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A student posted this in the Q&A section of Digital Flipping.

I’ve never made a bucks online. Been wandering here and there but no luck. Hope this course would help

I’m sorry, but this student probably won’t be successful.

Can you figure out why?

Well let’s start by looking at his choice of words: “wandering”, “no luck”, and “hope”.

What do his words (and beliefs) show you?

First off, why has this guy been wandering? There are tons of opportunity to earn money. What exactly is he looking for?

Could it be that he can’t see opportunity because he doesn’t want to face what needs to be done. Like, the unknown, the time to learn new skills, and the process and work?

Why is luck and hope mentioned? Could it be he hasn’t be “lucky” to have a millionaire mentor or bump into a crystal clear, step-by-step, path to wealth?

Look, there are all sorts of things wrong with this student’s post. I know, because I’ve BEEN THERE.

I used to be the guy jumping from one opportunity to the next. I used to be the guy looking for millionaire mentors.

Let me tell you: things didn’t change until I changed.

When I changed my beliefs and mindset everything changed. It didn’t matter what I did. Things started to turn into gold.

When you have the right mindset, then practically any business opportunity you pursue turns into gold. If you have the wrong mindset, everything pretty much goes wrong.

This is why I’ve been stressing these “success laws” onto you. If you actually embrace and live these laws, you REMOVE YEARS of heartache and reach financial freedom sooner.

So what changes need to be made?

First, you’ve got to focus. Focus on solving people’s problems.

If you’re jumping from opportunity to opportunity it’s probably because you’re looking to solve your own money problems. And you’re probably looking to do it in the easiest way possible.

So if you discover any opportunity that has one step you don’t like, you figure, “meh, on to the next one“.

But that’s not what makes money.

Money comes from solving other people’s problems. If you focus on that, you’ll finally see changes in your bank account.

And it’s not going to be easy. Think about it.

If building a house was easy and fast would you pay for it? No, you’d do it yourself.

You pay other people for the effort they’ve put into creating something that saves you time and adds value to your life.

So if you’re hoping to get lucky and bump into an opportunity that’s easy… then guess what? Nobody is going to pay you for it!

If it was an easy problem to solve, then other people would do it themselves!

The difficulty, the effort, the time you put in IS the opportunity! 

Again, we’re helping others save time, save money, save effort. We’re solving other people’s problems. And because of that, we are getting paid!

These are the foundational, evergreen, never-to-be-broken success laws you must follow!

And these laws are the same things I put into the Digital Flipping course. Sure, I’ve put these laws into a more step-by-step defined process so that beginners can follow it. But remember, these sames laws can be applied ANYWHERE.

Once you do that, then you’ll realize what I did… now, pretty much everything turns gold.

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