Mechanical Turk As A Side Hustle?



Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is where people go to recruit workers to do things computers can’t do.
For example, a developer may need work to identify objects in photos or video. And if you do this, your work can help them improve their artificial intelligence.
And by helping these developers (or whoever has a request) you can earn an income.


  • Reputable. MTurk is an Amazon company. This is not a scam site. It’s likely the jobs you do are legitimate and you’re going to get paid.
  • No previous experience neededThe work on MTurk doesn’t require much experience or a diverse skill set. Most jobs are straightforward and simple to do. 


  • Low payouts. The payouts are extremely low. Usually, each task is worth a few cents. Yes, less than a dollar.
  • Time consuming. You will be trading your time to earn money with MTurk. And the money you make per hour will probably far less than getting a minimum-wage job. The people that actually make decent money with MTurk are doing this full-time.


  • I can see why beginners may find MTurk appealing. After all, it is online, remote work that doesn’t require much experience. Plus, it’s by Amazon so it’s reputable. But, the payouts are very low. In this case, Digital Flipping has similar PROS but with much higher potential.
  • Reputable. Digital Flipping is also a reputable way to earn money. After all, you’ll be using the Upwork marketplace. Upwork is the merge of Elance and oDesk. Elance has been around since 1999. Plus, all your earnings are guaranteed in escrow.
  • No previous experience needed. The Upwork marketplace is a place where companies can outsource work to freelancers. Now, with Digital Flipping, we don’t actually do the work. We’re the middleman. I show you how to close deals and outsource the work to someone else for cheaper. This means we don’t actually need any previous experience or education.
  • Higher payouts. The jobs you’ll find on Upwork have budgets of around $100 and higher. In some niches, $500 – $1,000 per deal is the norm. Plus, there’s an average of 130,000 jobs available every day. With Digital Flipping, you have a much higher earning potential.
  • Less time. Digital Flipping doesn’t require a full time commitment. After all, you’re not actually doing the work. Your job is to simply find buyers and then outsource the work. To earn $500 to $1,000 per month doesn’t require a big time commitment like MTurk does.