Does Digital Flipping Still Work? Yes, Here’s Proof


Most recent earning?

Can you upload or tell us your most recent earnings? I just need some motivation. I mean does it work in 2018

Posted in Q&A Section Dec 3, 2018


Sure, here’s a current project.

Not yet complete, but gross earnings of $800 with the first milestone already paid.

I have 3 other projects but waiting on milestones to be funded first.

UPDATE: Dec 4, 2018

One of the other projects I mentioned previously just got funded. Still waiting on a couple more. But, hey, December isn’t over yet!

Still works.

Remember, in the Digital Flipping course, I’m teaching you fundamentals that will always work.

Finding out what people want, and delivering a product/service that fulfills that desire is how money exchanges hands.

With Digital Flipping, it’s just easier for beginners because we outsource the product or service to reliable experts so you don’t need to learn anything new.

Remember: It’s NOT about what you want, it’s about what OTHER PEOPLE WANT and finding a way to give it to them.

Don’t restrict your mind to just one platform. For example, I do this at scale too with paid advertising and affiliate products.

I’m teaching you FUNDAMENTALS that apply anywhere and throughout time.

Also, you need to get your mindset straight first.

If you lack motivation it’s because you don’t have a solid REASON WHY you must do something.

Get clarity as to what your strengths are, and how you want to use them to help others. If you do you won’t need motivation because you know what you’re meant to do. The money is just a bonus to the rewarding feeling of knowing why you’re here.

Read the free materials I’ve made for you to get your mind straight

The battle is won in the mind.

Change can only happen when you change. And changes all start in the mind first: thoughts, beliefs, interpretations, emotional states. Then, and only then, can the right actions follow.


P.S. Now, you may have noticed that I don’t post earnings update often. The reason why is because focusing on results is NOT the most important thing.

Focusing on the PROCESS and mindset is! That’s why I stress that more often. After all, the right mindset and process will lead to the results you seek. And, of course, I will definitely prove, as always, that I practice what I preach.