YouTube As A Side Hustle?


Start a YouTube channel, build an audience, and monetize it via ads, sponsored content, affiliate offers, merchandise, and more.


  • It’s a favorable medium for online, remote work that can be done anywhere
  • Your content will live on and past content will continue earning for you
  • Your content can scale and reach the masses
  • YouTube is an engaging platform to speak with your audience and customers


  • Ok, let’s get real. Pretty much every “method” you see is the same exact thing. It’s just another way to generate traffic to monetize an offer. That’s it. And YouTube is no different. It’s practically blogging (producing content) in video format.
  • Just like blogging (and everything else) there’s a lot of competition. So success will be dependent on excellence and ensuring you’re actually solving a problem and providing value. Most people copy what other people are doing without knowing what makes them different, or why an audience will want to follow them. Know what problem you’re solving; know your outcome.
  • Also, it’s likely it’ll take some time before you generate any income. Remember, YouTube is like blogging with SEO optimized content and waiting to get indexed by Google. (My suggestion: Have an offer that converts first, then use YouTube for additional traffic.)
  • If you hate getting in front of the camera, you’ll need to pursue other alternatives. Or you can go the animation route, or hire out on-screen talent. This will require an investment, which may not be ideal for a beginner.

VS Digital Flipping

  • Digital Flipping is based all around the principle that beginners need a side hustle income that does not require much time or experience.
  • YouTube will require a lot of time upfront in video creation. And it’ll require some camera and video experience. Or if you hire out the talent, it’ll require an upfront investment. With Digital Flipping you only spend money once profits are secured and guaranteed in escrow. So there’s virtually no risk because any money you spend to flip a deal (usually less than $100) will already be secured by the profits you know you’ll earn.
  • Plus, with YouTube, it’ll take much longer to see any earnings. And who knows how much that’ll be. With Digital Flipping, it’s possible to earn an extra $500 – $1,000 in the first month. Again, we go straight to the buyers and outsource all the work. For a beginner, this is perhaps one of the best ways to start because of the low risk and fast results.
  • I consider a large majority of the other ideas to be more advanced methods, which is something we can build up to in the future after you’ve made your first success with Digital Flipping.
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