Creating A Course As A Side Hustle?


You can create a digital course (i.e. eBook, video course, or voice recording) and sell it online to earn an income.


  • Course creation software. New technology is now making it easier than ever for you to create your own digital products. Creating an eBook is simple–open up a Word document and save it as a PDF. For video and audio courses, screen-capture software and audio-recording software is available.
  • Course platforms. Websites, like Udemy, make it much easier to publish your course and attract students. This offers a free way for beginners to setup their landing pages, publish courses, collect payments, and manage students.


  • Time. Creating a course is time-consuming. First, you’ll need to have expertise on a subject. And that expertise could have taken years for you to develop. Secondly, it takes time to create a high-quality course. And, chances are, you’ll have to make updates based on student feedback.
  • Salesmanship and marketing. Creating a course is half the battle. You’ll also then need to attract students to earn an income. To do this, you’ll need salesmanship and marketing skills. I recommend studying up on direct response copywriting and marketing. Copywriting will help you communicate the course benefits to your ideal buyer. And direct response marketing will help you in attract more of your ideal buyers. Again, these skills require a learning curve. And you will spend most of your time building your customer base.
  • Less control. If you decide to host your course on a course site, like Udemy, then you may not have 100% control of your customer base. For example, Udemy keeps the customer data (like email addresses) to themselves. And they only allow you to send your own students a promotional email four times a month. Udemy may help you in attracting organic sales, but keep in mind you will give up control.

VS Digital Flipping

  • Course creation is a great way to earn an income online; but, it’s not something you can do on the side. If you go this route you need to jump in 100% into the entrepreneurial realm. This will require full time commitment to scale this up. If you don’t yet have the funds saved up to allow you to do this then I suggest to pursue Digital Flipping first.
  • No expertise needed. With Digital Flipping, you don’t need to be an expert on anything. We’re acting as a “middleman”. For example, we’ll find someone that wants a website done for $500. Then we’ll find someone else that can do it for $100. Then we pocket the difference. That’s how Digital Flipping works.
  • Less time. With Digital Flipping, you do not have to create a course. In fact, you don’t have to create any products that you sell. Again, we’re the middleman. This means there’s far less of a time commitment. So it’s a more beginner-friendly option to start earning online.
  • No other skills needed. Learning salesmanship and marketing takes time. With Digital Flipping, we don’t take time to build an audience or attract leads. Instead, we go straight to buyers that have their credit cards ready. And closing the deal is simple because I provide a word-for-word script.
  • Control. With Digital Flipping, you have much more control. You have access to all your customer’s contact information. You can message them as many times as you want. And you can upsell them more products and services without limit.
  • In closing, course creation is a great way to earn online. Is it beginner-friendly? I don’t think so. The time and commitment needed means you need to be a full time entrepreneur. For a lower risk and less time commitment start, I recommend Digital Flipping. Once you have enough funds and time then consider more advanced options like course creation.
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