How To Get People To Give You Money

Getting people to give you money is actually quite simple.

There are two principles:

1. You must show you understand their problem
2. You must prove you can deliver

For example, imagine you have a problem.

Your problem is you need a logo. But not just any logo.

You want it in black and white. It must be custom and hand drawn. No clip art. Plus, it needs to include your Dog as the mascot.

If you posted about this problem on Upwork, you’d probably get 20 to 50 responses.
But they’d all suck.

Most of them are copy and paste templates. They probably didn’t even read your requirements.

And most sent their portfolios but none of the stuff is similar to what you want.

But what if you find one gem?

One person actually greeted you by your name.

This person also summarized and understood you need a custom, hand drawn, black and white logo of your Dog.

Plus, he showed similar work he’s done.

So who do you pick?

It’s a no brainer. This would be your guy.

It doesn’t matter who is cheaper. And it doesn’t matter who has more experience.

This guy actually took the time to understand what you need. And he proved he can deliver because he has done similar work.

That’s how you close deals with Digital Flipping.

In fact, that’s how you make money anywhere.

Now, keep in mind, I’m giving you the foundational skills of making money.

But I’m just wrapping it all up in a modern, step-by-step process that you can follow today with Digital Flipping.


P.S. I’ve given you the principles to making money. Will you take it for granted or use it to change your life?

P.P.S. If you still feel you’re not “getting it“… I made Digital Flipping 2.0 to include 4 hours of more information, and a complete “Watch Over My Shoulder” lecture series.

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