How To Offer Solutions Without Knowing How Or Without Doing The Work

In business, you get paid from the effort it takes to solve a problem.

And if you’re smart, you’ll get paid from the effort of other people.

John D. Rockefeller (one of the richest men to ever live) once said:

“I’d rather earn 1% off one hundred people’s efforts than 100% of my own.”

And with Digital Flipping, we’re doing just that.

I mentioned yesterday that Upwork has a platform of buyers. So let’s say you find someone that’s willing to pay $150 for a logo.

Now, if you still think small you may limit yourself and say things like, “Oh, I don’t know how to make a logo.”

But if you’re smart… you find the person that can make logos for cheap and flip the deal.

Almost every large business leverages the work of other people.

In fact, if you have a job… YOU are the one being leveraged.

So with Digital Flipping, we’re sort of acting like the Project Manager or boss. We find buyers, and then outsource the work to an “employee”.

And in this case, one of the best places to find reliable outsourcers is

You can find people that deliver QUALITY work for as low as $5. It’s crazy.

And they’d welcome your business with open arms.

By the way, this “sermon” I gave you is one of the biggest keys to making money.

Forget about Upwork and Fiverr for a second.

I just gave you the foundational principle of making money at will.

To repeat: Find out what people want to buy and find a way to give it to them

Don’t complicate things.

Don’t over think.

Don’t limit your success to just your efforts.


P.S. You might be thinking, “Ok, great. I find buyers and outsourcers, but how do I actually close the deal?” That’s coming up in tomorrow’s email.

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