Facebook Marketing As A Side Hustle?



Organic reach on Facebook is declining. If you have a Facebook page, you may have noticed your posts are limited by Facebook’s algorithm to only reach a maximum of 8% of your audience (and maybe even lower than 2%).

To reach Facebook’s 1.2 billion users effectively, you’re now pressured into paying for Facebook Ads.


  • Facebook has a ton of traffic. Depending on your targeting, you can literally have hundreds or thousands of visitors click to your sales page almost instantly.
  • Facebook Ads has one of the most granular targeting options among ad networks. Facebook users readily give up their city, age, interests, and even more information just from their daily online activity. This makes it easier for you to target your ideal buyers online.
  • Campaign and Ad setup is very simple to understand and follow. Plus, there are a variety of ad types (links, photos, videos, etc.) and ad goals (engagement, video views, website clicks, etc.) to match your conversion goals.
  • Campaign tracking is also very in-depth and you may not have to purchase a third party tracker.


  • This does cost money. Even the pros spend a couple thousand or more to collect data before they can turn campaigns into a winner. And sometimes, they still bomb! This can be an expensive learning experience especially if you’re a beginner with no understanding of direct response marketing and copywriting. 
  • Some offers are not ideal to advertise on Facebook. For example, if you have a legitimate, natural health supplement you can face some issues getting your ads approved. And if you have a dating offer, you’ll need prior written permission before you can run ads. Refer to their advertising policies to see any restrictions for your offer.
  • Also, they can be strict with how you advertise. Your copy, your ad image (or video), and your landing page may have to go through several reiterations before it’s approved by Facebook’s ad approval team.

VS Digital Flipping

  • I actually like Facebook Advertising as a way to generate traffic to offers. And eventually, I’d like to help you get to a position where you can use it profitably. However, I do not consider it to be beginner-friendly. The biggest reason why is because there’s the double whammy of a cost requirement and a big learning curve. Most beginners don’t have the extra $3,000 or more to collect data, analyze results, and turn it into a winner. Plus, most beginners don’t have enough experience yet with direct response marketing and copywriting… so it’s even more likely that they’ll lose all that money and be out of the entrepreneurial game for some time.
  • Now, Digital Flipping does not have the scale of Facebook Ads. However, it offers a risk-free way for beginners to start their entrepreneurial journey. In fact, no upfront investment is needed and profits are guaranteed in escrow.
  • Also, it doesn’t require a big learning curve. In fact, you don’t really need to learn much because all you do is find buyers and what they need. Then you outsource the work they need to someone else and profit the difference.
  • Overall, I’d consider Facebook Ads for people that can afford to lose a few thousand dollars. And preferably, they already have experience with direct response marketing and copywriting so that investment isn’t lost. But if you’re a complete beginner, I recommend you start with Digital Flipping to build up funds first.