basis?
5. How are those caused?
6. How can you setup routines that allow you feel this each day?

For me, I avoid people that are NOT like-minded at all costs. I’m not easily reached. I don’t do small talk. I don’t share what I do with those that aren’t similar.

For positive emotions, I feed my brain daily. I review a lot of fundamental principles. I work out. I fast. I drink ferments. I have physical and mental routines so I perform at my best. No one is scheduled to interrupt any of that.

For those that follow through, I’d love to see your answers below.